Is white grout hard to keep clean

This is a sequel to my previous work, “can you use magic eraser on tile grout?”. This article is more comprehensive as detailed information is provided to appropriately address questions like, Is white grout hard to keep clean?” and some other inquires surrounding grouts.

Grout defined

Is white grout hard to keep clean

Grout is used in construction to fill up gaps or crevices on walls or floors. It comprises composite materials which include; Sand, water, and cement. It can also provide reinforcement for existing buildings and is very effective for sealing joints.

Is white grout a bad idea

This is actually very interesting because after going through some commentary on the internet and a few conversations with some friends, I couldn’t actually come to a specific conclusion. This happened to be the case because there are different people with diverse opinions. So I took my time to look at the whole scenario from different perspectives to be able to come up with a reasonable conclusion.

Well, generally speaking, white grout is actually not a bad idea. The people who argued against using white grout were majorly concerned with cleaning. That’s a very valid point when you actually see things from their angle too. Grout is a depository and refugee camp for stains and dirt that could disfigure the classy aesthetic designs of the bathroom or kitchen.

To make things more difficult, grouts have a lot of hard-to-reach places, so cleaning has to be painstakingly done. But for me, this actually is not enough reason to condemn the use of white grout for others who prefer to use it because Magic cleaner and some other cleaning agents can do a great job effortlessly.

People who are in support of white grout also argued that, when a white grout is used in combination with white tiles, it makes their small bathroom look more bigger and spacious. And that when combined with white tiles they blend well together, so the line between tiles becomes more obscure thereby drawing attention away from the tiles.

Although white tiles can be paired with other grout colors like off-white, grey, or even darker grout colors and still produce the best results, they can also fade off easily and even create more stains. So if white grout is your top choice, you should go for it if you have a particular mood and appearance you want your bathroom or kitchen portray.

Check the other sections of this article for detailed information on how to clean white grout and I hope you find it helpful.

Is white grout hard to clean

Compared to other darker grout, white grout is considered to be more difficult to clean. Darker grouts can hide stains or dirt so even if they are dirty, you might not know (one of the reasons some people prefer using darker grout).

But white grout on the other hand shows even the smallest of stains. Therefore, white grout requires extra care and attention to maintain the classy, clean, and light look that is accustomed to an all-white designed bathroom or kitchen.

Should I use white grouts in floor tiles

If you’re the busy type that only has limited time for cleaning I would suggest that you opt for other grout colors. If you have a particular preference for white tiles, you can opt for other colors for your grout, and be rest assured, they are going to do an excellent job at complementing your white-colored tile.

But if you’re the type that could get someone to do the cleaning or you can do the cleaning perfectly, then you can use white grout. And besides, there are simple methods you can use to clean your white grout.

How do you know if grout is dirty

When you use other colors like grey, epoxy, off-white, and some other darker colors for your grout and tiles, it could be difficult for you to know when they are actually dirty and needs cleaning because they are very good at hiding dirt.

So if you want to know if your grout is dirty, all you need to do is to compare tiled places in your room or any section within your house you don’t frequent on a daily (space under your refrigerator or even under your bed) with a place like your you can’t do without visiting on the daily (the kitchen and the bathroom). After your comparison, you would discover that one is lighter compared to the other. This means the lighter one is clean while the darker one requires cleaning.

However, if you use white grout, you don’t need to stress yourself, you can tell if they are even with one eye closed.

Can white floor grout stay white

Yes, they can stay white if they are sealed or better still you can use epoxy grout as they are believed to be stain resistant. The third option is the hardest but also very effective, ensure you clean up your kitchen or bathroom after use. You can read more about how to sealing and epoxy grout for more information about them.

How to clean white grout on floor

You can get your white grout cleaned by following these simple steps.

Ingredients; Water, baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar.

Get a bowl or bucket and fill up with 7 cups of water, half cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of vinegar, and 1/3 cup of ammonia.


  1. Soak your sponge into the solution or you can pour it into a spraying bottle for a more controlled application. Apply the solution on the grout and leave it to settle before you proceed to the next step.
  2. Scrub the grout with the dampened sponge or you can use a brush to scrub if you are applying the solution with a spray bottle.
  3. Rinse the cleaned surface with clean water and wipe it dry with a dry towel.

Note: Do not use vinegar as your routine cleaner as they are likened to an acidic substance which could have a damaging effect on your grout.

How to keep white floor grout clean

  • Vacuuming: Before you apply any cleaning substance to your grout, make sure you vacuum properly to avoid creating more mess from smeared mud (mud happens when you apply water to uncleaned surfaces) while cleaning.
  • Mopping: Mop clean the grout surface and the floor with a microfiber mop (you can use available one though). This will help clean dirt (sticky ones) that vacuuming cannot take care of.
  • Choice of cleaner: Ensure you use a pH-neutral cleaner. PH neutral cleaners are neither acidic nor alkaline. You should stay clear of acidic or alkaline cleaners like Vinegar and ammonia because they can cause residue buildups on the floor and attract more dirt. Plus they may have a damaging effect on your grout.
  • Seal: Ensure you seal your grout with a grout sealer after a thorough cleaning.

How to whiten grout on the floor

After some thorough cleaning, you should have sparkling white grout. But when it comes to “Whiten” you might have to go a little extra.

All you need for this process are; Polybleblend Grout Relinen All in one colorant & sealer, a brush (it could be a toothbrush or a small-sized pairing brush)

Once you have your material ready, you are good to go! All you need it to trace the grout line and apply Polybleblend grout Relinen with the brush. Although Polybleblend is stain resistant but it is advisable that you seal your grout once they dry.

Note: This can only be done after thoroughly cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. And it is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

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Is white grout hard to keep clean

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