Is zoflora good for cleaning floors

Zoflora is a disinfecting product that can kill bacteria and remove unwanted odors. Is Zoflora a good product to clean floors? Can you use zoflora to mop floors?

Yes. Before we delve deeper into the ways you can use Zoflora in cleaning your floors, we’re going to confirm if Zoflora is a cleaning product or not. If it’s a yes, we’re going to let you know if Zoflora is toxic or not.

Is zoflora good for cleaning floors

In addition, we’re going to inform you how long will Zoflora’s smells last. There is much more information that you’re going to get in this article. So, continue reading:

Is Zoflora a cleaning product

Yes – Even when you look at the official website, the company behind Zoflora states that Zoflora is a fragrant multi-purpose cleaning product.

Sophie Hinchcliffe or Mrs. Hinch, one of the Instagram influencers, uses Zoflora as her cleaning product. She became an online cleaning sensation with her top-notch cleaning hacks.

Is Zoflora toxic

Yes, and this is unfortunate news for us. Zoflora warns the customers not to mix the products with boiling water to avoid potential hazards.

Even Zoflora itself includes a harmful chemical substance called benzalkonium chloride. This chemical ingredient is toxic to dogs and cats.

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service’s vets agreed that such chemicals cause oral and tongue ulceration and encourage overproduction on dogs’ and cats’ saliva.

Is Zoflora flammable

Yes, Zoflora is flammable! Undiluted Zoflora is highly flammable, whether it is in the liquid or vapor state: and therefore, it must be kept away from open flames, ignition sources, and heat. However, when you dilute Zoflora before use, it is not flammable.

Can you use Zoflora to clean floors

Yes, Zoflora is fantastic to use, even on hard-surfaced floors. Zoflora can deal with pet stains and odors around the tiles in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

In cleaning floors around your room, you can dilute the Zoflora in a bucket of water. Then, use either one of a cloth or a mop to aid your floor-cleaning activities.

Can Zoflora be used on laminate floors

Yes – You can use Zoflora to clean up your laminate floors. Make sure you leave the door of the room open and check the floors’ conditions before cleaning.

If the laminate floors are muddy or greasy, you’ll have to use a floor cleaning product before using Zoflora to disinfect the floors. Alternatively, you can combine Zoflora with sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar for your laminate floors.

Can i clean laminate floors with bleach too?

Can Zoflora be used on wooden floors

Yes. Unlike Zoflora’s statements on their official websites, some people proved Zoflora works well when they apply Zoflora products to wooden floors.

These people use the citrus variant that the Zoflora product has. At some points, cinnamon-typed Zoflora are excellent for wooden floors.

People who use either citrus or cinnamon Zoflora products generally ensure the water solution is soapy before they mop the wooden floors.

Can you use Zoflora on vinyl flooring

Yes, Zoflora’s effectiveness to apply on vinyl flooring is on par with the times when you apply them for cleaning up laminate floors. 

In some cases, vinyl floors can have lino coats on them. Rest assured if this happens to you. When you dilute your favorite Zoflora products into a 1.5 liters bucket of water, your Zoflora products will work effectively in dealing with the vinyl floor surfaces.

Can you use Zoflora on porcelain tiles

Yes, you can. When you use Zoflora on tiles with porcelain materials, your porcelain tiles will get shinier and more sparkling.

Use a ratio of 1:40 on Zoflora versus water when mopping and disinfecting the porcelain tiles around your rooms. Other than preparing some buckets of water, you’ll need to choose between 25 different Zoflora variants before you start cleaning your porcelain tiles.

How to clean floors with Zoflora

Follow these steps in cleaning floors with Zoflora:

  1. As with other cleaning floor-related activities, you’ll need to prepare a bucket of water and a Zoflora product of your choice. (P.S.: Ideally, you’ll need four cups of Zoflora. Yet, two or three cups are okay if your rooms’ dimensions are on the smaller sides.)
  2. Plunge your mop into the Zoflora solution.
  3. After that, start mopping the floors until you cover the entire area.
  4. Leave the room and make sure no other people or pets stepping inside for at least 5 minutes.

Does Zoflora get rid of cat urine smell

Yes – No matter where you smell cat urines, Zoflora’s fragrant smells will eliminate the unwanted cat odors from your rooms.

A diluted Zoflora is always the best solution you can try to get rid of cat urine smells. Wipe the affected areas using a piece of damp cloth that you’ve plunged into the diluted solution. Then, you can say goodbye to the urine odors.

How long does Zoflora smell last

How long does diluted zoflora last? After you clean up and disinfect your rooms with Zoflora, you can expect the Zoflora’s fragrances to last for at least 24 hours.

If you want your Zoflora’s smells to last longer, you can combine it with other household products to improve the fragrance’s qualities, such as air fresheners.

If you can open up your window, we’d recommend you do so. The smells will flow to the outdoor areas and back to your rooms.

Can you mix Zoflora with white vinegar

Yes, white vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that you can mix with any variant of Zoflora products. Sinks and plugholes are the best places to apply the combined powers of Zoflora and white vinegar.

You’ll need to pour a full cup of soda crystals into the sinks or plugholes before applying the Zoflora and white vinegar solutions. Then, add a cup of Zoflora and use the white vinegar before rinsing them away with water.

