Should i dry clean wedding dress

On a wedding day, there are just so many activities for the couples and attendees to do to have fun. However, after the whole day’s partying and grooving, the latest couples will be left on their own to face the reality of life. Asides from the major reality of having to plan their lives on how to live peacefully in harmony, one of the trivial realities would be how to clean their wedding dress. After all, they are just too expensive to be disposed of after the day’s activities.

Unfortunately, most people are unsure of the best way to clean wedding dresses because of the delicate fabrics they are made of, so it is common to see people ask questions like, should I dry clean my wedding dress? I have provided an answer to this question in this article, while also providing 5 useful tips on how to dry clean wedding dress at home. You may wanna pay extra attention to tips no.3 and 4 because of their important role in the whole cleaning process. Keep reading for details.

Should i dry clean wedding dress

Can I dry clean a wedding dress?

Yes, you can dry clean your wedding dress. Excited? Don’t be! At least not yet because before you take that decision, there are a few things you have to consider.

First of all, you should know that before taking your wedding dress to the dry cleaner, be aware of the material it is made of because while some are made with delicate fabrics that should be dry cleaned, it would be best to wash some of them with hand or machine at home. If the wedding dress fabric and embellishments are machine or hand washable, why take them to the dry cleaner after spending so much on your wedding?

Secondly, if you are dry cleaning your wedding dress, it is not advisable to take them to ordinary dry cleaners that rely majorly on dry cleaning solvents to get rid of stains. This is because wedding dresses are prone to all sorts of stains like sweat, food, juice, and makeup stains. Some of these stains need special cleaners that most ordinary dry cleaners can either not afford or don’t use at all. Therefore, look for a standard dry cleaning company with the perfect cleaner for each stain.

Should I dry clean my wedding dress before the wedding?

Yes, you can dry clean your wedding dress. Actually, it depends on the situation. If your wedding dress is delivered to you in an unsatisfactory condition, you can take it to the tailor for necessary adjustments and clean it afterward if it gets stained during the process of alteration. However, if it is delivered to you in good condition, you don’t have to go through any stress trying to get it dry cleaned. Save that energy for your special day. You are going to need it!

When to dry clean wedding dress?

Well, this is a tricky one because sometimes you may have to clean your wedding dress twice — Before and after the wedding.

Before wedding

If after your wedding dress is delivered to you, it becomes necessary for you to get them cleaned, you should get it dry cleaned 3 months before your wedding day. This is because in some cases, brides may have to make alterations to their dress so that it can fit perfectly. This space will ensure that there will be enough time to make the necessary adjustments.

After wedding

Although after the wedding, most couples are not immediately concerned about how to get their wedding dress cleaned. Most people believe 6 weeks is the ideal time to get a wedding dress cleaned, however, that’s actually not advisable. This is because wedding dresses are vulnerable to all kinds of stains and when these stains get soiled, they become difficult. And if care is not taken the dress may be ruined. The ideal time to dry clean the wedding dress after the wedding is the second day. If you don’t have time, pay someone to do it for you!

Do wedding dresses shrink when dry cleaned?

No, your wedding dress will not shrink if you dry clean it. Most times when clothes strings, it is because of two reasons – agitation and heat. These two factors are absent in modern dry cleaning as they rely on a green dry cleaning system that does not involve heat and agitation. This is one of the reasons I suggested not to take your wedding dresses to just any dry cleaners. Make your research before that dry cleaner before giving your wedding dress to him to wash for you.

Where to dry clean wedding dress?

The best place to dry clean your wedding dress is a standard dry cleaning company that specializes in or has a department that deals with wedding dresses. Not all dry cleaners can handle wedding dresses, do yourself good by making proper research before handing over them to the dry cleaners.

How long does it take to dry clean a wedding dress?

Well, how fast you can get your wedding dress dry cleaned depends on certain factors: the workforce of the dry cleaning company and the number of layers your wedding gown has. Sometimes it can take dry cleaners up to months to get them cleaned. While in some cases, it takes only 2 to 3 days.

How much does it cost to dry clean a wedding dress?

The prices for dry cleaning wedding dresses vary and depend on some factors like the company, how dirty the gown is, and whether it will need some upgrades or special treatments for preservation. However, the standard price of dry cleaning a wedding dress should range between $100-and $200. Any price beyond that range is extortion.

Is it too late to dry a clean wedding dress?

No, it a never too late to dry clean your wedding dress. I know you must be super excited by hearing this. However, even though it can never be too late to have your wedding dress dry cleaned, it would be better to have it dry cleaned as soon as possible to make the job easier for the dry cleaner and save some cost too. By doing this, the dry cleaner will even appreciate you and not have to charge you higher than the normal price.

Can you clean a wedding dress after 5 years?

Yes, you can clean your wedding dress after 5 years. However, you do not have to wait that long before you have them cleaned. The sooner the better for you. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness!

Can you dry clean a wedding dress at home?

Yes, you can dry clean your wedding dress at home. You can dry clean your wedding dress in your house for one reason, to save cost and not any other reason. Did I just hear you say stress? Well, it might interest you to know that dry cleaning a wedding dress at home is twice as stressful as taking it to the dry cleaner because you will have to pay attention to details so you don’t end up damaging that expensive dress of yours.

How to dry clean wedding dress at home

If you have decided to take up the responsibility of cleaning your wedding gown in the comfort of your home by yourself, here are a few useful tips that will guide you through the process.

  1. Thoroughly inspect the dress for stains. Noting the specific stains you have on it so that you can know the proper treatment.
  2. Make use of a heavy cleaner as they have the highest chances of getting rid of all kinds of stains. However, test the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the garment before applying directly to the stain. If there’s any reaction, opt for another cleaner, if none, proceed.
  3. Apply the cleaner’s choice directly to the stain. However, remember that your wedding dress has many layers, and therefore, make sure to place a paper towel underneath the layer you are treating to about transferring the stain to the next layer.
  4. Pat the cleaner on the stain and avoid rubbing so that you don’t end up tearing your delicate wedding dress fabric. The safest way to do this is by using a towel to brush away the stain as gently as possible after applying the cleaner.
  5. Dry your dress with a hairdryer. Do not leave it to air dry this time around because a water ring may start to form on your dress.

Which is better, wedding dress dry cleaning or preservation?

The straight answer is wedding dress preservation. This is because, in wedding dress preservation, ultra-violent light is used to detect stains that are not visible to the eyes like perfume, frosting, and champagne stains.

Once these stains are spotted, they are then hand-cleaned so that later they don’t find out as yellow or brown stains which could break down the fabric. These kinds of stains cannot be prevented by dry cleaning. Also, wedding dress preservation encourages long-term storage while dry cleaned clothes can only be stored for short time.

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