The ultimate cleaning with isopropyl alcohol guide

The ultimate cleaning with isopropyl alcohol guide

Why is 70% the most effective concentration of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and disinfection? This operable alcohol particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol and 10 to 40% purified

can disinfecting wipes grow mold

Can disinfecting wipes grow mold

So can disinfecting wipes grow mold? Well, the short version of that answer to this question would be Yes but let us set some things straight first. In this day

COVID-19 pandemic

How to disinfect soft surfaces to prevent COVID-19

Why disinfect soft surface? During this COVID-19 pandemic, medical personnel does encourage people to wash their hands regularly, practice proper hygiene, clean surface, and others to prevent themselves as well

disinfecting razor

How to disinfect razor

So you have taken the plunge and invested in a right safety razor and you are now getting the advantages of an excellent shave. But razors made of strong metal

How to disinfect granite countertops

How to disinfect granite countertops

Granite countertops have become trendy that many house owners tend to use. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the right way to disinfect granite countertops to keep germs and other microbes from

disinfect kitchen sink

How to disinfect kitchen sink

When it comes to disinfecting the kitchen, most people usually clean the dishes, wipe down the counter and lastly sweep the floors, but do not spend as much effort and

disinfectant spray

Disinfectant spray for soft surfaces in singapore

Is there any benefit to having a disinfecting spray in your home? Well, the disinfectant spray has many benefits. You know when you have a disinfectant spray in your home,

How to disinfect leather

How to disinfect leather

With all the Coronavirus anxiety spreading around the world, this are a whole needs to follow the guidance given by the authorities and specialists . This includes specific suggestions and