How to remove rubber stains from clothes

While we go about our daily tasks, our clothes whether it be casual, office, or fancy wear are exposed to certain stains like dust, coffee or ice cream droplets, sweats, etc. But here, useful tips will be provided on how to remove rubber stains from cloth. 

Rubber stain occurs when remains or particles of rubber are left behind on surfaces whether it be while trying to change tires or while trying to remove shirts caught on a dryer belt.

How to remove rubber stains from clothes

When a rubber object is grazed against a surface for example a piece of clothing, some rubber particles stick to the surface which becomes stains and could ruin our looks for the day. 

Do rubber stains come out of clothes

Rubber stains may be a hard nut to crack but with proper technique, you can most definitely get rid of them. 

Does bleach remove rubber stain

Yes, they can be used to remove rubber stains but before application, you must consider the response of the surface to the bleach. Bleach is a strong cleaner and is best used to deep clean the toughest stains like tomato sauces, bloodstains, or chocolate stains.

So if you are applying it on a rubber stain, make sure the surface is not sensitive to abrasive cleaners like bleach because if they are, they can cause the surface to wear off quickly and cause them to degrade or break.

Does WD-40 remove rubber stain

There are several other things you can’t use WD for but definitely not rubber stain because the lubricant in the WD-40 will help remove the stains almost just as much as most cleaners will do. 


Apply a small amount of WD-40 on a soft cloth or towel and graze it gently on the surface.

Does clay bar remove rubber stain

 Rubber mark dents on car paint could create a mess and if a proper cleaning agent is not used it could become permanent. A wrong choice of abrasive cleaning agent may cause the car paint to wear off and a wrong choice of mild soap can still leave some stains behind. So that’s why one must be careful when dealing with rubber marks.

Clay bar is unarguably the most effective when it comes to removing rubber stains, especially on car surfaces without leaving behind any scratches or marks. 

Does vinegar remove rubber stain

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to use vinegar on rubber because vinegar is acidic and it can easily eat away some parts of the rubber just like it does with natural stones.

To answer your question, yes vinegar can remove rubber stains perfectly but the aftermath will depend largely on whether the surface can withstand its corrosiveness. So when you making use of vinegar, find out if it could have a damaging effect on the material you are trying to clean. 

Does baking soda remove rubber stain

Baking soda has become a go-to readily available home cleaning remedy in almost all households today. Baking soda is an effective stain removal that can be used to remove almost all stains but not on all surfaces.

Confused? Well, just like vinegar, baking soda is also an abrasive cleaning agent and could cause some surfaces to corrode away. Banking soda can remove rubber stains but you must consider how the surface reacts when exposed to a corrosive substance before applying it. 


1.Add water to baking soda to make a paste.

2. Apply the paste generously on the affected spot and leave to settle for 5 minutes. You can leave for 15 minutes if the stain has remained persistent against other cleaning agents. 

What will remove rubber stain

Having a rubber stain dent on clothes, cars, upholstery even on carpet can be so undesirable and frustrating. Selecting the wrong cleaner might cause you to lose that your cherished cloth or furniture.

Before using any cleaning agent, make sure you know how the object to be cleaned will react against aggressive cleaners. Before I delve into details, I must inform you that cleaners referenced here have been used on the most sensitive surfaces and worked perfectly well with no apparent corroding. 

Recommended cleaners 

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a distilled oil extracted from the eucalyptus leaf. Eucalyptus oil can be used for a wide range of things like pharmaceutical, fragrance, flavor, repellant and to top it all it has a natural disinfectant property and can be used as an eco-friendly cleaner.

Eucalyptus oil is perfect for removing rubber stains on almost every surface because it is not corrosive and apart from effective cleaning, it can also help disinfect the object against bacteria. 

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca oil is derived from Tree tea leaves. It is usually pale yellow or sometimes almost colorless and has a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is can also be used to serve several purposes like; curing acne, Toenail fungus, athlete’s feet and also works perfectly as a cleaning agent.

Just like Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree oil is also a non-abrasive cleaning and can be safely used to remove rubber stains on almost all surfaces. And they are applied in the same way. 

An enzyme cleaner 

Enzymes are substances in plants and animals that speed up the rate of biochemical reactions. Most enzymes are proteins and they help in breaking down or building up other molecules. Enzyme cleaner is more natural as it makes use of biology to remove stains and get rid of odors.

Unlike most other cleaners, enzyme cleaner cleans excellently without leaving any strong scent behind and they are good odor eliminators. They can be used effectively on all stains and odors and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, cloth, and carpets.

Using enzyme cleaner is not stressful as you are required to do your laundry just the typical way. The only difference is that you have to make use of enzyme-based detergent. Enzyme-based laundry detergent usually has “bio” in their name so recognizing them shouldn’t be difficult. 

Removing rubber stain from clothing

Steps involved in removing rubber stain from cloth

  1. Put Eucalyptus oil or Tea tree oil to a towel/cloth 
  2. Dab the towel or cloth on the rubber stain for the Oil to break down the rubber particle to release the rubber trapped in the fiber. Repeat this process until the rubber is completely gone. Take note that the oil will linger after application.  
  3. Spray water on the spot where oil lingers and use a clean dry towel or cloth to suck up the oil from the fabric. Repeat the process until the oil is completely gone. 
  4. Do your laundry the conventional way.

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