9 Steps to remove raspberry stain from carpet [For Beginners]

Raspberry can be put to a few numbers of uses. Whether it be you are using it to stop cramps caused by menstruation or you are using it as an edible to maintain a certain diet, raspberry would always seem to be your go-to fruit until you experience one of its downsides – staining clothes.

Yes, you read well! Raspberry can stain any surface from carpet to linen or clothes and can cause a huge discoloration.

How to remove raspberry stains from carpet

Raspberry stains can be tough on surfaces especially when they are white, but don’t you worry because this article is set out to help with ways on how to remove stains from carpets and other surfaces there is.

What is Raspberry made of

Raspberry contains ingredients such as; essential oils, primary 4(4-Hydroxyphenyl) butane-2-one, castoreum e.t.c.

Does Raspberry stain carpet

Yes, raspberry stains carpet. This can happen in several ways. It can be as a result of a spill or droplets or it might accidentally pour on the carpet. Whichever way it might occur, what is important to know is that it can stain your carpet and can cause a dent in your interior decor.

Do raspberry stains come out of the carpet

Yes, the raspberry stain comes out from the carpet. However, it must be treated as quickly as possible before the carpet sucks up the stains so that your job doesn’t become tougher.

What will get raspberry out of the carpet

There are lots of cleaners that can help you with raspberry stains on carpets. These stains toothbrush from abrasive to none abrasive cleaners and their effects depend on how well you know how to use each of these cleaners.

Details will be provided on how to effectively use any of these cleaners in some later sections of this article so read on.

Some of these cleaners include;

  1. White distilled vinegar.
  2. Rubbing alcohol.
  3. Undiluted lemon juice.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Baking soda e.t.c.

Note: These cleaners are arranged in no particular order and are certainly not the only cleaners that can help to remove carpet stains. However, they are very effective and the best way on how to use each of them will be detailed.

How to get rid of raspberry stains on the carpet

You can remove raspberry stains on your carpet by following these easy steps.


  • Liquified Dishwashing soap/detergent.
  • White vinegar.
  • Water.
  • 2 Clean dry cloth/towel.
  • A brush.
  • Ammonia.


  1. Make a solution from 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap/detergent, 2 cups of cool water, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
  2. Apply the dishwashing/white vinegar solution on the stained surface and sponge with a clean white cloth/towel.
  3. Leave the solution to sit for about 30 minutes and suck up every 5 minutes with another clean white cloth/towel and more solutions.
  4. Wash with cool water, then suck up until the water is fully absorbed.
  5. Then rewash the surface with running alcohol and suck up until the stain is completely gone. If the stain is tough and refuses to budge after several attempts, you can follow up with these;
  6. Make a solution from a mixture of 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap, 2 cups of warm water, and 1 tablespoon of ammonia.
  7. Wash the stained surface with the Ammonia and dishwashing soap solution with a brush.
  8. Leave it to sit on the affected surface for about 30 minutes and suck up every 5 minutes with a clean white cloth/towel.
  9. Wash with cold water and suck up until there’s the surface is no more dampened.

How to remove raspberry stains from carpet with baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent cleaner and can surely help you remove the stubborn raspberry stain you have on your carpet. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines to be that will be provided below.


  • Dishwashing soap.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Baking soda.
  • A soft-bristled brush or toothbrush.
  • A towel/cloth.


  1. Make a thick paste from the mixtures of half cup of baking soda, one cup of hydrogen peroxide, and a half cup of dishwashing soap.
  2. Apply the paste generously and evenly spread it on the affected spot. And scrub as gently as you can with a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush.
  3. After scrubbing in the paste, leave it to sit for close to 1 hour.
  4. After 1 hour, suck up the paste residue using a wet cloth/towel and then rinse.

How to remove raspberry stains from carpet with Oxiclean

Oxiclean stain remover contains both hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate, both solutions are considered to be efficient stain removers so Oxiclean will get the job done for you. Using Oxiclean is very easy, and you can do that by following through with the guidelines to be provided below.

