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Part Time Maid services in Singapore

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What is part time maid?

Janitorial, cleaning, and part time maid services are terms that explain a dedicated external service that offers specific cleaning solutions to schools, individuals, corporate, and just about any person who needs a cleaning service. These services may be different and what was previously considered to be services done by a lady maid, is now an industry that covers both boys and girls workers.

By tradition, a part time maid was one who was in a job for household services. Definitely, a part of the chain of command in business and homes, nowadays a maid is one who performs periodic and specialized cleaning services and usually is not a “live-in” member of the household.

Characteristics of part time maid

Characteristics of part time maid
Cleaning services employ janitors, maids, window washer, carpet cleaners, and painters who all work combine to bring the best solution to your cleaning needs. You can set up a plan for windows and floors, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and scrubbing floors. This plan is usually put into action, weekly, monthly, or biweekly.

Using a part time maid service may be getting attention due to geological place, be short of person moment, social standing, and not have know-how in successfully cleaning your home. Using a maid service in years was cost-friendly only for the rich, now these are general and there can be payments modified to fit budgets and clean-up schedules.

Using a maid service might be a bit more costly than just hiring a cleaning lady or a part-time maid services, but using services provides many benefits. You will have someone do your cleaning that is insured and bonded. You may have your maid service bring all the vital cleaning equipment. The cleaning service with income taxes and social security service. Rest assured you are working with a legal business.

Most cleaning agencies are offering Janitorial service. This might signify a cleaning service for a company rather than a home. Using a janitorial service will provide you the knowledge and freedom in realizing that your office building and office room are cleaned to perfection.

There are many residential cleaning services throughout Canada, United States, and Singapore. Explore through your domestic listing to get the service that will top fit your requirements. Most cleaning services talk and train their workers, perform background checks, and protect their maids against mishaps to them, your home, and your belongings. Carpet cleaners, janitors, maids, and all those work within your home are also bonded. This is to make sure coverage to you in the case of theft.

Now, it becomes almost a necessity to have a cleaning service. You can plan your cleaning time at any time of the days and on Saturdays. Do ensure that you feel relax with your chosen cleaning services firm and request that the same janitor, maid, or cleaner comes to your home at every appointment. This will provide you included protection an assurance. You can trust expert cleaning service, like your professional part time maid service to get your cleaning right and leave you happy.

How does part time maid do the job

How does part time maid do the job

A maid will have the same duties as a  part time maid cook but with the extra duty of preparing meals for the family and a keen interest in cooking.

They will take care of the home, ensuring that it is forever neat, clean, and tidy.

Unique focus is paid to preparing healthy and nutritious family meals and the more skilled cook would also be asked to get ready and cook for evening parties and when the family is entertaining.

Part time maid for cooking is generally charged at the hourly rate of $10 – $15.

Many of us have family members who are unfit or aged.  These people need to be taken care of at all costs. These people will actually stay better if they get the needed focus they need. Have ever thought of hiring a part time maid for your elderly?

Most people might be having the idea of hiring a part time maid. Definitely, this is the better option. Part-time maid care for the elderly is something you must consider for your unfit or aged persons.

People generally dream of house cleaning maid service coming into their houses and making the home sparkle. Many think that they cannot afford this type of luxury or that their home is not big enough to clean.

Choose which parts of the home need to be cleaned. This is attained when a list of objects, rooms, and unique areas is noted in order of significance. Think about how many hours it takes to clean these things yourself. Then call for part time maid for Saturday and Sunday to get the desired result.

Singapore part time maid for child care is another substitute to most families when a day nanny is not perfect or only need temporary babysitting services.  Part time babysitter can be a remarkable companion to your child if he or she is the only kid at home. The day your kid is born is probably the best day of your life for all parents. You are willing and ready to perform all that you can to make sure that your kid is well provided for and grow up in a safe atmosphere.

If you are from Singapore, then it is extremely possible that you are struggling that should you hire a full-time or part time maid? Due to a busy lifestyles and increased working hours, you may not have sufficient time and energy to handle your cleaning works. If you want some support for your cleaning but cannot afford the full-time maid. Hire part time maid for house cleaning now.

Nowadays, the lifestyle becomes very busy. So, housekeeping is not possible due to a busy lifestyle and increased working hours. Anyway, you can hire a part time maid on daily basis because they provide you a flexible and efficient service at the lowest cost.

