How to disinfect clothes with dettol

Due to the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus health organizations are suggesting to give more importance to cleaning and sanitizing, especially cleaning our clothes on regular basis.

How often should we wash our clothes? This varies with different types of clothes. Some people hang their clothes to air out before wearing them again. Ideally, jeans should be washed after 4-5 wears, t-shirts and tops after each wear, jackets, and blazers after 5-6 wears, suits after 3-4 wears, dress, pants and skirts after 5-7 years.

disinfect clothes with dettol

Of course, clothes should be washed more often if there is a heatwave, or one has some pieces of the food have fallen on their clothes, or there is a bizarre situation like this pandemic, then one should wash the clothes at the first chance he gets.

Does mio stain clothes? Does bepanthen stain clothes? Does coconut oil stain clothes? Can we use dettol to wash clothes? Yes!

Why using dettol is important & how to use it while washing clothes?

It is an easy way to wash or launder clothes or other stuff with household detergents or soaps. But, experts suggest using detergents that have bleach, it is recommended to read the product manual and instructions if you do not want to ruin the clothes you love.

For the best results, it is also important to select the warmest or optimal settings of the water you are going to use. The WHO recommended temperatures is 60-90 degree centigrade for this purpose that is 140-194 degree Fahrenheit. It is also important to know that your favorite clothes can get damaged by high temperatures.

Thus one should remember to read the care labels properly disinfect the clothes. Detergents are able to kill germs when used in hot water but they are not effective when we use cold water.

Thus something extra is needed and that is when Dettol comes into the picture. Dettol is able to kill germs and bacteria even if cold water is used. Dettol kills bacteria like staphylococcus and E Coli, which no other detergent is able to. It is very important to wash our clothes on a regular basis to keep them clean and germ-free. When we use the only detergent to wash them, those are able to clean off the dirt of the clothes and they may look clean apparently, but in reality, they can still contain harmful viruses and bacteria. Thus it is very important to go the extra mile. Especially during the outbreak of the covid-19 virus, everyone is being extra careful about hygiene. It is the best time to try and find out how good Dettol is as a sanitizing agent and disinfectant.

Dettol claims that it is able to remove 99.9% of germs from the clothes. Unlike detergents, Dettol works effectively in cold water. It keeps the clothes fresh and removes bad odor from them.

Can you put dettol in washing machine with clothes?

Dettol is equally effective both in washing machines and in hand-washing as well. Dettols are tested by dermatologists and have been approved by them. Dettol is not harsh at all like other detergents, as it does not contain bleach and does not damage delicate clothes.

Dettol can also effectively clean the washing machine as well which is very important as the germs get stuck to the walls of the machine after washing the dirty clothes inside it.

Dettol also contains natural eucalyptus oil, which is a very important item while washing clothes.

Can you use normal Dettol in the washing machine?

Yes, you can use normal Dettol in the washing machine. The normal Dettol will not only help you clean your laundry, but it will also help you to get rid of possible germs that may have infected your clothes. Pour two capsful of liquid Dettol in the washing machine’s water softeners dispenser and launder as you normally would.

How long to soak a cloth in Dettol?

If you are cleaning with Dettol soak the fabric in a mixture of 4L of water and a capful of Dettol for about 10 minutes.

How to disinfect cloth in the washing machine?

Whether to disinfect your clothes or not, it all boils down to the kind of cleaner you intend to use because not all cleaners can disinfect and also clean simultaneously. If you would like to do both together one of the best alternatives is the combination of lavender or tea tree oil with your regular laundry detergent. Both will help you achieve a stain and bacteria-free cloth. Check below for details.

  1. Add 2 drops of tea tree oil to your regular laundry detergent.
  2. Run a normal wash cycle and dry afterward.

Bonus: Whatever oil choice you make, it is better to mix them with odorless detergent because they both have nice fragrances.

How to disinfect clothes with dettol?

While washing clothes in a washing machine Dettol can be added to the fabric softener dispenser. If the machine does not have it can be added along with the detergent. For hand washing, the effecting disinfection can be done if 60ml of Dettol is added into 8 liters of water. While washing use 3-4 caps of Dettol along with the detergent.

One should disinfect the clothing baskets for better results with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. Or, do it with one of the housing disinfectants that the environmental protection agency has referred to and approved. One should wear gloves while doing the laundry.

You must rinse your hands immediately when you remove the gloves with warm water or soap. However, experts also suggest disinfecting your hands or any other part of the body if it gets in contact with dirty clothes.

