6 Ways to Clean an Oil Burner Pipe [Easy Guide]

What is the glass oil burner pipe? A meth pipe, bubble tweak pipe, gack pipe, ice pipe, or crank pipe are all different kinds of glass pipe. It is specially designed to consist of a tube connected to a small bulb having a small opening on top of the tube. The heat is produced by the candle, which burns the oil. The diffusion of fragrance spreads in the room, and the smoke is involved. 

As we all know, oil has a smoking point by nature. However, this glass oil burner produces a little smoke and a lot of fragrance. It is a valuable material, but this burner pipe immediately turns itself into a dirty form. So, how to clean an oil burner pipe?

How to clean a glass oil burner pipe

Cleaning gas oil burner pipes seem complicated but if you do it right, you can do it. This article we offering you 6 easy ways to clean an oil burner. They are easy to apply and quickly clean the smoking meth pipe as burning oil inside a small pipe gives you harmful resin and tough dirt.

If you cleanse the pipe regularly, it will be easier for you to clean, but the pipe dirt will become challenging and harder to remove if you use it for a long time. The following are the best way to clean meth pipe.

1. Cleaning of pipe if there are small, loose particles inside it

Handle the pipe carefully as being hard or shaking it hard can break your glass oil burner pipe. Removing any loose particles from the pipe, gently hold the pipe upside down and shake it softly to eliminate any remaining loose substances.

Then apply some cleaning agents, use a mechanical thin pencil or cotton swab or thin needle or skinny object which can quickly go inside the pipe, you can easily reach and get rid of massive bits of organic compounds.

Never take the risk of breaking the pipe by shaking it hard; you think it will be quick for me to clean it, No it will be broken by you. So be easy and softly clean it.

It will facilitate the cleaning of the alcohol remainder of the pipe quicker and easier.

2. Cleaning of pipe by the nineteenth isopropyl

How to clean a meth pipe quickly? The nineteenth isopropyl has the best properties of cleaning tough stains and organic particles from the pipe.

  1. Fill a plastic resealable bag with the nineteenth isopropyl, also called rubbing alcohol. It will clean your pipe quicker than a lot of hot water draining.
  2. Be sure that the pipe is fully submerged in this liquid for about an hour.
  3. Then clean it with a mechanical pencil or cotton swab. All the dirt and stains will vanish in seconds.
  4. Rinse it with a bit of water again.

3. Cleaning the pipe with home ingredients

How to clean meth pipe without alcohol? Salt can be used as a cleaning agent as it can polish your pipe in less time. Add one tablespoon of salt to the bag, put it inside the pipe, and scrub it. All the organic compounds will be down to the ground, and your pipe will be clean as glass.

Use kosher salt as it is best for cleaning, and use a big grain of salt. A slight rub to the pipe with salt will clean the glass pipe immediately.

Shake the pipe within the bag of salt. Put your fingers upward through the tube and downward too, and shake it well for one to two minutes. This will give you the immediate result of cleanliness.

4. Cleaning the pipe by soaking it overnight

Soaking and rinsing is the oldest method of cleaning objects. But the easy way is to soak the meth pipe overnight, adding isopropyl alcohol ( 91 alcohol to 70 ), and let the glass oil burner sit and be submerged in it for many hours.

Shake well when you pour the fluid into the pipe, then before rinsing, shake it well using a cotton swab to rub. You don’t have to give any pressure, just move your hands smoothly, and the pipe will get rid of the toughest stain on it and your glass burner will be as clear as crystal now.

5. Cleaning the pipe with the plight

Another best way to clean a meth pipe

  1. Soak out the glass oil burner pipe with predicament or plight alcohol.
  2. Now before rinsing, take away all the plight alcohol, salt, and whatever you put inside the tube with the help of some piping and throw the fluid in your bathroom as it will produce a foul odor to your sink or any other place.
  3. Throwing the alcoholic fluid in the commode is best as it will not make your area odorized.

6. Cleaning the pipe with an alcoholic cotton swab

If your pipe is not clean, it has some remaining spots and stains. You can use alcoholic cotton swab to clean the glass oil burner pipe.

  1. Rinse it with warm water. Put some boiling water in it and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Now put some cleaning implements and then put some cotton swab, rub it on the walls of the pipe and it will take all the dirt inside the cotton swab. You can also do it like this: take a thin tool to quickly go inside the pipe and dip it in alcohol to eliminate the persistent stains. The pipe will get rid of all marks and non-resin stains. 
  3. Now rinse it with water. Soak the tube in warm water for an extra good result. It will now look like a new glass pipe brought by the shop. You can also soak it in warm water, add some bleach to it, and dawn dish soap liquid.
  4. Put a mechanical pencil inside it and rub the walls of the pipe. It will be cleaned gradually. 

You have to do this cleaning alternate days or thrice a week as the toughest resin stain or meth residue will not be gone with it if you use it after 1 or 2 months. When the glass oil burner is clean, you enjoy using the clean pipe.

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