How to Remove Gutka Stains from Clothes [5 Simple Steps]

Gutkak, native to Asians, is known for many side effects, a few of which include; Cancer of the mouth, lips, throat, and oesophagus, loss of appetite, and loss of concentration due to unusual sleep patterns. Apart from these side effects on users, it can also cause a bit of hardship for non-users through stains. Gutka stain is one of the hardest to clean, and that’s why this article is about how to clean gutka stains from clothes.

What are the main ingredients in Gutka

Gutka includes ingredients such as squashed areca nut, slaked lime, paraffin wax, sweet flavorings, tobacco, and catechu.

How to remove gutka stains from clothes

Do Gutka stains

Yes, it does stain!

Chewing Gutka uncontrollably could leave your teeth stained, and if proper care is not taking, it could become permanent. Gutka stain is not only limited to the mouth as some particles could drop while chewing, which could cause clothes to be stained.

Gutka stain on cloth can be removed with abrasive cleaners like bleaches and vinegar but removing Gutka stain from the tooth can be so complicated because they are usually ingrained within the teeth structure. Therefore they cannot be removed by ordinary brushing of the teeth with toothpaste except through incising bleaching agent.

Can Gutka stains be removed from clothes

Yes, it can be removed!

You can get rid of Gutka stains on clothes, but I would not promise it’s gonna be easy. Gutka stain can be difficult to remove, and that is why a heavy-duty or abrasive cleaner is highly recommended for effective cleaning. However, when using an abrasive cleaner, make sure it is not too strong for your clothing material because the abrasive cleaner has a damaging effect on the clothing.

What can remove Gutka stain from clothes

Gutka stain is one of the toughest stains to remove on clothes, so it is ok if people are in constant search of the best possible stain remover. Before I delve much into details, it is highly imperative to inform you beforehand that the cleaners I’m about to discuss are effective, but it is your duty to carry out a durability test on your fabric to ensure they don’t wear out after application.

1. Heavy-duty laundry detergent

Heavy-duty laundry detergents are known as abrasive cleaners and are suitable for removing tough stains. Heavy-duty laundry detergents include; Zero Odor – Pet Odor Eliminator, Pesil proClean stain fighter, Sweat X Sport extreme laundry detergent, etc.

2. Distilled white vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a liquified mixture of both acetic acid and trace compounds and may also contain flavors. Note a distilled white vinegar should not be confused with ordinary white vinegar as both are different. Refer to a later section of this article on how to use distilled white vinegar.

3. Baking soda

Some people think of pancakes whenever they hear baking soda. Well, baking soda is an excellent rising agent, and it’s ok if the sound of it triggers you to crave pancakes. But baking soda is also an excellent cleaning agent, so you can definitely use it for your Gukta stain.

How to get rid of gutka stains from clothes

Follow through with the steps provided below to remove stains caused by Gutka on clothes.

  1. Mix 1 quart of warm water with halve teaspoon of any heavy-duty detergent of your choice.
  2. Leave the Gutka stained clothe soaked in the mixture for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Withdraw the cloth from the mixture and wring out the excess water.
  4. Scrub the stained spot with rubbing alcohol until the spot becomes stain-free.
  5. Wash the cloth in a regular way.

Gutka stains FAQ

  1. Does peroxide remove gutka stain

    Yes, they can remove gutka stains!

    Using peroxide to remove the Gutka stain would probably be the easiest thing you will do for that day. All you need to do is get your peroxide ready and pour moderately on the stained area, then allow it to sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes and wash the normal once the stain is removed.

  2. Does OxiClean remove Gutka stain

    Yes, Oxiclean can be used to remove Gutka stains.

    1. Pour a sizeable amount of water in a bucket, bowl, sink, or bathtub.
    2. Add OxiClean to the water and stir until the OxiClean powder finally dissolves.
    3. Leave the clothe soaked in the mixture for about 1 to 6 hours, depending on how the gravity of the stain.
    4. Wash the cloth in the normal way.

  3. Does lemon juice remove the Gutka stain

    Yes, it definitely can using lemon juice.

    Pour a cup of lemon juice into a bucket/bowl. Dampen a sponge into the lemon juice. Gently scrub the dampened sponge on the affected area. Repeat until the stain is finally removed. Then wash with hand or washing machine the normal way.

  4. Does salt and hot water remove Gutka stain

    Yes, it is an excellent Gutka stain remover.

    Using salt and hot water.

    Dampen a washcloth or sponge in a strong salt/hot water solution. Wring out excess water and gently rub on the stained area until the stain breaks down. Wash the normal way once the stain is gone.

  5. Does vanish remove gutka stain?

    Yes, vanish can remove the Gutka stain. However, you must be cautious because vanish is an abrasive cleaner. To be on the safer side, test vanish on a less conspicuous part of your fabric to check how it reacts before using directly on the stain.

  6. What are some best eco-friendly chemicals for removing Gutka stains?

    Sun and Earth laundry stain remover spray is an excellent stain remover and does not contain any harsh chemicals. 61% of users rated the product 5 stars.

    Eco-Green Kleen Eraser can also remove gutka stains. If you are looking for the perfect eco friendly that can remove your Gukta stain, look no further than Eco-Green Kleen Eraser. It is super effective and 100% chemical-free.

  7. What are some home remedies for getting rid of Gutka stains?

    You can make use of any one of; baking soda, baby powder and kitchen cornstarch.

  8. Is Gutka originally from India or Pakistan?

    Gutka is originally from India but highly consumed in both countries.

  9. Does Gutka stain walls?

    Yes, Gutka stains the wall. Gutka changes the color of saliva from white to slightly red. When this saliva is spit out, it can splatter on walls and grounds and get them stained.

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