How to sanitize your toothbrush

Our bathroom and mouths are full of bacteria. This makes you wonder if your toothbrush can truly be as clean as it should be. Is sanitizing your toothbrush important for a clean mouth?

If a person in your family has a cold, you will need to sanitize your toothbrush, as cold germs can spread from person to person fast via toothbrushes.

Also, if any person in your family has been detected with the flu, you will want to sanitize the toothbrush. One of the most vital times you will need to sanitize toothbrushes is if you or a near relation have a strep throat. Research has presented that strep throat spreads fast via toothbrushes.

Difference between sterilize and sanitize

Many people will get the term to sterilize and sanitize confused. They have not the same meaning. Sanitize your toothbrush involves killing 99.9 percent of bacteria. When something is sterilized, all living organisms will be ruined.

If you are wondering what you can do to successfully sanitize toothbrush, read on to learn a few easy tricks that you can use to get the work done.

Soak in mouthwash

One easy idea that we advise patients to do with their toothbrushes is to put them in antibacterial mouthwash during free time. Just be sure to rinse them fully before using them to brush with. Most mouthwash will get rid of the bacteria successfully.

Use a UV sanitizer

There are unique UV sanitizer gadgets that you can buy to keep your toothbrush sanitized. They trust on steam as well as heat to remove any bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide

If you want to use mouthwash for sanitize toothbrush, you can use hydrogen peroxide also. This jobs well on a daily basis because you can keep your toothbrush in a pretty container of peroxide in between uses. Just ensure that you trash the old peroxide and replace it with fresh solution each day to keep it perfectly sanitized.

Dishwasher or boiling water

You may have heard that you can put your toothbrush in the dishwasher to sanitize it. You can do that, but be sure to run it via on the warm cycle – no dishwashing soap. Buying a UV toothbrush sanitizer can also permit you to keep your toothbrush clean.

When the family is sick

There are no strict rules to follow these guidelines. If someone in the family is seriously sick, you have a higher danger of infection. In these cases, you might want to change the toothbrush in the home to be safe. Another choice would be to use disposable toothbrushes during the disease and discarding them when it is over.

For more tricks and tips, speak to your dental hygienist Singaporean at your next bi-annual checkup. They are dedicated to giving you a healthy, clean mouth and are sure to provide some more guidelines that will support you. Every person wants a bright and charming smile. This is easy to get through right oral hygiene which involves perfect care of your toothbrush.

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