How to disinfect granite countertops

Granite countertops have become trendy that many house owners tend to use. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the right way to disinfect granite countertops to keep germs and other microbes from the surface.

Does granite countertops need to be disinfected

Although granite countertops are popular in homes today because of their tendency for longevity, gorgeous appearance, and fine surface, but that does not mean they can’t play host to disease-causing germs and bacteria.

How to disinfect granite countertops

In my previous article on how to remove stains from solid surface countertop, I stated indirectly that abandoned remnants from raw meats and eggs or food debris could lead to the growth of microbes that causes infection. However, those are simple details we cannot overlook if we actually care about our kitchen hygiene.

Granite countertops are great absorbents! They are highly porous and as a result, they can soak up the little thing we don’t pay attention to like, droplets of water while we are transferring them to the racks, and bacteria thrive on moisturized surfaces. So because of these and some other obvious reasons like the covid-19 outbreak, it is with no doubt that granite countertops need to be disinfected either professionally or manually. 

What kills germs on granite

It is in human nature to look after their physical health well-being, so it is pretty normal to watch out for ways to prevent or take care of situations that could endanger our health. Although, so far humans have made astronomical progress with medical science discoveries but no one wants to get sick regardless especially not from avoidable risks like eating from your own kitchen.

However, in our desperation to find a permanent solution or prevent these risks, it would be wise to also endeavor to protect our investments in house fixtures and furniture. Most people, in the bid to have an infection-free environment, end up damaging the appliances, equipment, or furniture while trying to prevent them from playing host to infection-causing microbes thereby cutting short their investments.

This could be a result of using the wrong cleaning substance to do the cleaning. Some substances may be effective but harmful for our own particular furniture or equipment because of the material they are made of.

Granite countertops may be strong and highly durable, but their surfaces are sure sensitive to some cleaning agents like baking soda. Baking soda could is a well-known effective cleaner but if used consistently on granite countertops, it could have a damaging consequence on the fixture because of its acidic content.

So if you want a germ-free granite countertop, follow the following instructive guide provided below.


A mild dishwashing soap, Isopropyl alcohol, warm water, and a spray bottle.


  1. Pour 4 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol with a moderate amount of mild dishwashing soap into the spray bottle and shake gently so they don’t lather up which could prevent the nozzle of the spray bottle from working effectively (forced flow of solution).
  2. Spray the cleaning solution on the granite countertop and allow it to sit on the surface of the granite countertop for up to 1 minute for an effective result.
  3. Wipe the surface with a clean dry white cloth. A white cloth is preferred because fabrics of other colors could end up staining the granite countertop.

Repeat the process until the cleaning is extended to all areas of the granite countertop.

What cleaners are safe to use on granite

Quite often a time, people misconstrue disinfecting as cleaning!

We disinfect to kill disease-causing germs while we clean to prevent germs from existing at all.

Cleaning is done routinely on a daily basis while disinfection is expected to be done once in a while except for some extraordinary situations like the covid-19 scenario that calls for extra attention.

The information provided above is strictly useful for anyone who wants to disinfect their granite fixtures or furniture against germs. While the information here is to educate us on some cleaners that are very effective for our daily cleaning without any damaging effect on our granite countertops.

Just like disinfectants, some cleaners can also be harmful to our granite countertops if used excessively. After much findings on the internet and interaction with some professional cleaners, I have been able to comply with a list of cleaners that are safe for your granite countertops.

  • Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish For Daily use

This product helps give your countertop the perfectly smooth, shiny, and glass-like finishing touches after cleaning and does not have a strong smell but could fill the air with freshly cleaned fragrance. Although it is not designed to be used as a deep cleaner but it can be used as a finisher.

  • Formula 409 32 oz. Stone and steel cleaner

Apart from being an effective cleaner, this fantastic product is considered cheap compared to other products. Granites are very sensitive to cleaners with high acid and pH content, but this very product has a balanced pH that is concrete friendly and doesn’t leave sticky residues on your countertops.

Although it might not be an effective cleaner on stainless steel, but can definitely be used to clean smudges off stainless steel.

  • Better life Granite and stone cleaner

This product is best for people who prefer green cleaning (I.e an environmentally friendly) approach for safe and effective cleaning. Better life granite cleaner could be a great scratch eraser but when it comes to thorough cleaning, you going to need little mild soap and little water for a preliminary clean-up before using your better life product for finishing touches.

  • Stone care international 32 oz. Granite and Stone daily cleaner spray

This product is like a dream cleaner product for homeowners because of its versatility. Stone care international 32 can be used to effectively clean not just granite countertops but also marble, laminated, quartz, and some other countertops.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Unlike other cleaners I have mentioned earlier, stone care international can deep clean the most sticky and difficult stains like greasy and oil messes. Just like other products, it is also pH balanced and gives your countertop that glossy, smooth finishing touches.

Note: It is advised to seal your granite countertops before applying any of these super products.

Can i use method antibac on granite countertops

Method antibac all-purpose cleaner is a 100% green cleaning product and it can be effectively used on your granite countertops. It is both chemical/toxin-free and biodegradable.

