Will goo gone stain clothes

There is no second opinion that Goo Gone is one of the best and most effective products when it comes to specifically remove the toughest stains such as grease, wax, gum, makeup, or any other sticky material. The thing that is so much good in its intended purpose can bring some issues as well. You may ask as it deals with greasy stains, does Goo Gone stain clothes?

Well, there is an absolute probability that Goo Gone will stain your clothes if you haven’t gone through the right procedure or your clothes’ fabrics form a strong bond with the Goo Gone residues inside the fabrics.

Will goo gone stain clothes

What are the ingredients in Goo Gone

Goo Gone is a powerful product and it includes some of the most powerful ingredients as well in its composition. The major and most prominent ingredients include Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) Fruit Water, Extracts of Citrus Species Leaf, Hydrotreated, Kerosene, Petroleum, and Methyl Ether PPG-3. All these ingredients are added in a specific amount to make an appropriate solvent.

This is the reason that Goo Gone can easily wipe off stains that seem impossible to remove at first. Some people produce their own Goo Gone type product at their home as well. This can also bring some efficient results when it comes to treating various kinds of stains. The main ingredients of homemade Goo Gone include citrus, essential oil, vegetable oil, and baking soda.

Does Goo Gone stain clothes

Goo Gone is a petroleum-based stain remover product and if you remove some sticky stains from your clothes, Goo Gone may leave some residues on your clothes that will look like a stain or marks. These residues may not be visible in the beginning but once the cloth will dry, the satin will begin to show up even from a good distance.

Not just the composition or ingredients can become a cause behind having Goo Gone stains, some surfaces themselves are prone to get stains and marks if treated with any kinds of stain remover solvents.

Although Goo Gone can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces, some are not recommended by manufacturers because of their texture and chemical adoption. Some of the major surfaces include stainless steel, unpainted walls, unsealed stones, unfinished wood, rubber, suede, leather, and silk. 

Does Goo Gone come out of clothes

Goo Gone can definitely come out of clothes if you use the right method combined with the right products. It can be said that Goo Gone stains are not permanent and you can treat them whenever you want to get rid of such stains.

If the stain is new, you can take out Goo Gone residue easily by blotting the liquid. This is probably the best time to remove Goo Gone statins because once it gets dry, you will have to do the pre-treatment and stain removal procedure as well.

What removes Goo Gone stains from clothes

There are a bunch of commercial products that can be found in the market and they are capable of removing Goo Gone stains from clothes in an efficient manner.

There may come a time when you don’t want to spend extra money on buying special products or you don’t have one at your home to treat your stained cloth in an immediate manner.

In such cases, going with home remedies and kitchen products is not only the best but cheapest and easiest option for you. Some of the most popular and effective products that are usually available in all households include the following:

  • Baby Powder
  • Corn Starch
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hair Spray
  • Baking Soda
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Lemon Juice
  • And Sometimes Goo Gone itself as well.

How to get Goo Gone stain out of clothes

Using Baking Soda and Isopropyl Alcohol:

  1. Start by applying a good amount of baking soda directly on the Goo Gone stain. You can also go with cornstarch or baby powder as they all have the ability to drain or blot most of the liquid from the depths of your clothing’s fabrics.
  2. After scrubbing the area with powder, let the cloth sit there for about 5 to10 minutes while having the powder on it. This will break down the residues of Goo Gone and will pull them out of the fabrics.
  3. Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol and water. Apply this solution on the stain to break down the residues into small molecules and will take the work of powders, one step forward.
  4. As the stain is not totally ready to be taken out of the cloth easily. Put your cloth in laundry detergent or any washing detergent to let it soak for about 30 to 60 minutes.
  5. Now wash them off completely with a bit of warm water as you normally do. If you are not using a washing machine, scrub the stained area of the cloth in the detergent as well.

Additional Tip:

The very same procedure can be applied while changing the main product for the Goo Gone stain removal process.

Instead of using powder, you can use sawdust, tissues, paper towels, or soft cloth as well that is not in your use anymore. Just like that, you can use white vinegar, lemon juice, salt, hairspray, nail polish remover on any other commercial product as well at the place of isopropyl alcohol.

Goo Gone stains FAQs

  1. Can I use Goo Gone on clothes?

    You can definitely use Goo Gone on your clothes regardless of their type and fabrics conditions. One thing that should be taken into consideration is to never apply Goo Gone on your clothes while you are wearing them. Goo Gone does have chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients that can cause itchiness, redness, or rashes if you are allergic to such things.

  2. Does Goo Gone remove paint from clothes?

    Although Goo Gone may assist you in removing paint stains at some point, it is certainly not the best product for such purposes. You can get an idea by the fact that many brands print on the Goo Gone bottle that it will not affect the paint or color of your clothes or surfaces.

  3. How to use Goo Gone on clothes?

    Simply apply Goo Gone on the stained area and let it work for a few minutes. Remove the liquid and blot the cloth using any method or a soft cloth. Wash your clothes with detergent and let them dry.

  4. Is Goo Gone flammable?

    Goo Gone is not really flammable. This is the reason that you can use Goo Gone inside your dryer or any kind of appliances or clothes. You may have to increase the room temperature up to 133 degrees Fahrenheit to make Goo Gone catch fire.

  5. Is Goo Gone toxic?

    Goo Gone is toxic and can cause some issues but not very often. If it gets inside your mouth, it can badly disturb your stomach and digestive system. Goo Gone can even lead you to death if it gets inside your oxygen passage or airways.

  6. Is Goo Gone safe on a clear coat?

    Yes, and there is no second opinion. If you look at the advertisement or posting of this product, having the property of a clear coat safe is probably mentioned as one of the biggest advantages of Goo Gone.

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