How to sanitize driftwood

Preparing your driftwood to include to your home terrarium or aquarium needs that it be both clean and sanitize. There is a true potential to bring pathogens and pests in the captive atmosphere if right methods are not followed.

Collected driftwood will be full of sand/dirt, animals/insects, etc. A full cleaning will be extremely helpful in dissect driftwood. A stiff nylon bristle brush is the best means of getting into the crevices and cracks. Use a tube with a force nozzle to spray any able to be seen waste from your piece.

sanitizing driftwood

After scrubbing and clean out, it is best to soak you disinfect driftwood in a slow bleach item for 24-48 hours.

I advise 1/2 cup of normal bleach per five gallons of water.

Depending on the driftwood size you plan to clean, you can employ some five galloons buckets simply obtainable from any hardware store. You can employ storage totes for little/medium pieces or a stock tank if you are doing big and medium pieces.

After soaking in the bleaching item you will need to rinse the driftwood fully. There should be no remaining chlorine smell on the wood whatsoever.

For a very little piece, you can exactly warm the driftwood in a pot. Warming will sanitize driftwood within a few moments, and will also quick up the discharge of wastes from the wood.

You can also put the driftwood again in a de-Chlor chemical solution. This will help to disinfect in the best way. The soak time relies on the density/size of the piece you are working with. If time is not a factor, drying the piece out is a more fool-proof technique of ridding yourself of excess chlorine.

On the other hand, after rising your piece, you can place it open-air to dry for at least two to four days, depending on the density and thickness of the pieces you are working with. Always keep in mind that you can perform a weight examination to decide if they are waterless, Chlorine is a gas, it will fade away as the piece dried out. When it is dry, the chlorine will be left as well, and the driftwood will be sure to use.

Bear in mind that few pieces will free tannins into the liquid as it soaks.  The best news is that tannins are not bad in any way.


Now that you are armed with the knowledge required to prepare a fresh a piece of driftwood for your aquarium. Whether you pick to get your driftwood from an online store, pet store, or pick to use a piece of wood found in nature, your fishy friends definitely will appreciate it. There are many different types of driftwood accessible and they all have their different looks and uses so it is best to have a plan in place.

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