How to clean laminate floors with vinegar

Laminate floors have gained too much popularity with the advancing world and now they can be found in almost all regions of the world. Laminate floors are popular because of their aesthetics and beautiful look but people usually get confused when it comes to cleaning. Although they look the same as hardwood and give the same shine, it doesn’t mean that you can practice the same cleaning methods on them as well.

It is necessary to clean laminate floors on a regular or at least a small periodic basis so that no dirt can stay and cause scratches on the surface. Because of its delicacy, using harsh or wrong cleaning agents can also cause damages and issues to the floors. This is the reason that people usually ask questions about what they should use or if cleaning laminate floors with vinegar is a good idea? Well, this guide will give you a clear answer in all of its aspects.

How to clean laminate floors with vinegar

Is vinegar safe to use on laminate floors?

In a word, YES. Vinegar is more than safe to be used on laminate floors for cleaning purposes and it is probably one of the few basic reasons behind having vinegar in all households. Vinegar does have toxicity and acidity but it is still safe and purer than most of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of cleaners.

Apart from this, you don’t need to apply vinegar directly on the floor, instead, you have to make a solution of it with water. This practice further decreases its acidity and makes it completely safe for floors.

The best thing about using vinegar for laminate floors is that it will not affect the shine and delicacy of the laminate floors. If you use any other cleaners for such floors, they will tend to lose their shine and attraction over time. Some cleaners can even damage the color and make it dull on an immediate basis.

Curious to know can you use bleach on laminate floors or what will happen if you use zoflora on laminate floor too?

Does vinegar dull laminate floors?

Laminate floors usually go dull if the dirt keeps on building upon the floor surface or you use the wrong cleaner that has heavy and harmful chemicals in its composition. Vinegar and water are both natural ingredients, they don’t include any composition that can affect the color or texture of the floor surface.

As you add hot water with the vinegar, it enhances its ability to deal with stains while making it far less toxic as well. Applying vinegar solution will easily break down the dirt particles and any other thing attached to the floor. But it isn’t that powerful that can steal the shine of the floor.

Can I mop laminate floors with vinegar?

If you know the right way and use the right mop product, there is nothing harmful in doing so, instead, it will keep your floor shiny and perfect for a long period. Using a wired mop or the one which has metal layers is not very recommended as it can cause damage to the floor.

Microfibre mop or microfiber mop pads are considered the best choice for laminate floors as they are delicate. They can’t only remove dirt, debris, and tough stains but wipe off almost all the germs as well. Apart from this, microfiber mop pads can also be washed in machines which is an added advantage to use for a long time.

Does vinegar clean laminate floors?

Vinegar has acidity in its composition which makes it one of the best homemade cleaners to be used for various cleaning purposes. Although vinegar only has minimal acidity ranging from just 5% to 8%, it can break the molecules of dirt and debris and then get wiped off completely.

Scientists have done some experiments on the vinegar and after the tests, they have concluded that vinegar has the characteristics to clean some of the toughest stains which mainly include vomit, juice, grapes, pomegranate, gum, grass, tea, coffee, rubber, and rust.

Why vinegar is good for laminate floor cleaning?

Vinegar has a pH level of 2.5 which is more than enough to dissolve any kind of dirt and grime from the surface of the floor. It can break down and dissolve heavy stains such as rust and hard water.

The thing that makes vinegar good for laminate floor cleaning is the fact that vinegar combined with water is a moderate level cleaning agent that just works on the dirt while leaving the floor surface unaffected. Also, vinegar doesn’t have artificial or harmful chemicals like other cleaning agents which is good for laminate’s delicacy.

What kind of vinegar to clean laminate floors?

Natural vinegar without having any artificial or added chemicals could be a good choice to clean laminate floors. Although you can use almost all kinds of natural vinegar, white vinegar is considered the best option and now has become a go-to product for cleaning purposes whether it is floor, carpet, cloth, or any other daily use things.

It is best for laminate floors but just because there is acidity in vinegar, it is highly recommended to research your specific floor. Know about how it reacts with vinegar because not all floors can be cleaned with vinegar. The best way is to apply vinegar on a hidden corner of the floor and if it is not causing any issues, you may proceed further.

How to clean laminate wood floors with apple cider vinegar?

  1. The first step is to vacuum the whole floor so that dust and debris can be removed from the surface making it easy for the vinegar to do the remaining job.
  2. Make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. It is better to add warm water as it will make the cleaning process much easier and quicker as well.
  3. The ratio may differ according to your needs but experts recommend adding 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in 1 gallon of water.
  4. Damp a rag, soft cloth, or a rag into the solution and move it gently on the floor thoroughly.
  5. Make sure you only wipe and gently spread the solution on the floor without heavily rubbing the surface with a mop or rag as it can cause scratches.
  6. Once all the debris and dirt has been removed, wipe off the floor immediately so that no moisture can remain on the surface.
  7. Use a clean soft cloth for this purpose. In minimum cases, letting vinegar solution stay on the floor for longer can get inside the pores and may affect the color.

How to clean laminate floors with white vinegar?

Below are two basics and most common ways of using white vinegar to bring back the shine and cleanliness of your laminate floors. You may go with the method which is suitable, efficient, and easy for you.

Cleaning laminate floor with mop/sponge

  1. As white vinegar is far less acidic than many other kinds of vinegar, you can make a mixture of white vinegar and warm plain water with a ratio of 1:2.
  2. Damp a sponge or mop into the solution.
  3. Rinse all the excess solution back inside the bucket.
  4. The mop should only look wet but shouldn’t have any solution in it.
  5. Apply it directly on the floor and wipe it off once the floor has been cleaned.

Cleaning laminate floor using spray bottle

  1. You can utilize a spray bottle as it can make the process easy as all you need is to fill the bottle with the solution.
  2. Start spraying it on the floor. (You may only spray where dirt is visible while ignoring other places.)
  3. You can wipe off the surface right after spraying it.
  4. This will not only make the process easy but will protect you from extra hassles of standing solution or excessive moisture on the floor as well.

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