How to clean yoga mat lululemon

In a modern world of technology and innovation, man has been occupied by robots and machines are very busy in his life. In this hustle-bustle, he has lost the charm of life and his peace.

To achieve some peace, Yoga is the best remedy nowadays and almost all Europe, and to some extent central American people used to practice Yoga.

How to clean yoga mat lululemon

For Yoga practice, the necessary tool is a Yoga mat. Many different companies have provided Yoga mats nowadays. But Lululemon is considered to produce the best Yoga mats.

Yoga mats have a direct effect on your Yoga practice. Having the best mat have a perfect match with a great Yoga practice. Once you get it you will have to care for it. So it will last you a long time. Lululemon is durable and easy to clean, easy to carry, and are non-slippery.


These mats are made up of natural rubber, with a thick coating of polyurethane

Natural rubber is good for padding your joints. Usually, thick Lululemon Yoga Mats are best for bad knees.

The role of the polyurethane coating is to absorb sweat and moisture. You should find the right mat for your yoga exercise. Dark colors are usually preferred.

clean lululemon yoga mat

Lululemon yoga mat cleaning

How to get stains out of lululemon yoga mat? To clean the lululemon yoga mat, I have researched and compiled many methods under this article that would help you clean your Lululemon Yoga mats in the best way. You can apply these methods as it is.

Let’s get know how you clean lululemon yoga mat yourself !

Actually, Yoga mats are cleaned according to the material from which they are made. These Lululemon Yoga mats are used for hot Yoga exercises and are exposed to a lot of sweat and moisture. So they need to be cleaned in a special manner as compared to other normal mats.


You must clean the Lululemon Yoga mats immediately after use. Although it is a bit tough because you would be tired but it is beneficial to use the Lululemon Yoga mats for a time as it will increase the lifetime of the mat. Letting it sit over time would make it harder to clean later!

Method 1 :

Cleaning Lululemon Yoga mats using essential oils

Essential oils so far are the best cleaner for the lululemon yoga mat. We usually know them for hair care but they have amazing use in cleaning Lululemon Yoga mats as they are antibacterial. The oils that are most commonly used are Lavender oil and tea tree oil.


  • Water 2-4 ounce
  • Bottle
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Vinegar or witch hazel
Cleaning Lululemon Yoga mats using essential oils


Take 2-4 ounces of water in a bottle and add 2 drops of tea tree oil and one drop of lavender as well

Some quantity of vinegar or witch hazel also be added into the mixture.

You should add one essential oil having some scent because it will help to remove the odor of sweat. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle, spray over the entire Lululemon Yoga mat and let it dry. It will quickly remove germs and bacteria from the Lululemon Yoga mats.

Other essential oils used are lemongrass, eucalyptus, or peppermint oils. Even a mixture of multiple essential oils can also be used as well. They can remove odor from the yoga mat extremely fast.

Method 2 :

Use baking soda and lemon juice to remove stains from Lululemon Yoga mats

This is the cheapest method to get stains out of a lululemon yoga mat. Lemon juice and baking soda is another great combination of lululemon mat cleaner.


  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Lemon juice


You simply have to add soda to the bathtub. This amount should be in proportion with water. Add 5 to 10 drops of lemon juice. Stir continuously until the bubbles form all over. Now we have two options.

1. Place your Lululemon Yoga mat  in the bathtub for hours to get it sunk completely.

2.  Dip a cloth in bathtub and clean the Lululemon Yoga mat with  this cloth by rubbing it over the mat.

* first method need your Lululemon yoga mat to be dried properly after cleaning.

Method 3:

Chemical spray for cleaning Lululemon Yoga mats

If you cannot clean your Lululemon Yoga mat immediately after your yoga exercise then don’t worry. Using chemical spray to clean strain and spots from your Lululemon Yoga mat is the quickest and easy method.

The chemical spray can be bought online. The size of bottle depends upon your requirement.

Proper cleaning is necessary to remove the bad odor of sweat and strains and spots from your Lululemon Yoga mat. But all these methods need proper drying. Cleaning without drying is a waste!

Drying :

  • Hang the mat out
  • Sundry
  • Use of towel

Too much Sundry reduces the life of Lululemon Yoga mats. It will harm your Lululemon Yoga mat and break it down. 

Best method of drying:

Hanging your Lululemon Yoga mats indoor is the best method to dry them

Open vs Closed Mats :

The cleaning of mats actually depends on the type of mats. So let’s have a brief look. On the basis of composition, they are categorized into two classes.

1. Open mats are porous and moisture will be absorbed in the mat itself. They are usually dense and grippy

Open mats carried in studio

  • Lululemon ( offered in both 3MM and 5MM) $68-$78
  • Manduka GRP: $98
  • Jade mats: price varies with model

2. Closed-cell mats are usually lighter weight and water-resistant so they will not soak in liquids and get slippery when they get wet.

Closed cell mats carried in studio:

  • Lululemon Namasty Mat: $78-$88
  • Mandukaprolite $92

Cleaning of open cell mats :

  1. Wipe  down Lululemon Yoga mat with dry Tower
  2. Put cleaner on a towel and then apply it to the mat (  this will prevent cleaning products from absorbing and seeping into the mat )

The cleaner mostly used  have the composition of 3 part water+ 1 part vinegar

3.Let it dry and roll it up

Don’t :

  • Use cleaner directly on the mat
  • Use Essential oil ( they break the integrity of mat after continual use )
  • Sundry ( it damage the rubber )

Cleaning of closed mats :

  1. Use cleaner directly on the mat
  2. Air dry in Sun

Don’t :

  • Submerge in water ( it will break down the material of the mat ) 

Reasons to clean Lululemon Yoga mats

  1. It prolongs the life of the Lululemon yoga mat
  2. Lululemon yoga mat will stay fresh and clean
  3. Remove bacteria and fungus
  4. It avoids hard deep cleaning
  5. Good for hygiene
  6. Establish a cleaning habit

Conclusion :

In my opinion, cleaning your Lululemon Yoga mats on daily basis immediately after yoga exercise is the best practice. It not only removes germs and bacteria from your Lululemon Yoga mat but also increases the life of your Lululemon Yoga mat.

It also ensures good hygiene. It will freshen up you during yoga exercises. Using chemical spray once a week is necessary and if it gets dirty, send it for dry clean instead of washing in your washing machine. You must stick to a specific cleaning routine to increase the lifetime of your mat.

I hope this article will help you to clean your Lululemon Yoga Mat in the best way according to your ease and will like my article.

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