How to remove hair dye stains from sink

Whether you like it or not, even the best plans for dyeing your hair can go astray. Hair dye droplets might find their way on your bathroom counter, bathroom carpet, bathtub, or washbasin. It is also possible that your sink gets stained as well. This is the reason why it is important to learn how to remove hair dye stains from sink.

Will hair dye stain my porcelain sink

Yes, hair dye can stain your porcelain sink. Most of the time, it is easy to miss drips and small splatters from hair dye when dyeing your hair. These small spots might seem harmless and unnoticeable at first, but these will soon start changing from light cream color into the much-dreaded purple stain.

How to remove hair dye stains from sink

Good thing that there are several ways to remove dye stains from your porcelain sink for you to breathe a sigh of relief. Some of the things you can use include hydrogen peroxide, Magic Eraser, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol.

You can use any of these ingredients to eliminate dye stains from your porcelain sink. To use them, you just need to apply any of the solutions on some cotton balls to rub away the stains. If you will use Magic Eraser, wet the eraser first and gently rub the stained spots. 

What can remove hair dye stains

Here are some of the easy to use options for removing the stains from hair dye:

  • Baking soda with vinegar

Mix baking soda with vinegar to create a paste that you can apply on the dye stains. Use an old toothbrush or sponge depending on the stain’s size to scrub away the stain until it is removed. Repeat as needed if there is still stain after rinsing.

  • Bathroom cleaner

You can try using your regular bathroom cleaner, especially for stains in the tub and shower. These cleaners are often formulated with a small amount of bleach and can eliminate the stain as long as you fix it right away. Apply the cleaner on the affected areas and use a sponge to scrub it off.

  • Bleach

Bleach is an excellent cleansing agent and you can use it to remove dye stains. Just mix equal portions of water and bleach, apply this on the stain, and allow the formula to sit for about 10 minutes. The stain will be wiped away when you wipe away the bleach.

  • Dish soap

If it wasn’t too long since the hair dye caused staining, you can remove it using your regular liquid dish soap. Just apply a generous amount of soap on the stain and scrub the spot with a sponge. This method might require some elbow grease so don’t give up right away.

  • Hairspray

Yes, you can use hairspray to ensure that hair dye stains don’t set on your furniture. Sprits some hairspray on the stain the moment you catch it and use a rag or paper towel to blot it away. It works since hairspray is often alcohol-based. 

  • Nail polish remover

Yes, acetone-based nail polish removers are also great products you can use to eliminate dye stains from your counters, tub, and shower. Apply this on the stained area using cotton ball. Just avoid using it on finished or painted surfaces since acetone will also remove that.  

  • Rubbing alcohol

A small amount of rubbing alcohol helps eliminate hair dye stains. Again, apply this on cotton ball then rub this over the blemished areas. Just like acetone, it is best not to use it on painted surfaces and wood finishes. 

  • Water and baking soda

Baking soda can also be great for removal of dye stains. To prepare the baking soda paste, just mix a bit of water with baking soda. Rub this mixture on the stain with sponge until this disappears.

Does bleach remove hair dye stains from sink

Bleach has been known to help lighten stains and kill mildew and mold that forms in your bathroom. However, you should only use bleach on non-porous surfaces, which means this is fine to apply on your sink, bath, tiles, and toilet.

You will want to mix equal parts of water and bleach for covering the stain. You need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it away properly. When using bleach, be sure to wear rubber gloves since this can cause irritation when your skin gets exposed to it. Use an extractor fan or open a window to air out fumes when you use bleach.

Does vinegar remove hair dye stains from sink

While vinegar is excellent for cleaning the sink and bathroom in general, adding some baking soda will activate the dye for it to break down and make it easier to wipe away.  You can use clean cloth for rubbing the paste gently on dye stain then rinse this with warm water. You can also fill the sink with hot water if there are several stains then add baking soda and vinegar. Once these products combine, the stain will be removed through the fizzing. Drain the sink after 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

Does baking soda remove hair dye stains from sink

Yes, you can remove the stains of hair dye from your sink using baking soda. Just form a paste by combining baking soda with water or vinegar. Apply the paste on the surface using an old toothbrush or a sponge. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Does Vaseline remove hair dye stains from sink

You can only use Vaseline to remove stains of hair dye from your skin and not those stains your sink.

Does rubbing alcohol remove hair dye stains from sink

Rubbing alcohol is a very underrated household cleaner that actually deserves some attention. The good news is that a bit of rubbing alcohol can remove dye stains from sink. Just apply a small amount on cotton ball then removed it on the affected area to eliminate the stain. 

Does Dawn dish soap remove hair dye stains from sink

If the hair dye stains are new, you can use Dawn dish soap or even regular liquid dish soap to eliminate pesky stains. You can apply a generous amount of soap on the stain then scrub the area with sponge. This may require some work on your part.

Does salt remove hair dye stains from sink

There is no information on whether salt can remove dye stains from the sink. For this reason, it is best to avoid using it to prevent problems.

How to eliminate hair dye stains in sink

If you dye your hair over the sink, it is very likely that some of the dye will drip into it.  It is quite easy to remove dye stains from the sink itself since stainless steel is actually resistant to most types of chemicals found in commercial cleaners.

Follow these simple steps on how to remove stains of hair dye from sink:

  1. Pour some soapy hot water on the dye stain.
  2. Mix a solution of white vinegar and undiluted bleach. Lime juice can be used as an alternative to vinegar.
  3. Apply this mixture on the stain and allow it to rest. It will considerably lighten the skin.
  4. Wipe away the stain.  

If the stain still remains, that is when you can try using a commercial stain remover. Rub the remover on the stain. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product packaging to say goodbye to the stains for good. 

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How to remove hair dye stains from sink

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