Difference between laundry and dry cleaning

Technology has revolutionized the world. The invention of sophisticated machinery and equipment has made everything so fast and the same goes towards washing your clothes.

 Gone are the days when people used to spend a whole strenuous day in the laundry while hand-washing their clothes. But now with the advancement in technology, everyone is willing to save more and more time. Today, there are a dozen different types of washing machines and companies that provide you quick laundry and dry cleaning services. 

Difference between laundry and dry cleaning

But which one is better Dry cleaning or laundering? What is the difference between both? Which one should I prefer? We know that these questions have already hit your mind and we are to answer them in this article. So let’s dive into it!

Advantages and disadvantages of Laundry and dry cleaning 

To understand the differences between laundry and dry cleaning, you will first need to learn about both of them. Here in this article, we have explained the differences between laundering and dry cleaning and the benefits of both. So after reading them, you will be able to judge which option suits you better, and then you can go on and adapt it. 

What is dry cleaning

How does dry cleaning work? Dry cleaning means cleaning the clothes without washing them in water. It is not only time-efficient but sometimes certain types of clothes and stains cannot be washed in the washing and need to be dry-cleaned. The process of dry cleaning involves the use of acids and chemicals that remove the dirt and stain particles. 

Dry cleaning is usually suitable for cleaning carpets, curtains, rugs, and men’s suits. Generally, it depends on the stain, dirt, and cloth type. Some stains and dirt particles cannot be removed in the washing machine and some types of the fabric also do not clean in the washing and therefore need to be dry-cleaned. 

What are the advantages of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning has a lot of benefits and some of them are given below:

  • Oil and grease stains are notorious to be hard to clean. But with dry cleaning, you can efficiently remove the grease and oil stains from the clothes.
  • Sometimes, cleaning the clothes in the washing machine fades away the color of the clothes. Dry cleaning prevents the discoloration of the clothes. 
  • In the washing machine, the clothes are subjected to rigorous movements which deteriorate the quality of the fabrics and drastically reduce the life span of the clothes.
  • Dry cleaning also preserves the original, quality, and texture of your fabric.
  • Washing the heavy materials like carpets and curtains in the machine ruin its sturdiness. But Dry cleaning maintains the thickness and sturdiness.
  • Dry cleaning also prevents the fabric of the clothes from shrinking and crumbling. 

What is laundry washing

Laundry washing is the traditional and conventional way of cleaning clothes. Laundry washing involves the use of water, detergents, fabric softeners, and even bleach. Laundry washing is easy and can be done at home but if you are still looking to save more time, there are various laundry shops out there that can help you with that.

What are the advantages of laundry washing

Laundry washing has a lot of benefits and some of them are given below:

  • Laundry washing is no rocket science. It is easy and simple and can be done at home. All you need is a washing machine, detergent, bleach, and water. Put them in, turn on the machines, and there you go, your clothes are cleaned.
  • Dry cleaning the clothes leave them with a faint chemical odor. But in laundry washing, there is no such smell as the freshwater is used in the process.
  • Laundry washing subjects the cloth to rigorous washing and removes the dirt and stains from every single fabric of the cloth.
  • Laundry water is skin-friendly as we use the simplest of substances whereas in dry cleaning some of the chemicals and acids are harmful to the skin and the environment.

Dry cleaning vs laundry 

Now the last question that arises is, which one should I prefer? We have dropped a brief comparison of both so you can make the end choice according to your needs. 

1. Mode of Action

Dry cleaning is effective and works on different types of fabric and clothes whereas laundry washing is limited to a certain type of clothes and fabric.

2. Cleaning results

Laundered are clothes are generally cleaner than the dry cleaned clothes because they are rinsed with fresh water. Moreover, the laundered clothes give out a fresh scent because the clothes are thoroughly rinsed with water. On the other hand, dry cleaned clothes give out a faint chemical and smelly odor not only because of the use of chemicals but the fact that the sweat particles are still trapped in the fabric of the clothes.

3. Fresh Scent

Laundered clothes are rinsed in fresh water and have a more refreshing scent as compared to dry cleaned clothes. 

4. Economical

Laundering is more economical, simple, and smooth than dry cleaning. All you need is water, a washing machine, bleach, and a simple detergent. While dry cleaning on the other hand involves the use of certain chemicals and acids that are expensive.

5. Time Consuming

The process of laundering is more time consuming as compared to the process of dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is easier to perform than laundering. According to some reports, the process of laundering consumes 50% less energy than the total energy used in the process of dry cleaning.

6. Environment and Skin Friendly

The laundering process does not involve any chemicals that are harmful to your skin and the environment. Some chemicals used in dry cleaning have severe adverse effects on the environment and skin of the user.

These were all the common differences between laundering and dry cleaning and the advantage and disadvantages of both.  You can prefer any of them according to your needs and requirements. That’s all with today’s article. We hope that we helped you get the answers you were looking for.

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