Do velvet hangers stain clothes

Velvet hangers are extremely popular among people as they are used to hang clothes on them. They are totally safe for almost all of their purposes but the actual thing that can cause issues is the color of the velvet on hangers.

People love to use these beautiful hangers but want to know the answer to just one question, will velvet hangers stain clothes?

Do velvet hangers stain clothes

Velvet hangers usually don’t stain clothes but there are few things that can become a cause behind this issue. Well, you will surely get all the necessary and useful information in this article.

What are velvet hangers good for

Velvet hangers are preferred by a lot of people especially by the brands because of their thin design, stylish look, and ability to prevent clothes from various factors. Its thin design provides a good amount of space so that you can hang a lot of clothes in a single closet.

Velvet suit hangers can be used to hang almost all kinds of clothes whether they are jackets, suits, shirts, or folded pants. There are some velvet hangers that don’t have any crossbar to hang pants, such hangers are usually known as velvet dress/shirt hangers.

You cannot hang pants on it but they are good for hanging shirts and top-dresses without any hassle. The best thing about the latter category is that they are inexpensive and can provide you with some extra space in your closet as well.

Are velvet hangers toxic

All other hangers that are made up of plastic are not safe for the environment as they have various kinds of chemicals and compositions that are toxic. Velvet hangers are considered a bit less toxic as compared to others.

Although there is plastic in velvet hangers and it is definitely toxic as well, the good thing is that the plastic is covered with a cloth of velvet which can prevent the toxicity to a greater extent.

So, we can say that velvet hangers are not very toxic but until the manufacturers use biodegradable plastic in velvet hangers, they too are not 100% friendly for the environment.

Do velvet hangers ruin clothes

Not at all because velvet hangers are soft and allow the cloth to stay beautiful for a long period of time. Velvet hangers can only ruin your clothes if you put on some clothes before they have been completely dried. In this case, the color of the velvet fabrics can get transferred to the cloth.

Although there are huge methods and products that can help you out in removing such stains from the clothes in an easy manner, velvet hangers may ruin clothes if you put white color clothes on them.

Removing velvet stains from white dress could be a bit of a difficult task or may even not come out, ruining the whole of your precious dress.

Are velvet hangers good for clothes

Velvet hangers are definitely good for clothes in almost all aspects. They are much sturdier and don’t bend easily. This factor allows you to put on heavy dresses without the fear of your dress falling down.

One of the best things about velvet hangers is that they can live for years without showing any sign of decay. The section below will go through almost all major benefits as well as the advantages that can come with these velvet hangers. Such kinds of hangers are best suitable for slippery fabrics, silk, delicate clothing items, and to make your closet more attractive.

Pros and cons of velvet hangers

Pros of velvet hangers

  • Velvet hangers are aesthetically pleasing and look attractive in your closet or dress hanging space.
  • Because of their soft texture, velvet hangers don’t really affect or damage your delicate clothes.
  • These hangers have the ability to provide a good grip so that your clothes don’t slip off the hanger.
  • Its sturdiness allows the clothes to stay intact without losing their right structure.
  • Lasts for years and sometimes decades as well.
  • It has a strong composition which means that they can carry heavy clothes such as winter coats, jackets, etc.
  • They are best suitable for people who hang their clothes in a corner of their room without any closet.
  • They can be used in brand and clothing showrooms because of their attractive design and aesthetic look.

Cons of velvet hangers

  • Velvet hanger color can be transferred to clothes if they are not completely dried and have water in them. 

What can remove velvet hanger stains from clothes

Velvet hangers only stain your cloth if you put wet clothes on it or the hanger itself has some water or moisture on it. This is the reason that velvet hangers usually have written on their usage instruction section that you should not hang clothes on the hangers while either of them is wet.

Various home remedies, kitchen products, and commercial products can be used for the removal purpose of velvet hanger stains.

Some of the best products that can be used to treat or remove velvet hanger stains from your clothes include laundry detergent, dry-cleaning solvents, white vinegar, salt, lemon juice, soap, hydrogen peroxide (water solution), Isopropyl alcohol (in extreme cases), WD 40, Woolite, etc.

Always make sure that you use the product and methods that suit you the best.

How to get rid of velvet hangers stains on clothes

How to remove velvet hangers stain on clothes with laundry detergent and soap

  1. Put the cloth on a flat surface and rub the area with some water.
  2. Put a good amount of soap and scrub the stains in a circular motion for a relatively good period of time.
  3. The color will come out while scrubbing. Stop when you feel that the velvet hanger’s color is not coming out anymore.
  4. Make a good mixture of laundry detergent or dry cleaning solvent with water.
  5. Put your stained cloth in the solution and let it soak for a few hours.
  6. Take out the cloth and scrub the stained area with soap.
  7. Run a good amount of tap water and rinse it thoroughly.
  8. Let it air dry and see if the stain has been gone.

There are 99% chances that the stain will be removed after this process but if you still notice some marks or dots of stains on the clothes, go through the whole process again.

How to remove velvet hangers stain on clothes with with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide

White vinegar, salt, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove velvet hangers stains.

  1. Start by applying any of the above-mentioned ingredients to the stained area of the cloth. It is best to make a solution of the above with water so that you can prevent their side effects to a greater extent.
  2. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the stained areas with such kinds of solution, it is recommended to let the cloth stay with the solution on. This will allow white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to get into the fabrics of your clothes and break down the stain entirely.
  3. After 3 to 5 minutes, run cold water from the stained area of your cloth and put the cloth in water mixed with some dry cleaning solvent, laundry detergent, or soap.
  4. Let the cloth soak for 30 to 60 minutes and then rinse completely.
  5. This step will surely help you no matter which color stain you got on your clothes from velvet hangers.

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