How to get kool aid stain out of clothes

Racism aside, it’s a known fact we enjoy taking a sip from kool-aid drinks. Popular among moms for its richness in vitamin C and among kids for its varieties of flavors.

Kool-aid might taste good but getting rid of stains after a spill is actual, not cool because it is not an easy task. And that is why in this article, I have taken my time to profer solutions on how to remove kool-aid stain from clothes.

How to get kool aid stain out of clothes

What is kool-aid made of

Kool-aid comes in different flavors, so the ingredients for each flavor from the other. In essence, the type of flavor will determine the kind of extended ingredients in a particular kool-aid drink. However, a normal unsweetened kool-aid drink contains ingredients like; citric acid, natural flavor, salt, calcium, artificial color, and maltodextrin.

Kool-aid flavors include; Lemon-lime, Orange, Raspberry, cherry, and strawberry.

Other ingredients may include; Sucrose, Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, isobutyrate, and Acesulfame potassium.

Does kool-aid stain

Yes, kool-aid does stain clothes!

Yes, kids love having their kool-aid drink almost on a daily because of its sweet taste. But it is only a matter of time before this moment of relishing turns out to be a moment of disappointment for moms because a droplet of kool-aid drink or a spill can leave the kids cloth disfigured, and it takes a hell of work before they can be removed. The most notorious among the drink’s flavors are the cherry flavor, strawberry, and Raspberry.

Will kool-aid damage clothes

No, kool-aid does not damage clothes.

Yes, koop-aid can stain and discolor your cloth but hardly inflict permanent damage on the fabric. Although if left unattended for a long time, it could make cleaning more difficult, and if you are the type that gives up easily, you might end up losing the cloth to stain from kool-aid.

However, that is a rare case though as there are proven effective ways of getting rid of such stains. Refer to later sections of this article for more information on these.

Is kool-aid stain hard to remove

Yes, they are hard to remove.

Kool-aid does give a moment of relishment, but it’s most definitely the least stain you would want your kids to have on their clothes. This is so because the Kool-aid stain is one of the toughest stains imaginable. You might have to watch out for red kool-aids because they pose the most threat.

Do not panic, though, because detailed information is provided on how to remove kool-aid stains in subsequent sections of this article.

Do kool-aid stains come out of clothes

Yes, kool-aid stains does come out of clothes!

Well, you might have gotten the answer that you want, but I did not say it is going to be easy. Just like I have said earlier, the kool-aid stain is one of the hardest to remove from clothes, and the best bet for you at getting rid of this annoying stain is to get right on its spot and not leave the stain there for a long time without attending to it. Plus, you must source the most suitable stain removal. Heavy duty or aggressive cleaner is best for this kind of stain, and ensure that you are a persistence type because coming off would not be easy.

Note that using an aggressive cleaner on the stain may be very effective, but you must be careful with your selection as making the wrong choice may have a damaging effect on your clothing.

What is the best kool-aid stain removal solution

OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen

Looking for the best kool-aid remover? Then Oxyclean is your best bet. Oxygen is bleach-free and gets the toughest stain with the power of oxygen. The pen comes with a scrubber and removes stains instantly without leaving any residue. However, just like the name implies, OxyClean is best for removing fresh stains.

So if you want to use it on your kool-aid stain, make it is instantaneous.

How to remove kool-aid stains from clothes

There are many proven effective ways of getting rid of Kool-aid stains, but details will be provided on only two tested methods.

How to get kool aid stains out clothes with ice water and borax

  1. Suck up the excess liquid from the fiber using a dry clean white cloth or towel starting from the extreme end of the stain and gently move your way up to the most saturated spot. This must be gently carried out to prevent the stain from penetrating further into the fabric.
  2. Sprinkle ice water on the affected spot and cover up with borax.
  3. Rub the borax moderately on the stain using a toothbrush.
  4. Suck up escaping stains with a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Go through the process again of stain persists.
  6. Wash the cloth in cold water and laundry detergent of your choice.
  7. Air dries the cloth after washing.

How to get kool aid stains out clothes with boiling water

  1. Place the affected spot in a bowl.
  2. With utmost caution, gently pour the boiled water on the affected spot.
  3. Go through the process again if stains remain after the first trial.
  4. Wash the detergent in cold water with a laundry detergent of choice.
  5. Leave to air dry.

Kool-aid stain FAQs

Other likely questions relating to kool-aids stains include;

Does kool-aid stain skin

Yes, it does stain skin.

Your mouth, hands, and skins are not left out from stains from kool-aid drink. Ordinarily, toothpaste should help with your mouth stains, while soap and water should work perfectly well on your hands and skin.

Does kool-aid stain bathtubs

Yes, they stain bathtubs!

Kool-aid stain on bathtubs’ surfaces does not really pose a threat as they can be easily cleaned with ordinary soap and water, and in some extreme cases, a magic eraser will work perfectly.

Does kool-aid stain carpet

Yes, they can stain the carpet!

Kool-aid stains on carpet pose one of the biggest threats as stains get soaked up easily and penetrates deeply into the carpet. Anytime this happens, respond swiftly by sucking up the affected spot with a shop vac or wet vacuum. Further delay may make your job difficult.

Does kool-aid stain countertops

Yes, it does stain countertops!

Kool-aid stain on countertops may be difficult depending on the material the countertop is made of. Just like Kool-aid stains on the carpet, a swift response will go a long way at getting rid of the stain.

Does kool-aid stain wood

Yes, it can stain woods.

When this happens, make a paste of equal sizes of borax and cold water. Apply this paste on the stained spot using a soft-bristled brush. Allow the paste to settle and dry on the stain. Then wipe off paste leftovers on the wood.

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