How to sanitize your clothes

Clothes are one of the largest carriers of germs. It is time to make safe habits such as sanitize your clothes, which is a vital part of our lifestyle.

Germs are all around us and every cough or sneeze weakens us, shaking hands or touching, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when we stay quarantined.

Here are some important tips to keep your clothes free of germs and allergies during washing clothes at home or washing clothes outside your home (laundry):

Tips for Washing Clothes at home

Tips for Washing Clothes

1) Usage of hot water to wash clothes

Make it a habit to wash clothes in hot water at 55-60 degrees, which avoids bacteria from becoming possible hosts. It also cleans the clothes. Washing machines with built-in heaters come with different modes to provide customized care for clothing and are hot and allergy-free.

2) Usage of chemical disinfectants to wash clothes

If the material is not appropriate for high temperatures, use chemical disinfectants in its place. Steep and sanitize clothes with chlorine bleach. Turn them in and out to reduce the chance of friction. Though, think of using laundry detergent and bleach with the help of a dispenser.

According to professionals, chlorine bleach should never be applied directly to the sink or washing machine because it can completely remove the color and dissolve the fiber. Add bleach to an automatic dispenser or into the water before adding your load laundry.

3) Always clean your washers

Clean your washers regularly as germs, bacteria, and dust are likely to get collected at the bottom of the machine, causing bad odor.

The latest designs of washing machines are pre-automatic. During a spin, at each wash cycle, it will clean impurities on the internal walls of the tub. Always run your washing machine with a cleaner to remove any impurities after every washing.

4) Always dry clothes in the washing machine dryer

Moisture clothing becomes a breeding ground for germs. Washer-dryers are aimed to eliminate moisture from wet clothing, thus allowing you to run a dryer cycle to help with effective cleaning. There are multiple levels of drying options for different types of clothes in new washing machines.

5) Steam Clean your clothes

Steam cleaning can remove germs from your clothes. This means it acts as a sanitizer. Steam cleaning is the newest washing machine with steam care technology that helps eliminate 99 percent of germs.

Tips for Washing Clothes outdoor (laundry):

Washing Clothes outdoor
If you washing clothes by using the laundry facilities outside your home, take proper protections:

  1. Prepare laundry before you leave your home so you can reduce the time you spend outside.
  2. Try to go outside at the laundry when there are fewer people.
  3. Always keep physical distance to other people.
  4. If available, wear disposable gloves, sanitize the surfaces of all the machinery you use, and do not touch on your face.
  5. For indoor laundry services, wait outside for your laundry if you can.
  6. So wash your hands with soap and water, or rub hands with sanitizers instantly.
  7. Wash or sanitize your laundry bag.

BONUS: You can also disinfect clothes with dettol. Please refer to our previous guide for more.

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