Are white countertops hard to keep clean

Countertops provide working space for people in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Here, a question like, are white countertops really hard to keep? and some others are addressed. This becomes necessary because countertops vary in material and colors which subjects cleaning intensity level to some variability.

Are white worktops hard to keep clean

Some readers just like me, after seeing the word “white” would be quick to decide that of course, white countertops are actually going to be hard to clean.

Are white countertops hard to keep clean

Well hypothetically, it is absolutely right for them to think in that direction but after some research, I was able to discover that some white countertops are actually very easy to clean! Surprised? Yes, I was super astonished by my discovery too.

White quartz countertops are actually very easy to clean and maintain and as a result, they do not require any hard chemical or special cleaning detergent or soap to be cleaned. Homeowners are strongly advised against using such strong substances, because it may leave a damaging effect on the surface of the countertops after application.

So they are advised to use mild soap or detergents with warm water to clean up spills or droplets instead.

Therefore is reasonable to conclude that the extent of clean-up is highly determined by the material of the countertops and not the color. So white countertops could be both hard and easy depending on the material surface (whether hard or soft).

Do white countertops stain

Yes, white countertops are more prone to stains! This is because white makes stains more apparent than almost every other countertop with different colors.

However, this does not necessarily mean that that they can keep stains there surfaces because some white countertops are stain-resistant and as a result, stains can be easily removed with little or no stress at all even though they are white.

Are white laminate countertops hard to keep clean

Laminate countertops are made from the combination of plastic and papers laminated into particleboard which forms the solid strong surface of the countertop.

Laminate countertops are fast becoming top choices for homeowners because they have the opportunity of choosing between a wide range of colors, textures, and varieties of other design options. They are relatively cheap and are oftentimes used interchangeably with Formica countertops because of their almost similar design.

Although not 100% stain, scratch, and heat resistant, laminate countertops can be easily cleaned if they are done on a routine basis to avoid permanent blemishes

Are white Quartz countertops hard to keep clean

Quartz is believed to be native to Italy and its origin was traced back to the 1960s. It is made from the combination of ground quartz particle and resin bonded together to form a slab. They come in patterns that look almost the same as natural stones and real marbles.

Finding the best Quartz suitable for your kitchen or bathroom countertops should be very easy because you have an abundance of choices to choose from as they are readily available in all varieties of styles, color combinations, and patterns.

Well, before you get away with my description, I think it would be fair to tell you that compared to other countertops, quartz is considered to be expensive. But if you’re someone with a buoyant pocket you can definitely go for quartz as your choice for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Also, while shopping for the right countertops avoid mistaking a Quartzite for a Quartz as these two are completely different. Quartz is made from resin and pigments while Quartzite is an actual sandstone that is exposed to intense heat which gave it a solid texture.

Quartz countertops are not hard to keep clean because they are actually stained and scratch resistant which makes them relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to most other countertop materials.

Are white granite countertops hard to keep clean

Granites is an igneous rock which contains some materials like mineral quartz and feldspar. The mixture of these materials gives granite its speckled appearance and some other wide range of colors unique to granites.

Granite countertop is fast becoming popular among homeowners because its surface is completely natural, highly durable, and available in varieties of colors. Plus there is always a natural granite countertop that can easily blend in with your interior design!

Well, if you are considering granite countertop as your top choice but you’re worried about whether it can be easily cleaned or not, I would suggest that you should go ahead with your choice.

Granite countertop is stain, scratch, and heat resistant. You can easily get rid of the stain by just wiping down the countertop with your kitchen towel or you can add mild cleanser for a more satisfying feeling if you are a neatness freak.

Why white countertops hard to keep clean

Have you been noticing that most cooking shows and food blog’s kitchens are mostly designed with white countertops?

Well, it’s simply because the kitchen environment must always have the aura of cleanliness and the best color that could best showcase this cleanliness in a brighter way is white. White countertop makes stains more noticeable so it is safe to say they are highly vulnerable to stains like red wine, coffee, tomato sauces, etc.

However, it is good to note that the susceptibility of white countertop to stains does not mean it will be difficult to clean as effective cleaning depend on the material it is made of. But no matter the material, you must ensure that stains are cleaned almost immediately.

How to clean white countertops

Getting the best way to clean a white countertop is not an easy task because you have a wide range of options to choose from. But, after lots of comparisons and narrowing down options, I have decided to write about the best and simplest way to remove the toughest stains on white countertops.

