Why did my white clothes turn pink

One day, you find yourself experience a shock. In your terror, you screamed, “Why did my white clothes turn pink?” You wonder if any magical powers or spells from other people have somehow changed your clothes’ colors. 

Such stories can happen to us, even though spells have nothing to do with the color changes. Even the questionable pink stains on our clothes can happen. That’s why this article exists: To make you understand the possible causes of why did your white clothes suddenly turn into pink. 

Why did my white clothes turn pink

Not only do we guide you to the real-world causes of such immediate color changes. We also suggest ways to prevent such “otherworldly” things from happening. If such situations already happened, we’ll guide you to the ways to turn back the original white color.

Do white shirts turn pink

Some white shirts can turn pink because the shirts have different inner and outer colors. In such cases, you can turn your white-colored shirts into pink only by reversing the inner and outer parts.

Nonetheless, those conditions are not the only proofs white shirts can turn pink. When we wash our white clothes with pink clothes, and the pink clothes somehow overpower the white clothes, that will be proof that your white shirts can have color changes.

Sometimes, there are occasions where there are mysterious pink stains on our clothes. We’ll explore more about the questionable pink nodes over the next point. So, go on and continue reading.

Mysterious pink stains on clothes

Some people refer to the pink stains as pink molds. These molds’ color can range anywhere from pink, pinkish-orange, to orange. Sometimes, all three are present in one clothing item. 

Some of the most straightforward reasons for the pink stains or molds on your clothes could originate from the soda stains, makeups, cosmetics, or pink-colored stationeries, such as colored pens, crayons, or printing inks. 

Even if you don’t use or consume any of those things, your clothes can still be subject to the pink stains that come out of nowhere. Perhaps, you wash your clothes on a washing machine where other people’s clothing mixes with yours. After all, who knows what the other people do?

What causes white clothes to turn pink

The ways you wash your clothes can be the core cause for your clothes to undergo color changes, including white clothes turning to pink-colored clothes. Directly washing clothes without paying attention to the clothes’ instructions is the action that we meant here.

For instance, some white clothes have a label warning not to soak them in warm water while washing. Or, you may experience color changes. Additionally, some people think bleaches can turn white clothes into pink, and we’ll uncover more about bleaches next.

Can bleach turn white clothes pink

Bleaches are almost always for whitening clothes. Consequently, if you use bleaches, your clothes’ color should turn back into their original states. Yet, this condition is not always the case.

As with other homecare products, bleaches have chemical components that you should consider. Some bleaches contain chlorine, and chlorine reacts to the stimulus from sunscreen and the laundry detergent’s brighteners. When you combine these products while washing your clothes, these combinations can turn your white clothes into pink.

Why does bleach turn white clothes pink

Not every bleach can turn back the white colors of your clothes. Wrong mixes of solutions can make bleaches function as they shouldn’t be. Instead of reverting to the original colors, the white shirts can turn pink in many different ways. 

Be careful if you use chlorine-based bleaches, as these bleach types are sensitive to lightings. When the chlorine and the light bringing resources interact, the white clothes can have bright pink nodes. 

The longer you soak your white clothes in the solutions, the more intense the bright pink colors will be. In many cases, the bright pink colors will impact only some parts of the clothes. However, in some cases, the bright pink colors affect the whole clothing parts.

What to do if white clothes turn pink

The first step you should do every time you wash your clothes is to separate between colored and white garments. If there are problems with your clothes, including white clothes that turn pink, separate them from the unaffected clothes.

You’ll have to soak the problematic clothes into a mixture of non-chlorine bleach and water for around 15 minutes. After rinsing the clothes, you may want to re-wash the white shirts with a cup of non-chlorine bleaches and some detergents. Repeat the steps until the colors turn back to their white states.

If you would like to learn how to remove colour stains from white clothes, please read our previous guide.

How to prevent white clothes from turning pink

Having to solve the same problems, again and again, can drive many people crazy. Even though there are steps to do if white clothes turn pink, you want the matter to return as few times as possible. If possible, the white clothes you have shouldn’t turn pink all of a sudden.

Always reading the labels is a core preventive action that you should do before buying white clothes. The companies know what they produce. So, that’s why they put in the labels.

Other than always aim to categorize your clothes based on the colors, you should always use cold water while washing the clothes to prevent color changes. If you can’t avoid warm conditions, at least try to avoid washing clothes while directly coming into contact with sunlight.

Now that you know all the reasons why your white clothes turning pink, it’s time for you to apply the steps to preserve your clothes’ colors.

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