Can you use any carpet shampoo in a kirby

Kirby vacuum is used for cleaning carpets by hundreds and thousands of people across the world – thanks to its amazing cleaning results.

A lot of people ask us: can I use any carpet shampoo in a Kirby? What are some other alternatives that you can use?

Can you use any carpet shampoo in a kirby

We know that you are looking for answers to these questions and that’s why we got it all covered for you in this article.

Does Kirby have carpet cleaner

Yes, Kirby has a carpet cleaner.

Kirby has already launched its official carpet cleaner in the market.

Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo has proven to be very effective against all kinds of stains on your carpet – be it dirt, grit, grease, oil, pet residue, food, coffee, stains, etc. Their carpet shampoo has a special formula that contains encapsulating polymer and removes every kind of sticky stain.

If we compare Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo with any other ordinary shampoo then Kirby is the best without any doubt.

Why? Because it is specially made for removing different types of stains on your carpet.Whereas ordinary shampoos give poor cleaning results and leave some stains behind.

Whether you want to clean your whole room or just a small tough stain – Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo is the best option you got there.

Can you use regular carpet shampoo in a Kirby

No, you should not use a regular carpet cleaning shampoo in a Kirby.

You must be wondering why?

Well, it’s because Kirby recommends its users to only use the official and genuine Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo in their Kirby vacuum.

They say that Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo is specially made to work best with the Kirby vacuum. Therefore, using the genuine Kirby shampoo can be a great choice for you.

Moreover, Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo shows much better cleaning results as compared to regular carpet shampoos. Kirby shampoo can remove any kind of carpet stain very easily and quickly.

What carpet shampoo can be used in a Kirby

You must be thinking that what kind of carpet shampoo you can use in a Kirby vacuum cleaner, right?

Well, you are recommended to use the original Kirby carpet shampoo in your Kirby vacuum. It is even recommended by Kirby and will bring you some very effective cleaning results.

Can you use hair shampoo in Kirby?

No, you cannot use hair shampoo in Kirby.


Well, the reason is that if you use a standard shampoo in Kirby, it will leave chemical residue inside your carpet. You won’t get the cleaning results you want and it will further complicate the situation for you.

Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo has a special formula and it is a dry foam shampoo. You will get excellent cleaning results and that too without any damage to the quality of your carpet.

The dry foam formula also allows your carpet to dry faster.

Carpet shampoo for Kirby alternative

If for some reason, you don’t have access to the original Kirby carpet shampoo, then you must be thinking that what should you do now.

Well, we will teach you how to make a perfect homemade dry carpet cleaning shampoo.

Ingredients & procedure:

  1. Take 12 cups of water.
  2. Take 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in that water and mix them.
  3. Take ½ tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and mix it as well.
  4. Take 3 tablespoons of dish soap and add them to water. (It can be anything like Palmolive or dawn).

You are recommended to add the dish soap in the end. It will help you control the number of bubbles in the shampoo.

Safety tip:

Different carpets are made from different kinds of materials. It also affects the way they react to different ingredients present in the shampoo.

You are recommended to test the shampoo on a small part of the carpet to see if it shows any negative results. If it does, then stop using.

However, if everything is okay then you can keep using it without any worries.

Carpet shampoo for Kirby Sentria

If you have a Kirby sentria vacuum cleaner at home – then the best shampoo for it would be the original Kirby carpet shampoo.

Otherwise, you can also try the above homemade shampoo recipe that we have provided you above.

Kirby carpet shampoo for pet owners

Are you a pet owner and looking for the best carpet shampoo for your Kirby?

Well, the best option for you would be the original Kirby carpet shampoo.

The reason is that Kirby carpet shampoo has many powerful enzymes and other formulas that effectively remove all the pets related stains from your carpet.

It has been recommended by Kirby and many of their customers.

How to shampoo carpet with a Kirby vacuum cleaner

Do you have no idea how to shampoo a carpet with a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

Well, don’t worry.

We will make carpet cleaning with Kirby easier for you with these step-by-step guidelines.

Here are the steps you should follow to shampoo the carpet with Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Total Time: 4 hours and 45 minutes

  1. Prepare the room & carpet for the wash

    You are going to shampoo your carpet, right? But before doing that, you need to prepare for it.

    Remove all the furniture items and other objects present on your carpet so you can smoothly shampoo every single part of it and get better cleaning results.

  2. Remove the head of the vacuum

    In this second step, you will remove the head of the Kirby vacuum.

    You just need to turn the belt knob and match the red arrows and the belt will be smoothly released.

    Now remove the bag assembly and vacuum head from the right side of your Kirby vacuum.

  3. Match the knob with red arrows

    Do you see a knob at the front of assembled shampoo attachment?

    Just turn it to match the red arrows.

    Now the belt will be at an open position.

  4. Now add the shampoo attachment

    Add the shampoo attachment to its place and turn the belt to match the green arrows.

    Some Kirby models may just have an up/down switch for locking the shampooer into its place.

    Therefore, you can do it according to the instructions of your model.

  5. Add water to the Tank

    Do you see the tank of your Kirby vacuum?

    Just fill it with some warm water and Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo.

    The quantity of both depends upon how much area you want to clean.

  6. Lock the tank

    Now take the tank and lock it into its place by following the assembly instructions.

    Also, connect the collection tray with the solution tank with the hose.

  7. Set the foam output

    It’s time to turn on your vacuum and set how much foam output do you want on your carpet.

  8. Apply foam on your carpet

    Now it’s time to do the real work.

    Start applying foam on your carpet.

    Slowly go in a back & forth motion and keep applying the foam on your carpet.

    Don’t rush! Once you have applied the foam on your carpet, then you should let the foam sit on the carpet for about 5 minutes.

  9. Remove the foam from the carpet

    To remove the foam from your carpet, you have to pull your machine backward.

    Kirby unit does not vacuum the foam. Instead, the brushes do this job.

    When you will pull the machine backward, the brushes of the machine will pick up the foam and deposit it inside the tray.

  10. Let the carpet dry

    After you have completed the wash and removed all the foam – it’s time to let the carpet dry.

    For how much time? Well, 3 to 4 hours would be good.

    After that, you can vacuum your carpet properly.

  11. Care for Kirby vacuum unit

    In the last step, you have to disassemble the shampoo unit of Kirby and clean it thoroughly.

    Also, wash only the *washable* parts of the unit. Clean it and then store the unit in a safe place.

This is how is simple carpet cleaning with Kirby is!

Can you use Kirby hard floor cleaner on the carpet

According to the experts, Kirby hard floor cleaner might not be able to properly clean your carpet. Thus, you won’t get good cleaning results from it.


Because Kirby hard floor cleaner is not made for carpet cleaning purposes. So, it won’t be able to deep clean your carpet.

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