How to sanitize fabric

Getting sick is never good, but unfortunately, it is inevitably going to occur to each one from time to time. When the viral and bacterial infection hit, the single way to better is to drink lots of freshwaters, take proper medicine, wear neat and clean cloth, and rest in bed.

After you have recovered, once method to make sure that you do not get sick again is to sanitize fabric to kill dangerous germs.

How to sanitize fabric

But the question is that, does fabric detergent kill germs?

It is natural to think then when you throw your fabric into the washing machine or dryer machine, it is going to become 100 percent neat and clean. Unfortunately, fabric detergent alone is not enough to kill harmful bacteria and germs.

Luckily, sanitizing your fabric is relatively simple and cheap, so you would not have to go totally out of your way to do it.

If you are interested in learning how to sanitize fabric, keep reading!

sanitize fabricHow to sanitize fabric?

First, check to see if your washing machine has a special feature of the wash cycle made for sanitize fabric. Several high-efficiency machines feature sanitize below or a choice on the turn knows. The cycle of sanitizing uses an additional hot wash temp and removes almost every bacteria found in fabrics.

If your machine does not have made to sanitize the cycle, we recommend using the warmest water temperature available to sanitize your fabrics.

It is vital to note that these extra hot cycles are not intended for all washes, sanitize cycles are harsher on fabrics than usual cycles, which is essential for sanitization. Check the fabric item’s care tag, first to ensure it is safe to wash in warm water.

High temperatures can harm delicate fabrics, reason some items to shrink, or cause shades to fade or bleed.

If your items are not safe for the warm water cycle, we suggest you add a fabric sanitizer product to sanitize. Liquid bleach is one extremely efficient option: the research found that adding bleach to the load eliminated the number of bacteria and germs over 99.9 percent. For normal loads, ¾ bleach cup should be enough to sanitize fabric. Heavily soiled or large loads might need more than 1-1/4 cups of bleach.

Other commercial fabric sanitizers can also help remove germs and bacteria that usual detergent might leave behind. Follow the guidelines on the tag and try the product fist on a corner to test for colorfastness before cleaning. Non-bleach fabric sanitizers might be the finest option for delicate items but refer to the label for specific clothes that are extremely safe to utilize.

For normal fabric loads that do not needs sanitizing. And it is fine to use a usual wash cycle with cold water. Keep in mind to use only the appropriate amount of fabric detergent for the size as well as soil level of your load, and do not overload the machine.

The next time somebody in your household fall sill, utilize fabric sanitizing tips to clean away bacteria and germs. A bit of extra cleaning power can help you and your family fit and healthy.

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