How to choose the best part time maid in singapore

There are lots of cleaning firms accessible, but it is vital to know that not all of them are the same. When you are picking a firm to clean your office or home, there are a few things that should be kept in mind before making your plan:

What kind of cleaning solutions do they use?

Cleaning products can have a serious effect on the ecological health of your office or home. Often, cleaning services pick the cheapest products that produce the top outcomes. They are looking for cleaning solutions that help them to easily remove dirt and grime so that they do not have to spend a lot of time scrubbing the place to get it clean. But, just because a cleaning product is successful does not mean that it is best for your health. Actually. Many cleaning products have serious chemicals that can be potentially serious to your health. Do not sacrifice product standards – discuss with the cleaning service to ensure they only use eco-friendly items in order to save the health of the people who spend time in your office or home each day.

What kind of cleaning solutions do part time maid use

Are part time maid trustworthy?

Because you will be giving the part time maid full access to your office or home, it is vital to ensure they are honest so that you do not have to hesitate about damage or theft to your property. There have been some stories of serious hurt that has been caused to the place that was being cleaned, or costly items moved out after the cleaning services were done. So, it is vital to verify the standard of people who will be performing the work to be sure you can believe them. Some of the excellent clean-up services will perform background checks on each of their workers to help make sure the trustworthiness and safety of the people who will be doing the cleaning.

Are part time maid trustworthy?

Look at the standard of service

Find out actually what will be done when they are cleaning the place. For example, using a wet rag to just wipe down a countertop is not sufficient to disinfect the area. A part time maid should be used to help eliminate any potential bacteria or germs that may be present in the area, mainly if many people come in contact with that surface each day. Cleaning is not just about eliminating the physical dirt, it is also vital to remove hidden pathogens that could be the reason for a person to get ill. Ask about types of instruments that are used to clean the different places of your house, and discover if you will need to offer them with any tools. Some cleaning services favor bringing all of their gears, including vacuum, cleaners, and rags. Other cleaning services as that you provide certain things such as a vacuum. Overall, the most vital thing that you can do is to have the best conversation with the firm before making your decision. You want to know the products they are using, their general cleaning practices, as well as the type of people who will work on the task.

Look at the standard of service

What is the different between part time maid and nanny

Two very vital roles in a busy family household are that of the maid and the nanny. There are many reasons why one or both may be required and it is important to know the responsibilities of both jobs as they are not the same.

Consider what you are looking for

When deciding who you are looking to employ, think about the jobs they will be undertaking – or not, such as:

  • Cleaning the full home or the kid’s bedrooms only
  • All aspect of childcare
  • Laundry for the family or only the children
  • Managing household administration
  • Cooking meals for the kids or all the family

While there will be some crossover between some of the jobs,  there are some areas that are really linked with being a nanny, and some with a part time maid and knowing the scope of each role will help you plan what you truly need.

The role of a nanny

The role of a nanny
With more and more mums are working full time, young kids need a nanny to care for them for full or part of the day.

A nanny is a precious member of the household and can either be in a live-out or live-in position. Usually, with a formal qualifications, a nanny will have complete responsibility for the care of the children and will be given complete responsibility to carry out a number of jobs whilst the parents are at work. These contain preparing meals for the children, bathing and dressing them, doing the school run, nursing them.

Cleaning duties would generally be limited to the cooking utensils and crockery used by the kids and the tidying of their bedrooms. A nanny would not be liable to clean all of the homes and they would not generally be expected to make meals for the rest of the family.

Nannies are loyal, dedicated, experienced, and love working with children. They are trustworthy and honest and will have flawless references.

Being a part time maid

Being a part time maid
A part time maid does more than a cleaner but it is not tasked with the duty of caring for children. As with a nanny, they will either live out or in depending on the circumstances of the family.

A part time maid is a central part of the home. They manage many areas such as laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and can generally be asked to undertake administrative duties such as financial record-keeping.

Cleaning will be a pivotal duty for any part time maid but they will also have the job of ensuring that there is food accessible for meals, telephone messages are passed on.

A part time maid will definitely have interaction with any children in the household but they would not be guessed to care for them, this is the job of the nanny.

Choose who is best for you

Choose the best part time maid
Picking the best person to be liable for the care of your children or having the responsibility for the running of your house is one that takes careful consideration.

