How to clean a litter box in an apartment

Being the cat owner is fun, a tiny friend to accompany you and play with you 24/7; is the happiness of life. But what is difficult is a litter box full of urine and feces when you arrive home after a long tiring day.

If you live in an apartment, it is more challenging to clean litter boxes because there is no separate space in the backyard or outdoor area where you can clean it with a hose.

How to clean a litter box in an apartment

As many other families are living in an apartment, you have to think about them too. It is not safe to wash and rinse out these litter boxes in a sink or bathtub as the excretion of cats has the worst odour and many germs, which can harm your health. But there are many easy ways of cleaning litter boxes without a hose, after trying many different ways of cleaning litter boxes.

Here are some easy, useful, and safest ways of cleaning litter boxes in an apartment.

  • Always wear a pair of gloves to avoid any germ or virus stuck to your hands, keep your body as far as you can by the litter boxes.
  • Clean the litter box with a wet, perfumed soapy disposable sponge, and then rinse it with water.
  • Use disposable litter boxes, use it for once or twice, then throw it and use the new disposable box
  • Use the special natural pet-specific wipes from the pet store
  • You can use chemical disinfectant wipes and then rinse the box with warm water.
  • Buy a self-sanitizing litter box as they are more convenient for you to use, but it is a bit expensive, and maybe a cat can harm its functions of sanitizing.
  • Use Dettol spray frequently to kill the dangerous germs and bacterias and can reduce the stinking odor of the cat’s feces.

Cats are the best creature to make you feel happy, they reduce your loneliness, but something very disgusting about them is their food smells bad, their pee is somehow stuck everywhere and smells terrible, and their litter boxes smell as bad as more than a deadly mouse, it is unbearable. The above mentioned are a few ways to make it a litter better.

Here are some hacks of cleaning a litter box in an apartment.

Little box cleaning hacks

1. Add some dried green tea leaves: many deodorizers are on the market to use in litter boxes but using dried green tea leaves is more beneficial as it is natural, easy to purchase from the market. They have some unique properties as they are anti-bacterial and can absorb odor. This will help in reducing stinking smell and will also kill the bacterias.

2. Using baking soda: baking soda is the best deodorizer; it absorbs the smells. Sprinkle it at the bottom of the litter box. No problem if your cat eats a bit of it.

3. Keep the litter box ventilated: if the litter box is ventilated, it will not trap the bad smell. The smell diffuses in the air and will be easy for one who is cleaning the litter box.

4. Use a litter box liner: using a liner litter box is easy to clean.

5. Use a clumping litter box: they are easy to clean and wash thoroughly.

How to clean filter boxes with vinegar?

Wash your box with water, then pour some vinegar in it and leave it for a few minutes, as vinegar has the property of absorbing odors, and above all, it cleanses things more quickly and brightly.

Now wipe off the vinegar with a sponge, rub it slightly, and then wash it with water. Your filter box will be shiny, clean, and odorless now. It is suitable for vanishing cats’ pee odor.

How to clean litter boxes with bleach?

Empty the litter box. Now wash it with water, scrub the box to clear all the tiny particles of the litter box, scoop to scrub stuck feces and other dirt trash in the dustpan. Throw it; now add some bleach in it and leave it for a few minutes.

It will absorb the odor and cleanses the litter box.

Now wash it with water twice or thrice. Your litter box is duly cleared and free of smell.

How to clean litter boxes without water?

You can use Pet-Specific Wipes. They are also a fantastic applicant if you want to clean the litter box without water. They are safer to use Clorox or Lysol wipes as pet-specific wipes do not carry any dangerous chemicals. They are extra easy to use as well.

How to clean a litter box without a scoop?

You can clean the box by using warm water.

If you are not using a scoop, pour some dish soap and a mild detergent, scrub it, it will not leave any harsh chemicals, and the smell will be finished as well. Or you can also do scrubbing with baking soda; it is the most effective cleaning agent and has no side effects as well, then rinse it with warm water twice or thrice; it will clear the box and absorbs all stink smells of cats’ excretion.

Make sure that you rinse well when you use either soap, detergent, or baking soda.

How often to clean the litter box?

The cat’s litter box must be cleaned daily or on alternate days. Because if you clean it daily, it will not get badly dirty and will be cleaned easily. But leaving the litter box will be harder for you to clean.

Cleaning once in a month or twice a month is wrong because cat feces have a bad bacterial and stinking smell, and it creates some harsh and unhealthy viruses, which can affect children and the adult. You can quickly get sick. So, cleaning the litter box more often is quite an excellent idea. Litter boxes must be washed and cleaned daily and carefully.

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