How to sanitize pillows

Every time after washing bedsheets, I wonder if it is time to clean the pillow also. In this article, I’ll focus on all related to sanitize pillows, when how, and why they need to do it.

So how to sanitize pillows?

All depending on the type of pillows, the sanitization procedure will vary, for example, down pillow or feather pillows can be machine washed and similar applies to pillows are made from polyester.

How to sanitize pillows

On the other side, dryer and washer are harmful to memory foam pillows. In the case of memory foam pillows, it is better to utilize baking soda to get rid of smell and germs.

Most people know that over time, the weight of pillow increases, a few experts claims that in 2 years, the size of the pillow will boost by a third. The increase in the pillow because these are accumulated dead skin, hair, mites, dead mites, and their feces.

While it is best to wash the pillowcase every 2 weeks or so, pillows don’t need to clean that often, it is okay to clean then once in 2-3 months. Though, if the pillow smell is horrible, e., it smells vinegar, you might need to sanitize the pillow more often.

If the pillow has a label with cleaning instructions, then you need to follow the guidelines. Pay high attention to those marked as dry clean only, you do not need to machine wash them.

Sanitizing feather and down pillows

  1. In the first step remove the pillow from cover. You can sanitize the pillow and cover it jointly.
  2. Check for some rips in the pillow. The final thing you need all the contents to come out and make untidiness in the washer. If you find any holes don’t utilize the machine.
  3. Put these into the machine, if you have a top-loading washer, then it is greater to wash 2 pillows at the same time, no less. Having 2 will balance the machine.
  4. Utilize scene free sanitize detergent or if you prefer pods, then you can utilize pods, the reason you need to have smell free detergent is that you plan to sleep on these all night, and breathing a huge smell might be a great thing.
  5. Don’t use fabric detergent which contains enzymes or bleaches.
  6. If the pillow smells very bad or if there any stains then you can also including washing soda, you can purchase it from any store.
  7. If the pillow has odor or mildew or mold, then add vinegar, because it kills mold.
  8. A few people add Essential oil to the load, essential oil is known for its amazing disinfectant properties, and it is remarkable to help you relax.
  9. Utilize the delicate cycle and warm or cold water to sanitize pillows.
  10. To ensure that the sanitize detergent residue has been completely removed from pillows, run via 2 rinse cycles.
  11. Run 2 spin cycles to squeeze out as many moistures as possible to remove excess dampness. Removing excess water will eliminate mold development, and any unpleasant smells left after sanitizing.

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