Which one is better, part time maid or full time maid

In Singapore, many families are struggling to clean house, organized, and orderly households because of their busy schedules. Many households will then plan to hire a cleaning service provider – a maid, to clean their home for them.

But the question is: will you hire a full-time or part-time maid? You should consider several important factors before making your decision as it will have an impact on your lifestyle, finances, and schedule. Please also have a look at our previous article in regards to part time maid vs full time maid

In terms of cost, you will pay a very lesser amount for the services of a part-time maid for several reasons. Bear in mind that a part-time maid is paid based on an hourly rate at a rate. These rates are changing depending on the nature of the work.

You will also likely not be forced to comply with the legal responsibilities inherent in an employee-employer connection with a part-time maid mainly when he was hired through a cleaning services firm. You have legal responsibilities, including insurance and taxes, with a full-time maid since he is considered as your employee.

Our experience advises that there is a top chance of a full maid sticking in the work for a long time matched to that of a part time one. This is just for the reason that a part time maid is bare to other work duties on a daily basis, on the other hand, around the clock maid will stay with you unless anything bad happens on her personal front and there is a chain in the boss-worker connection.

There is a top chance of friction between the family and the full time maid as matched to part-time maid. This could be because of expectation mismatch with regards to the quantity and standard of food served to the maid, mobile usage, timing of meals, etc. if every member of your family is on the same page in terms of showing sympathy and permitting some flexibility to the maid, the friction can be rejected.

Retention is an important aspect of every sector. No one wants an employee who is not perfect enough to last longer. Part-time maids generally drop out from their job quicker than those who job as a full-time maid.

Part-time maids are exposed to other works and they may pick the one with excellent wages.

But there are cons to hiring a part-time maid. You will not have a maid who can provide help in the various aspect of household management on a continued basis with a part-time local worker. This is not as with a full-time maid for clear reasons.

If you want a maid who can be relied on to do other household jobs aside from leaning, such as cooking, then a full-time maid is your top bet. But if you want a maid who will clean, among other agreed services, a special time of the day, then a part-time maid makes the best sense.

part time maid singapore

Top 10 frequently asked questions when hiring part time maid

Can I trust part time maid?

Yes, you can trust part time maid. Just check background and years of expertise. You can also check the company background where she worked.

Is hiring part time maid a safe option?

Yes, that is fully safe. But, it is vital you look to get a reputable maid into your home, use a cleaning firm or go through an agency to help you source a completely vetted candidate.

How much does part time maid cost in Singapore?

The market rate for part-time maid is about $80 - $100 for blocks of four hours, or $16 - $24 per hour. Maids charging an hourly rate will generally impose a minimum number of hours (generally 2-4 hours) per visit. All in all, you can guess to pay at least $32 to $65 per visit.

Are part time maid helpful?

Definitely, hiring a maid, or a maid service is an option that many working families, wealthy families and single professionals pick to do. In a busy week, time is generally a precious commodity, and if one can afford to pay for a maid, cleaner or housekeeping service, be it part time, or full time.

Is part time maid a stressful job?

There are advantages and disadvantages of housekeeping. Many part time maids and housekeepers find the work to be low-anxiety, but there is a pretty room for upward mobility or flexibility.

How much should I tip my part time maid?

If you hire someone for a 1 time or infrequent cleaning, most cleaning experts say you should tip. $10 - $15 per cleaning is the best amount.

What should I do if my part time maid does not respect me?

You cannot be disrespectful to the part time maid and guess her to give you her best. For her to give you the respect you think you deserve, you need to be respectful and polite to her. Use a friendly tone when talking with her. There is no need to be impolite or rule to her. When you address her, call her by her name.

How many hours should my part time maid work?

A housekeeper is usually considered part time if they do less than thirty hours a week for 1 customer. Part time maid will usually have multiple clients as they will need to work with different homes and families in order to have a complete salary.

What is the difference between part time maid and housekeeper?

If a home is big enough to warrant more than 1 person on staff, the key staff member would be called the butler or the maid, while the general cleaning workers are considered housekeepers.

What should I do if I suspect the part time maid steal my stuff?

Please keep in mind we are all human and most of the time people have just misplaced items. After all, we hire services because we are so busy and our lives are so hard. Just be sure before blaming someone of a crime. If you are sure, if it is an individual, just terminate her. If it is firm call them and let them know so they can be alert as well.

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