How to sanitize vinyl floor?

Vinyl flooring is a durable, inexpensive flooring choice for those who like the wood floor. It’s estimated to last among 10 to 15 years. But with the right care and maintenance, it can outdo its allocated period frame. Taking appropriate sanitizing techniques might sustain its sheen look and protect it from grimes, germs, and bacteria.

Best method to clean and sanitize vinyl floor

Cleaning vinyl floor and disinfecting vinyl floor is different. Deep sanitizing a vinyl floor takes a bit elbow grease, but you can remove the germs and bacteria with simple and readily available equipment and products. Here is what you will need to sanitize the vinyl floor.

sanitize the vinyl floor
  1. Baking soda
  2. Vacuum or Broom
  3. Putty knife
  4. Rags
  5. Microfibers
  6. Vinegar or commercial sanitizer
  7. Bucket
  8. Dish soap
  9. Water
  10. Microfiber mop

Once you’ve entire your supplies ready, the primary step is to thoroughly vacuum or sweep your vinyl floors. If you select to vacuum, ensure you’ve hit on the correct setting to eliminate the beater bar to shield against scratches except you have a vacuum with an exact setting for bare floors.

Now you are ready to kill those bacteria, germs, stains, marks, and dust it is very simple with these items. All you need to be gently sampan a microfiber fabric with water after than buff away the scuff. Now that the vinyl floors are swept and you have removed the scuff marks and dust, what about those hard stains of paint or gum you might fear will be impossible to eliminate?

A putty knife is the best tool for scarping up paint or gum, but be soft you so you do not damage the floor.

For many other different stains, you think are impossible to eliminate, baking soda paste work perfectly! Apply baking soda with a soft rag, then gently rub until the stains disappear.

Now final step – sanitize the vinyl floor. Whether you utilize commercial sanitizer of prefer you make your sanitizer, now mopping with a microfiber mop is the last step and will have your vinyl floor sanitized and sparkling.

One cup of vinegar in a single gallon of warm water is entire you need if you want to make your vinyl floor sanitizer, and you can add 2 or 3 drops of dish wash soap to the also if you prefer.

Note – dip your mope in the sanitizer bucket and wring it out gently well before you start scrubbing and utilize a towel after sanitizing it to completely dry the vinyl. The excess mixture could leave your vinyl wrapped! Vinyl floors are not only elegant but very cheap and extremely durable that is why they are the top option for several homeowners. Now you know how to clean and sanitize your vinyl floors so yours will keep their actual shape and elegance for years to come. Within a week or more often if necessary, it is enough to sanitize the floor with a damp mop or a towel with hot water and a neutral sanitizer. This helps eliminate dirt, stains, bacteria, and germs and keep the floor clean

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