Even though Zoflora can be a toxic household product, you can use the product to clean up the floors in your house. At some points, it can even eliminate unwanted odors, such as those coming from cat pees.

White vinegar is one of the best ingredients that you can combine with Zoflora. All you need to do is to choose your favorite Zoflora fragrance and start mopping your floors.

Precautions to take before using zoflora as a cleaner

  1. Read the care instruction label on any of your surfaces, whether it be furniture, clothes, countertops, or carpets before application.
  2. Always use zoflora according to the recommended amount. Going overboard will affect your surface.
  3. Wear gloves before use.
  4. If it accidentally contacts your hand, washes immediately after use.
  5. Kids and pets must not be allowed access to treated spots until it dries up.

Now that you know Zoflora is fantastic for cleaning up floors, you are more than ready to apply it the next time you mop your floors. Soon, you’ll feel that your tiles are more fragrant.

Zoflora FAQs

Is Zoflora safe for septic tanks?

Yes, zoflora can be safely used for septic tanks. Zoflora is a disinfectant and are widely used to kill viruses and bacteria in ceramic and metal sink, toilets, and drains. Septic tanks are not exempted!

Can you use Zoflora in an oil burner?

Yes, you can use zoflora in an oil burner, however, it must be well diluted with little water before pouring into your oil burner. This will encourage a lovely smell within your indoor space due to the evaporation of the disinfectant.

Can you use zoflora in a carpet cleaner?

No, you cannot use zoflora in a carpet cleaner. But, can you use zoflora as a carpet cleaner? Yes! To use zoflora as a carpet cleaner mix with water in the proportion of 40 parts of water to 1 part of zoflora. After you are done mixing the solution, follow the process below to guide you through the processes involved in using zoflora as a carpet cleaner.

  1. Spray baking soda liberally on a stained spot then vacuum thoroughly to get rid of lifted stains.
  2. Pour some of the solutions into a spray bottle and spray on stained spots without getting the whole place saturated.
  3. Scrub as the situation may require to rid the of all trapped debris.
  4. Suck up as much of the lifted stain as you can use a dry towel.
  5. Then pour another clean water into a bottle and spray on the treated area.
  6. Suck up as much liquid as you can from the spot using another clean dry towel or you can suck up stain remnants with a vacuum cleaner.
  7. Dry your carpet according to its care label.

Note: Zoflora dries quickly, so the sucking-up aspect might not be necessary. However, sucking up will make it dry faster because the faster it dries, the safer it will be for kids and pets to stay around the treated spots. Zoflora is highly toxic!

Can you use zoflora on an Amtico?

Yes, you can safely clean your Amtico flooring with Zoflora. Although it is not advisable to use composite granite, vanished, concrete, polished, painted, and wood surfaces. Amtico does not fall within this category as they are made out of compressed resin, plasticizer, and stabilizers; therefore zoflora can be used safely on them.

Can you use zoflora on a fabric sofa?

Yes, you can zoflora on a fabric sofa. Although it is highly recommended that you dilute the disinfectant well in water before applying it on a fabric sofa. Also, is equally recommended that you test the solution (zoflora and water mixtures) on an unobtrusive section of your fabric sofa before application. Note that zoflora cannot be used on all kinds of sofa.

How to clean fabric sofa with zoflora

It is very easy to clean a fabric sofa, once you get the mixtures right, just apply and use as you would if you were to be using any regular cleaner. Check below for information on how zoflora can be used to clean a fabric sofa.

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of a capful of zoflora and 400 ml of water and pour in a clean spray bottle.
  2. Test the solution on an inconspicuous part of your sofa, if, after a few minutes, it doesn’t leave any stains or react in any way, proceed with your cleaning, but if otherwise, opt for another cleaning product.
  3. Spray the diluted zoflora on the stained spot and wait for it to dry.

Can you use zoflora in the washing machine?

Yes, you can clean your washing machine with zoflora. Interestingly, you can safely use zoflora as both a cleaner and deodorant for your washing machine. Check details on how it be used below.

Zoflora is a cleaner for washing machine

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of 0.4 liters of water and a capful of zoflora.
  2. Soak a clean cloth in this solution and use it to wipe down the exterior part of the washing machine.

Zoflora as a deodorant for a washing machine

  1. Pour 2 capfuls of undiluted zoflora into the empty drum of your washing machine.
  2. Run a hot cleaning wash cycle.

How to clean washing machine with soda crystal and zoflora

Cleaning your washing machine with soda crystal and zoflora will not only make it clean but will also give your washer a lovely fragrance. Plus their combination is very easy to use. Check below the simple steps involved.

  1. Pour your favorite soda crystal and zoflora into the empty drum of your washing machine. 
  2. Run a hot cleaning wash cycle.

Does zoflora stain cloth?

Well, unfortunately, this isn’t a yes or no question because whether your cloth will stain after use or not depends on the type of your clothing fabric. Consequently, the best way to know if testing the disinfectant on an unobtrusive part of your cloth before using it.

Can you put zoflora in the washing machine with clothes?

Yes, you can put zoflora in the washing machine with clothes. However, you must be cautious of the number of zoflora you are using because it is highly concentrated.

Can zoflora be used together with other cleaners?

No, zoflora cannot be used together with other cleaning products. Although using zoflora together with other cleaners will not affect your surface, for the best result, it is recommended that you use the disinfectant alone.

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