Does turpentine stain clothes

Stains are inevitable and they can get on your clothes anywhere and anytime. However, you can reduce the chances of your clothes getting stained if you know about all those things that can stain your clothes. If you will know that a particular thing can stain your clothes then you will avoid it or handle it more carefully.

In this cleaning guide, we will be talking about turpentine. Will turpentine ruin your clothes? How can you remove turpentine stains from your clothes?

Does turpentine stain clothes

We will cover all the questions in your mind and tell you about a special technique that will effectively help you remove turpentine stains from your clothes.

What is turpentine made from

When we talk about turpentine stains, we need to know about the composition of turpentine stains. It will help us understand what types of ingredients are present in the turpentine stains and what is the right thing you should do to remove them.

Turpentine is made from the resin of pine trees and contains a lot of oily and waxy content.

Is turpentine toxic to humans

Yes, turpentine is toxic to humans if they swallow it.

If adults or children swallow turpentine then they can suffer from serious health problems and even die.

Why swallowing turpentine is toxic

Turpentine can prove toxic if you swallow it. The reason is that it causes horrific health problems like kidney damage, coma, bleeding in the lungs, brain damage, vomiting, headache, nausea, and even death. Even breathing turpentine can trigger breathing difficulty and allergic problems.

This is why you must avoid swallowing turpentine or touching it to your skin.

Are turpentine and kerosene the same thing

No, turpentine and kerosene are two different things.

Turpentine is derived from the resin of pine trees. What is Kerosene made of? Kerosene is derived from crude petroleum.

However, both kerosene and turpentine are used as paint thinners.

Therefore, the use of kerosene and turpentine might be the same but they are two different things.

Is turpentine a white spirit

Here are all the differences and similarities between both:

Turpentine is derived from the resin of natural pine trees whereas the white spirit is made from petroleum distillate.

Turpentine is more toxic and flammable as compared to the white spirit.

Both of them are used as a solvent for paints. So, a lot of people consider them the same thing. However, their composition is different and they are also derived from different sources.

Can you use turpentine on your clothes

It depends upon the type of clothes.

There are some types of clothes that can withstand the strong effect of turpentine and do not get damaged.

On the other side, there are some types of clothes that cannot bear the strong effect of turpentine. Their color will fade away if you use turpentine on them.

This is why experts recommend that you should carefully read the garment care label of your clothes to ensure if you should use turpentine on them or not.

Another recommended practice is to apply some turpentine over a small useless patch of cloth to see its results. If it goes well then you can use it otherwise if it doesn’t go well then you shouldn’t use turpentine over your clothes.

Does turpentine stain fabric

No, turpentine does not stain fabric. Instead, it fades the color of the fabric.

Most of the time, turpentine does not leave any stains behind. However, it does leave a very strong and unpleasant smell on the clothes.

In some cases, turpentine also fades the color of the cloth over which it was applied.

Will turpentine damage the clothes

It depends upon the type of clothes.

Some clothes can withstand the effect of turpentine and do not get damaged.

Whereas, some clothescannot withstand the effect of turpentine and get damaged. Their color will fade away after applying turpentine over them.

What you should do is check and read the garment care label of your clothes. It will help you find out whether if you can use turpentine on your clothes or not.

You can also pour some turpentine over a small spot of the clothes as a test and then find out if it is damaging your clothes or not.

Is turpentine easy to clean

Yes, turpentine is easier to clean.

Why turpentine is easy to clean?

The reason is that turpentine itself is cleaner. It is widely used for cleaning paint brushes and paint stains. Thus, it is easier to clean.

What can remove turpentine from clothes

Generally, turpentine doesn’t stain your clothes. It fades the color of clothes and leaves a strong smell.

If you also want to remove the turpentine smell from clothes then the following things can help you with that:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Clean water
  3. Liquid detergent
  4. Dish soap
  5. Baking soda
  6. Zeolite powder
  7. Paper towel

How to get turpentine out of clothes

As we were discussing above that turpentine leaves a very strong and unpleasant smell in your clothes.

We will teach you how to get that turpentine out of your clothes. Let’s begin the process.

How to remove turpentine stain from clothes with vinegar

  1. Take some white vinegar and clean water.
  2. Mix them and create a solution.
  3. Soak your clothes affected with turpentine in that solution for several hours.
  4. Now wash the clothes in the machine and also add 2 cups of white vinegar to it. You can do this same step for 2 wash cycles.
  5. Once the clothes are washed, you can dry them outdoors in sunlight.

Vinegar has strong absorbing power and thus it’ll absorb the turpentine smell from your clothes and remove it easily.

How do i get turpentine out of clothes with zeolite powder

  1. Take some zeolite powder and pour a thick layer of it over the stained area.
  2. Let it absorb into the spot for a while.

Zeolite powder is a very good natural odor remover so it will eliminate the turpentine smell for you as well.

How to get turpentine off clothes with baking soda

Baking soda has very good absorbing power. It can also absorb the smell of turpentine from your clothes.

  1. Pour a thick layer of baking soda over the affected area.
  2. Leave it for a few hours and let the baking soda absorb the smell.
  3. After that, you can wash with warm water then vacuum or air dry the spot. The turpentine would be gone from your clothes.


Turpentine does not stain the clothes. It fades its color and leaves a strong unpleasant smell behind. You can use all the methods given above to remove the turpentine stain from your clothes or carpet.

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