Disinfectants can be easily prepared at home with Dettol. One should take a bottle with spray nozzles. Fill 3-4th of the bottle with water and add 3 caps of Dettol to the bottle. Then the bottle should be shaken well. Thus a very effective disinfectant will be ready which can be used to wash clothes. No matter if one is using a washing machine or washing the clothes manually. This kind of disinfectant can be used in both of them.

How to wash baby cloth with Dettol?

Washing a baby cloth with Dettol is as easy as washing other regular clothes: but if you are still not convinced, check the details below.

  1. Make a solution of a few oz of Dettol and water in a bucket.
  2. Soak the babe cloth in the solution for 10 minutes.
  3. Wash afterward and dry the normal way.

How to use Dettol washing machine cleaner?

As you wash your dirty linens in the washing machine, dirt, germs, and bacteria from previous washes accumulate in your washer over time. This dirt and bacteria will then contaminate every other clothes and household linens you put in the machine: hence, the reason why you need to learn the proper way to clean your washing machine.

However, to do that, you are going to need a cleaner, not just a cleaner though but a cleaner that can also help you get rid of those bacteria. Dettol washing machine cleaner will not only help you get rid of those stains but will also kill all germs you may have in your washing machine. Check details on how to clean your washing machine with Dettol cleaner below.

  1. Make a solution from the mixture of 1 tbs of Dettol cleaner with 200ml of water.
  2. Dip a sponge or washcloth in the solution and wipe it on the surfaces.
  3. Open the detergent drawer, then pour the remaining Dettol cleaner.
  4. Run the machine in the normal wash cycle without any laundry at 60° C.

Bonus: You will need a bottle of Dettol washing machine cleaner for a single wash. And also make sure you put on gloves before wiping.

Does dettol kill coronavirus?

Disinfectants are more in demand today due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The biggest question is can Dettol kill coronavirus? The company stated that it will work continuously to understand the virus. As people got scared after the rampant spread of coronavirus, residents are to stocking up disinfectants, masks, and other stuff that would give them protection against this dangerous virus. Dettol as a company claimed that it is able to kill the deadly coronavirus.

The company claims that they are able to fight against the common strain of the virus which causes the common cold, but they have not tested it against the lethal Wuhan strain yet. The brand responded by saying that they do not have the access to the new virus for testing as it is a sudden outbreak. Their products have been tested against another coronavirus such as MERS-COV and SARS-COV and have been found to kill the virus.

Other uses of dettol

Dettol is an antiseptic and helps to prevent infection. People use them to disinfect minor cuts and injuries. The new Dettol disinfectant liquid even helps to heal the cut without any pain. It can be used directly or can be mixed with water. Itis also used when somebody is bitten by an insect. It not only disinfects the clothes but also adds a beautiful fragrance to the clothes.

Dettol mainly uses chlorine as a disinfectant which helps to kill the germs. Dettol is reasonable and pocket-friendly for residents who want to disinfect their clothes. Apart from clothes, Dettol can be used to clean dermaroller too.

Frequently asked questions

Does Dettol kill fungus on clothes?

Yes, Dettol can kill fungus on clothes. Dettol has been proven to be very effective against fungi, mildew, yeast, and gram-positive or negative bacteria. Also, according to the studies carried out by agar patch, it was reported that Dettol can kill up to about 98% of microbes within 15 seconds. Although it is not the best way of getting rid of fungus from cloth. Make use of lemon and salt instead!

Can you use a Dettol laundry cleanser with fabric softener?

Yes, you can use a Dettol laundry cleanser with a fabric softener. Dettol laundry cleanser has antibacterial properties and when used as a laundry cleaner it is very effective at killing off any germs or bacteria on the cloth. However, make sure you add the cleanser before the wash cycle. Also, ensure you add only 2 capfuls of the cleanser together with the fabric softener and detergent.


Dettol has been providing the best customer services for years. The multiple uses of Dettol as a disinfectant make it a product that is always high in demand. Now Dettol is facing a new challenge which is to fight against the whole new coronavirus, whose behavior is completely unknown to the world.

Multiple mutations of the virus are making it more difficult to fight against it. When comes to save ourselves from COVID, personal protection and disinfection play important roles.

Sanitizers contain more percentage of alcohol, which is good for cleaning purposes but may damage our skin as well as our clothes. Thus it is best to use Dettol to keep away from germs and have a healthier future.


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