Products with these features are known for their multi purposeness. For example, asides from being safe on granite countertops, they can also be used to clean other kitchen surfaces or any other surfaces within the house.

Can i use clorox wipes on granite countertops

Do you have a heavily stained granite countertop that you’re planning to deep clean and considering Clorox wipes?

Well, if you had better start burying that thought of going for a Clorox wipe because they are not safe for your granite countertops. Most of the products I recommended in this article are completely chemical-free and that’s why they are safe.

Clorox wipe on the other hand is not safe because it is acidic and could be harmful to your granite countertops. It has a high tendency of causing your granite sealant to wear off.

Can i use blench on granite countertops

Yes, you can use bleach on your granite counter but must be used to take care of extreme situations (difficult stains like oil,  coffee, and berries) and must not be applied directly on your granite countertops.

This is so because bleaches are considered corrosive and harsh cleaning products, so they must be avoided if there are other available less abrasive effective cleaners.

Can i use windex on granite countertops

Yes, you can use it but occasionally and not as daily cleaning.

Winded is best known for cleaning glasses because of their abrasiveness but you can’t afford to use them as a regular cleaner on granite countertops because granite countertops are usually sealed and they can easily wear off the granite sealants.

Just like bleaches, you should avoid Windex if it is possible and must be used for extreme cases.

Can i use clorox on granite countertops

Most granite countertops are usually sealed and are considered stain resistant so they don’t require abrasive cleaning products like Clorox. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely use them on granite countertops but used extremely cautiously to avoid damaging effects on the countertop surfaces.

Can i use hydrogen peroxide on granite countertops

Yes, it can be used but it’s best used occasionally because constant use of hydrogen peroxide on your granite or marble countertops can have a damaging effect on them. Hydrogen peroxide and other acidic cleaners should only be used as a last resort!

Can i use vinegar on granite countertops

No doubt vinegar is a very effective cleaning agent as it can be used to remove the most hardest stains but the use of vinegar on granite countertops is a big no because it is considered to be more acidic than every other cleaning agent.

How can i disinfect my granite countertop

The most effective way to keep them away from your surface is by cleaning the surface after dealing with raw meat, eggs, and others. If you don’t do clean and disinfect granite countertops regularly, it is only a matter of time before your home turns into a breeding ground for the microbes because it only takes some of these microbes several hours to multiply into millions.

However, to avoid these microbes, you need to disinfect granite countertops to keep you and your family from the diseases caused by these microbes. Here are a few tips on how to disinfect granite countertops.

disinfecting granite countertops
Materials needed

Step 1

Since disinfecting may not be effective on the surface without cleaning it first. Therefore, you start with warm water and gentle soap for regular cleaning. Get a small bucket and fill with warm water. It seems that its warmth can be handy for cleanup. Add the liquid soap to warm water till it gets slightly sudsy.

Step 2

Dip the microfiber cloth into the solution and scrub down the surface of your granite countertops with a circular motion. If any appliances disturb you, move them away to make sure you scrub the entire counter. And for a spill that has set, you can use a hot, wet rag or towel to remove the caked-on debris.

Step 3

To disinfect granite countertops, you can get a commercial disinfectant sprayer or make your own disinfect. You can add water and isopropyl alcohol together into a spray bottle using a ratio of 1:9. Screw the bottle top back on and shake the solution to mix well.

Step 4

Apply the disinfectant spray to the surface of the granite counter. Don’t rush while spraying the disinfectant to make sure the solution reaches the entire counter. Allow the solution to sit on the surface for about 5 to 10 minutes to disinfect granite countertops.

Final step

After the solution has sat on the surface well. Dry the surface of the granite countertops. Get another freshwater, you can make of either warm or cold water. Add soap to it slightly sudsy, and then use the soapy water and clean rag to pick up the counter-side solution. Wipe the counter with ordinary water to collect the soapy solution.

How do i clean a cloudy granite countertop

Your granite countertop becomes cloudy as a result of accumulated greasy food remnants left unattended. These stains are considered one of the most difficult and must be prevented by cleaning your countertops on a regular basis after use. So if you got a cloudy granite countertop and you want that fixed, follow the instructions below.

Total Time: 35 hours

  1. Deep cleaning

    In the earlier part of this article, I did mention “extreme situation” repeatedly, this is one of the extreme situations where you might need the bleaches and the Windex. However, before application, seek help from professional cleaners if you are using any for the first time.

  2. Magic Eraser

    Some close acquaintances did say magic eraser could help eliminate foggy countertops. However, they warned against using it without getting it wet first and must be used with minimal pressure as intense pressure could leave a damaging effect on the granite countertop.

  3. Reseal

    Ensure the granite is sealed after deep cleaning it.

  4. Polish

    After a successful reseal, ensure you polish your granite countertop to give it that shiny, sparkling finishing touches. You can use any of the products I recommended earlier.

We also recommend you read our previous guide how to dilute 91 isopropyl alcohol to 70. This trick is useful to help you save money.

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