You can remove the hardest stains (for example dye) by simply following these steps.

  1. Identify affected spots
  2. Moderately pour baking soda on affected spots and spread evenly using your finger(s)
  3. Pour vinegar on the baking soda and wait for it to settle.
  4. Then scrub with a sponge.

You can repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the outcome. And ensure you apply pressure while scrubbing.

How to clean white quartz countertops

As earlier postulated, quartz countertops are easy to clean so the process involved in getting them cleaned is just a few simple steps.

  1. Get a bowl and make a water and soap solution.
  2. Dip your microfiber towel or sponge into this solution and wring.
  3. Wipe the wet microfiber towel or sponge on the entire surface.
  4. Check for stain remains and try the process again until you have your result.

Note: This process must be done immediately after using the kitchen or the bathroom as stains might become harder to remove when they get sticky. For an extreme situation like this, you can use glass cleaner. All you need to do is spray on affected areas and wait for it to settle for 2 to 3 minutes before you wipe with a microfiber towel. Ensure your quartz is Glass cleaner friendly before you follow this step though.

How to clean white Granite countertops

White granite countertops should be cleaned after use with a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and water. After making the solution, moisten your microfiber towel or cloth in the solution and wipe down the surface with it. Then wait for it to air dry.

But for tougher stains, you can make a paste by combining baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and spread it evenly in affected areas, and cover with a plastic wrap. Tap down the edges and allow it to sink for the whole day. Then remove the wrap and allow the paste to dry up before wiping off. 

How to clean marble countertops

Make a mixture of non-abrasive dish soap with warm water. You can pour the solution into a spray bottle for a more controlled spray. Scrub along gently while you spray with a wet clean cloth or towel. You should repeat the process if there is stain residue at the first trial. Then dry up with a clean dry towel.

Note: If you are using magic marble, you don’t need to make solutions to it. Just apply and rub. In both instances, ensure the pressure is applied moderately.

How to clean white Corian countertops

Corian countertops are easy to maintain and clean compared to some other countertops. They can be easily cleaned by just wiping off spills immediately it happened and you will be good to go.

But in case you got caught up in some other activities that stopped you from getting them cleaned immediately and they dried up. All you need to do is make soapy warm water and moisten your dishcloth or kitchen towel in it. Wipe it over affected surfaces, rinse with warm water after then dry up.

How to clean a white laminate countertop

You can get your laminate countertops cleaned following these steps.

  1. Ensure your counter is completely objected free and brush off cooking residue or crumbs with a dry brush or sponge
  2. Dip your non-abrasive sponge into soapy warm water and start scrubbing until stains or dirt are removed. Then rinse your sponge in clean water and wring to dry it up.
  3. If after going through this process, some stain remnants still persist, you can use vinegar or baking soda. All you have to do is apply them and scrip with a sponge until the stains start lifting.

How to clean white Formica countertop

Make a baking soda and water paste and apply on the affected spot and wait until it dries up. Then wipe the dried paste with a clean moisturized non-abrasive towel.

Note: Soda water pastes are considered to be abrasive so you must be careful not to scrub with intense pressure to avoid damaging your Formica countertop surface.

How to clean Quartzite countertops

Mild soap and water are recommended as one of the best ways to clean quartzite countertops. All you need to do is dampen your towel in a mild soap and water solution and scrub until stains are completely lifted off and dry off with a clean dry towel or microfiber cloth.

How to clean white stone countertops

  1. Apply baking soda and vinegar to the surface
  2. Scrub the surface with a sponge until stains are completely removed.
  3. If some stains remain after several attempts, apply simple green stone cleaner and polish using a paper towel.
  4. Dry up the surface with a clean dry towel.

How to keep white countertops clean

I know vinegar and baking soda have become a go-to product when it comes to cleaning up messes in the kitchen, but they can’t be used on all countertops as they could have a damaging effect on some countertops that requires a less abrasive cleaning method.

So the best way to keep all forms of countertops clean all the time is by cleaning them up after cooking and protecting your countertops from direct sunlight.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how do you keep white granite clean and how to remove yellow bleach stains from white formica. We also strongly recommend you learn how to clean white grout on floor and how to whiten yellowed cultured marble. You will have the perfect cleaning kitchen that you desire.

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