Does Dettol stain the carpet

Dettol is an antiseptic liquid or soap made by Reckitt & Colman that can be safely used on the skin even though it is a powerful disinfectant. It can also be used as a cleaner to remove stains, dirt, or impurities in any form from any surface. In the medical line, some experts recommend Dettol as a perfect alternative to saline solution to clean and disinfect wounds and cuts.

However, despite the many users of this popular antiseptic, its effectiveness as a disinfecting agent has been undermined due to the presumed effect it is rumored to have on surfaces. Here in this guide, I shall be providing answers to questions like does Dettol stain surfaces, will Dettol damage carpet as well as 5 simple steps on how to disinfect carpet with Dettol stain. Step no.3 is important, do not skip it! 

Does Dettol stain the carpet

What is the active ingredient in Dettol

The active ingredient in Dettol is Chloroxylenol which is responsible for the antiseptic property of the product. This aromatic chemical compound (Chloroxylenol) contains about 4.8% of the total ingredients in Dettol. Other ingredients include; Isopropanol, soap, pine oil, water, and castor oil.

Does Chloroxylenol stain

No, Chloroxylenol does not stain cloth. Chloroxylenol will not have any staining effect on your cloth. You can use it to safely clean your cloth whether white or colored cloth without any discoloration. However, you should know that Chloroxylenol is originally meant to be a disinfectant and not a cloth detergent.

Is Dettol bleach

Yes, Dettol bleach. According to the information made available by the Dettol group, some of their products like Mold and mildew spray have bleach in them, and there’s the possibility that such a product could have a bleaching effect on your cloth. However, some of their products do not contain bleach. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, always know what’s best for you!

Is Dettol smell harmful

Yes, Dettol is harmful! Although the benefit of using Dettol far outweighs its many side effects, however, it would be a worthwhile effort to create awareness about them. Dettol is known to cause depression in the central nervous system, oral mucosa corrosion, and gastrointestinal tract. Other mild effects of Dettol include; itching, rash, redness, burning, and swelling.

Will Dettol stain the carpet

No, Dettol doesn’t have a staining effect on surfaces, whether it be countertop, clothes, or carpet.

Will Dettol damage the carpet

No, Dettol does not damage the carpet. However, do not get too comfortable though because some Dettol has bleach in its composition and could bleach your carpet if used improperly.

Can you use Dettol disinfectant spray on the carpet

Yes, you can use Dettol disinfectant spray on the carpet. Dettol is better used as a disinfectant rather than being used as a cleaning agent. Therefore, they can be effectively used on carpets. Dettol will not only disinfect your carpet, but it will also help you to remove every offensive odor from your carpet.

How long does the Dettol smell last on the carpet

Although there’s no actual duration for how long Dettol smell can last on the carpet. However, the general assumption is that the Dettol smell shouldn’t last more than 3 to 3 days.

How to remove Dettol smell from carpet

Dettol is odorous, and there’s no way you can escape the distinctive smell of the disinfectant during use. However, if you are not comfortable with the smell you can neutralize the smell by following the simple steps below.

  1. Mix Borax and baking soda and sprinkle on the spot with the smell. You can add a little bit of essential oil if you prefer a scented effect.
  2. Leave the powder on the treated spot for several hours. You can leave it overnight if the intensity of the odor ha high.
  3. Vacuum the powder.

If after vacuuming, you can still perceive the odor, follow up with the steps below.

  • Make a solution from the mixtures of a quarter cup of baking soda, two tbs. of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of water, and one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap in a container and pour into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution evenly on the carpet making sure it covers the necessary spots without soaking them with the solution.
  • Leave the solution to sit on the treated spot for about 24 hours.
  • Suck up the liquids in the carpet using a clean dry towel or cloth.

How to disinfect carpet with Dettol spray

Follow the simple steps below to guide you through the process of disinfecting your carpet with Dettol.

  1. Sweep or vacuum the carpet to get rid of dirt and debris.
  2. Spray Dettol disinfectant spray generously in areas with the smell
  3. Mop over the treated spot or you can wipe over the surface with a clean dry cloth.

How to disinfect carpet with Dettol soap

  1. It is very easy to use Dettol as a disinfectant. For details on usage direction, check below for details.
  2. Sweep or suck up any stain or debris that might have been trapped in your carpet with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  3. Soak tour Dettol soap in water to create a foamy solution.
  4. Dip a clean towel or cloth in the solution and wipe over the affected spots.
  5. Leave the solution to sit on the treated spot for a few hours so there can be enough time for the isopropyl alcohol and chloroxylenol to come in contact with the bacteria.
  6. Wipe dry all liquids and stain remnants on the treated spot with a clean dry towel or cloth or soak up with a vacuum cleaner.

How to make homemade disinfectant with Dettol

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of three-quarters of the water and about 3 capfuls of Dettol in a small container and pour it into a spray bottle.
  2. Agitate the water/Dettol solution rigorously to create a powerful disinfectant.
  3. Use disinfectant as you would normally do for other disinfectants.

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