How to get essential oil out of clothes

Getting oil stains on your favorite shirt or dress can be a total nightmare. Oils don’t dissolve easily in water, and this means that all those conventional ways of washing are entirely useless and futile. This is why it is all too important to know how to get essential oil out of clothes.

To free you from your oil worries, here are some tips and tricks you can try:

How to get essential oil out of clothes

Use 70% Rubbing Alcohol

One excellent method for removing oils and probably the most favorite among many oil fanatics is to use 70% rubbing alcohol. This will quickly act on the oil and make it evaporate soon. It is crucial since it won’t cause any damages to the fabric’s fiber.

Using 70% rubbing alcohol is straightforward. All you have to do is apply a small amount of it on the clothes with oils, then rub it. Do it for not over 5 minutes. You can still add some more alcohol if you still see some traces of oil. Wash the clothes afterward to be sure that you have also completely removed the smell of the alcohol and ensure the fabric’s safety.

Rubbing alcohol that is either 70% or 90% is suitable for this.

Give Baby Powder a Try

Another product that you can use for getting oils out of your clothes is to use baby powder. It is another product that will chemically react with the oil and help remove this from being stuck on the fabric. The best thing about baby powder is that it won’t cause any damages to your clothes’ fabric. After all, baby powder is meant for something that is way more sensitive than garment fabrics, and that is none other than baby skin.

For this, what you need to do is to drop a small amount of baby powder on the essential oil then rub this against your stained clothes. In just a few minutes, you will notice that the stain has started to fade away. II is among the best methods for removing essential oils from your clothes as it works almost every time.

Apply Some Baking Powder

The baking powder method is another trick to help you get oils out of your clothes. You need to apply some baking powder to the oil stains, then wash it off after 5 minutes or even 10 minutes. The main point here is that you need to allow it to rest for some time. Many stains from essential oils will be removed by this method right from the first time.

In case there are still some leftover stains, you can try another method. If the method works, but it doesn’t altogether remove the stains, you can try repeating the procedure. There are instances when you need to do the process up to three times before the oils are removed from your clothes.

The main concern here is to ensure that the stain starts fading since it is a sign that the method is working. So, be sure to apply some baking powder, then rub it a bit. See if the stains start to fade after 5 minutes. If they are, the method is working, but you can try another one if they don’t.

Try an Oil Removing Soap

Oil removing soap is another product that you can try to use. However, you need to remember that these soaps aren’t meant to be used in clothes, so there is always the possibility that they won’t work. But, the good news here is that these soaps were made to have a chemical reaction with the oils to remove them.

This means that there is still the chance that an oil-removing soap will work. The only thing you need to do is wash your oil-stained clothes with this soap to see if this will work or not. For significant stains or if there is too much oil, there is the risk that it will not work.

But still, this is worth a try. You can easily find these products in most stores. Just be sure that you try it on something else the first time instead of your favorite shirt just to be sure.

Grab Some Paper Towels to Blot the Oil Stains

The following method will work on fading stains or stains soaked in oil. Use paper for blotting the stains to let the paper towel absorb the oil. This method can help get the oil out of your clothes.

All you need to do is get some paper towel pieces then leave this on the oil stains. There might be a need for you to leave this there for several hours. This method is working if the paper towel gets soaked while your clothes remain dry.

Go for Prewash Soap

Another excellent strategy for removing oils from your clothes is to use prewash soap. The best thing about this is that if this method doesn’t work, you can always wash your clothes afterward.

To use this method, try using the prewash soap first with only a few drops of water. Then, rub your clothes a bit to see if the oil stains fade away. This is how you will notice results. Also, make sure that you use high-quality prewash soap to ensure that this will work or else, your effort will be useless.

Wash Oil-Stained Clothes on Hot Cycle

Finally, washing your clothes on a hot cycle can help get the oils out of them. Try using the regular hot cycle first, then proceed to the hottest cycle on your machine if there are no changes. This washing process using hot water will increase the chance of removing the oils.

Follow these tips on how to get essential oil out of clothes and enjoy using your favorite oils with no worries of stains!

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