Disinfection Services in Singapore

There are millions of microbial species on earth like bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, helminths, and protozoa that surround us. While some are fully harmless there are others that are harmful and are the cause of many sicknesses.

Regular cleaning can kill just the pathogens that are presently present in that place but to remain safe and fit you need to ensure that no fresh pathogens stay alive in your workplace or home.

To perform engaging disinfection services Singapore would be the best idea.  With the help of this service, the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are killed advanced disinfects are applied which also makes a defensive layer that kills any fresh bacteria and viruses that come in contact with it. This protective layer lasts for thirty days to a year depending on the type of disinfection services Singapore you pick.

disinfection treatment
Our disinfection services include:

We offer disinfection services for offices, residential areas, schools, restaurants, shops, sports centers, clinics, or any other location you require. We use various disinfection techniques based on user requirements and the area. We provide some of the best disinfecting choices:

1. Disinfecting through fogging

Disinfecting through fogging
Through this process, the chemicals are sprayed using a special machine in the air. The pathogens quickly die as they come in contact with chemicals. It not just kills the microbes in the air but also on the area of your floor or furniture. It has a big reach and goes into every side of the room to get rid of the pathogens.

2. Disinfecting via electrostatic machine

We use a classic electrostatic device to produce electrostatically-charged disinfectant that instead of moving in their air binds itself on to the area of objects around. As the chemical makes a defensive layer on the area of the objects its effects stay longer. Through this process, the microbes hiding in the hard to reach places are also damaged, permitting greater coverage.

3. Disinfecting through steam

This process is used just to clean upholstery and sanitize carpets. The high temperature kills all the microorganisms and pathogens rooted deep in these places.


1. Location Survey

After understanding the customer’s needs, our consultants visit the place to do a physical check of the location and also test the present pathogen levels by doing swap tests and analyzing it. Based on the outcomes and the type of place they advise the best treatment.

2. Selection of the disinfection technique

disinfection technique
No same disinfection technique can be applied to all the places. While some locations fogging would be excellent in some other electrostatic technique would be right. Our consultants would describe and help the client pick the best disinfection services technique for their needs.

3. Carrying out the disinfection service

After we get verification from the customer, our professional office and home disinfection services team would carry out the services to disinfect the place using a hundred percent safe chemicals and machines.

4. Advice for the next steps

Once the disinfection services process is done and the surface has dried up, our team would perform a swap check again to study the success of the action. Based on the effect they would advise the customers on the next steps and the frequency of getting this treatment.

Why choose our cleaning services

Safe chemicals and cleaning process

Safe disinfecting chemicals and cleaning process
Our methodology and products are a hundred percent safe and smell less. One does not need to vacate the premises or get rid of all their belongings from the site before the treatment is carried out. We promise 99.99 percent elimination of germs both in the air and surface in less than thirty seconds of contact with the disinfectant.

No damage will be caused to your appliances, furniture, fabric, equipment, computers, or even food. As the machinery and chemicals, are eco-friendly and safe, this disinfection services Singapore can be applied to any place.

Trained and qualified experts

We have a powerful team of well qualified and trained experts and consultants who are well alert of how to do this treatment. They are professionals in their field and well alert of all the aspects of this work from mixing the best proportion of the disinfectants, using modern equipment to knowing where to apply the disinfectants to offer long-lasting protection from these pathogens.

Advise the apt treatment

We have a robust process to advise the best treatment for our customers. We take into consideration their requirement and need and do a physical place check to understand what type of treatment would be top suited. We use sophisticated gadgets to test the microbe levels before and after the treatment is carried out.

COVID-19 disinfection and Sanitation services

COVID-19 disinfection and Sanitation services
With the present global worries surrounding COVID-19 and the flu season just around the corner, it is mainly vital to give your customers and staff relaxation of mind when they visit your workplace and offices. The top way to make sure cleanliness is to have a regular cleaning service.

Traditional cleaning generally targets on disinfection, and while this is effective against protecting some bacteria and germs.

We also provide a h2 high-grade disinfection services. Our services mainly targets the elimination of bad viruses, fungi and bacteria. It also safely kills 99.9 percent germs on all surfaces and non-accessible places, which is more effective than sanitizing.

We use non-corrosive, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that can be used for across all business and mainly takeaways to make sure the premises are ready for continue operation. Our service offers minimal downtime and are designed to make sure you continue servicing your customers about 1 hour after treatment.

The disinfection services is not just vital for the prevention and spread of COIVD-19, but to also contain in your usual cleaning plan. This is a successful way to maintain the year-round health and satisfaction of customers and staff.

Nightly cleaning of your workplace and office can stop bacteria and germs from spreading, anyway a disinfection treatment make sure you are protected for a longer period and reject viral sickness from spreading all through your firm.

To keep your company or house free from bacteria, viruses and fungi, please contact us today.

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