Oxiclean Application:

  1. Suck up the excess liquid on the affected surface using a dry towel or cloth. Or get a vacuum cleaner to also help you remove every other solid /dirt on the surface.
  2. Saturate the stained spot with the Oxiclean stain remover solution.
  3. Leave it to sit on the surface for about 5 minutes.
  4. Suck up with a clean dry cloth/towel.

If the stain is particularly stubborn, repeat the process until you have a satisfactory result and dry up with a hairdryer and vacuum thoroughly.

Note: Ensure the solution does not dry on the stain while you wait for it to sit. Call our carpet cleaning services team if you are unsure what to do.

Raspberry stains FAQs

Does raspberry sauce stain?

Yes, raspberry sauce stains. They are one of the few least stains you want to see on your cloth especially if it is white. So if you’re planning on a date, watch out for raspberry sauce, they can make a big mess of your fancy clothes.

Does raspberry vinaigrette stain?

Yes, raspberry vinaigrette stains. Raspberry vinaigrette has both olive oil and red wine vinegar, and these ingredients could make the stain tougher to be removed.

Does raspberry leaf tea stain teeth?

Yes, raspberry leaf tea stains teeth. Just like coffee and every other will stain your teeth after taking them, raspberry leaves also leave stains on your teeth. This is so because just like every other tea, raspberry is rich in color and has tannins in it.

Does raspberry cruiser stain?

Yes, raspberry stains. Raspberry cruiser is rich in color so a single drop of raspberry cruiser can make a mess of your fancy cloth.

How to remove raspberry stains on linen?

You can get rid of raspberry stains using liquefied dishwashing soap. Follow the details below for instructions on how to use dishwashing soap.


  • Dishwashing soap.
  • Hot water.


  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of 100 ml of dishwashing soap and 2 cups of hot water.
  2. Sprinkle the solution on the affected spot on the linen and leave it to soak for about 5 minutes.
  3. Suck up the soaked area repeatedly with a clean wet towel by applying as much pressure as you can.
  4. Once the stain is no longer visible, wipe the treated surface with a clean wet towel and wash the normal way.

How to remove raspberry stains from clothing?

You can get rid of raspberry stains on clothing using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a very effective cleaner when it comes to removing tough stains. Follow the step-by-step instructions for the best way to use it.


  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hot water
  • A towel


  1. Sprinkle rubbing alcohol directly on the affected surface and rub gently with a towel so that the stain can automatically transfer from the cloth surface to the towel.
  2. Add more rubbing alcohol and continue to rub with as much pressure as you can muster.
  3. Once the stain becomes less visible, wash with a wet towel and got water, and wash the normal way.

How to remove raspberry stains from woods?

You can get rid of raspberry stains on woods with an undiluted lemon juice solution. Follow the procedure below to help with the steps involved in using undiluted lemon juice as a cleaning tool.


  1. Squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice on the affected surface so that it can become saturated.
  2. Leave it to sit for about 30 minutes.
  3. Scrub the surface gently using a brush while pouring hot water until the stains come off.
  4. Once the stain is completely gone, wash the treated surface with cold water and leave it to dry.

How to remove raspberry juice stains from clothes using lemon juice?

You can remove raspberry stains on clothes with lemon juice by following these steps.

  1. Make a solution of vinegar and lemon, in a hot water.
  2. Soak the stained cloth in the solution for about 20 minutes.

After the completion of the allotted time, the stain should have come off automatically. You should wash the normal way after.


It is advisable to treat raspberry stain almost immediately it happened because if left untreated for a long time, it will make your cleaning job tougher. We strongly recommend you read our previous how to get raspberry stains out of clothes in-depth guide too.

And also note that most of the cleaning agents suggested here are abrasive cleaners, so to be on the safer side, you are advised to first try out the cleaners on a less conspicuous part of the surface you are about to clean to check how it reacts.

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