How to get chapstick out of clothes

When the days become too dry and hot, most people turn to Chapstick to ensure their lips stay moist and lubricated. Unfortunately, always keeping a Chapstick in your pockets can make you forget about them.

You end up throwing your dirty clothes in the washing machine, only to find out that the melted Chapstick has caused a stain on your favorite shirt. This is why you need to know how to get Chapstick out of clothes to prevent more severe and irreparable damages.

How to get chapstick out of clothes

Important Reminders Before You Get Chapstick Out of Your Clothes

Don’t forget to test first any detergent or cleaning solution in an inconspicuous section or corner of your clothes to know if the solution will work effectively or not. Avoid using the product if you see any discoloration on the fabric.

Also, take note that it might be more difficult to remove older stains and you will need to repeat the same cleaning process several times before your desired results are achieved.

While removing lip balm stains is not that easy, it is still very much doable. This time, you are finally ready to proceed with the stain removal process. There are actually several options available to help you get rid of Chapstick stains on your clothes.

Get the Help of a Professional

If you are not really fond of the idea of going through the trouble of getting rid of the stains by yourself, your best choice is to take your clothes to a professional cleaner.

For stained garments that are meant to be dry cleaned only, make sure to bring them to the local dry cleaner. Show them the stain on your garment, inform them of the cause of the stain, and they can take the job from there.

Scrape Off the Residue

Check the stain first properly. A semi-solid wax might be noticeable on the fabric’s upper surface. Get a dull knife or a spoon and use it for scraping off any residue stuck on the surface of the fabric. It is extremely important to scrape this wax since this will ensure that the wax residue won’t get further embedded into the fabric.

Pre-treat the Stained Fabric

Again, it is not a simple process to get Chapstick stains out of your clothes. To increase your chances of eliminating these stains, it is also crucial that the fabric undergoes pre-treatment first.

Most local stores sell enzyme-based fabric cleaners that you can use for individually treating the stains. If there is no such product in your area, a powerful laundry detergent will be a good alternative.

This kind of detergent has enzymes that can clear away oily residents from stains and separate these from the fibers. You can use your fingers to properly working the stain remover on the fabric.

A brush can also be used but make sure you choose one with soft bristles. Allow the stain remover to sit on the fabric for at least 30 minutes. It is important as it will help loosen those oily stains from the fabric fibers, making it easier for you to completely get rid of them.

Rewash the Clothes

After giving the stain remover sufficient time to rest, it is now time for you to wash it again. For this step, it is best if hot water is used since this is more effective when it comes to removing stains. Just make sure that you check the tag on your clothes first to know the hottest temperature that is safe and allowed to wash the fabric. You can remove the Chapstick stains out of your clothes if you repeat this process.

Use the Brown Bag Strategy

The brown bag strategy is another tried and tested method for getting Chapstick out of your clothes. Before you proceed, check the fabric first to find all the stains. 

Be sure to look closely and determine the spots with the stains. You have to make sure that there is not more than one spot with stains.

Next, make sure you scrape away all the wax that accumulated on the fabric surface. Wipe this on a clean paper towel then remove it to ensure that the waxy residue doesn’t end up on the other clothes you are washing with it.

Get a brown paper bag then tear this at the center to form a flat paper sheet. In case there is no brown paper bag available, a thick plain piece of paper can also be used as an alternative.

Put your stained clothes on top of the paper with the wax stain facing upward. Get another piece of paper then put it over the stain to cover it from both sides.

Prepare your flat iron then set this to medium heat and don’t forget to turn off the steam. When the iron turns warm enough, place this over the paper then iron it, making sure that you don’t let it stay in just one spot to prevent burns on the garment.

Continue to move the iron around then wait until the wax transfers to the paper. You will be able to notice once it happens because an oily spot will appear on the paper. It signals that it is time for you to switch the paper. Set aside the iron and put the paper from below on the top then do the process again.

You should stop once no more wax shows up on the paper and of course, makes sure you unplug the iron. Take out the garment and pour a small amount of laundry detergent on the spot with a stain.

Fold the garment into two then carefully rub the detergent on the fabric fibers. Allow it to sit for several minutes before putting it in the washer.

Once again, refer to the tag to know the hottest allowable temperature for washing the garment and set the settings on your machine accordingly. When the spin cycles are finished, air dry the garment with the Chapstick stain all gone now.

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