How to disinfect razor

So you have taken the plunge and invested in a right safety razor and you are now getting the advantages of an excellent shave. But razors made of strong metal tend to last a long time and will gradually accumulate dirt via regular use. It would not be long before your shiny new razor begins to look dull and tired. So how do you clean and disinfect a safety razor?

How bad is your razor?

After some time your razor gets an oily buildup comprised largely of soap but also general waste in the type of lifeless skin cells and grease that causes it to lose its shine and in some cases can stop the razor from giving the best shave.

disinfecting razor

You may also find rust on the razor head inside. The latest razors are plated with chrome or nickel which would not rust but the blade you place in your razor is not so it will begin to decay. I stay in your razor for a long time, the waste from your blade can get a fix to your shaving machine. This is not the issue and we will move on how to get rid of it.

Special cleaning and disinfect regularly

By far the top way to have a clean and disinfect razor is to clean it regularly. We advise giving your razor a fast clean every 2-3 uses. It just takes a minute and will keep your time in the future, as well as keep it looking shiny.

Take apart your razor, and using, a very old towel, clean off any waste, make it to a shine.

Less common cleaning and rust removal

In this way, old toothbrush brush plays a vital role. Using the warm soapy liquid, you can clean off any stubborn bits. The same work for waste left from an aged blade. Toothpaste has confirmed a successful cleaning solution for eliminating stubborn bits of soap and waste as it leathers up perfectly.

Another amazing way to get rid of dust and dirt from a blade is to boil the razor. You have to be alert with this technique because it can destroy the material if you place it directly in the pan. All you need to perform is place your razor in a colander and then locate this in a pan of warming water. By using a colander you are keeping the razor away from the extremely warm pan base and can make sure an even, safe hotness to boil it in. leave it boiling for ten minutes and then take it out and let it chill before handling. Never include chill water to cool it. The sudden change in temperature can destroy your razor.

Once it has chill enough to touch, you can begin cleaning and disinfect the razor with a toothbrush and some hot soapy water. To end, use a dry, soft towel to clear off any existing bits and leave it looking amazing.

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