Does watermelon stain

Does watermelon juices stain?

The delicious and fresh taste of watermelon will remind you of warm days of summer. The only problem with this juicy treat is that its juice can drip and leave behind bright pink stains on clothes and carpets.

Does watermelon stain

It doesn’t matter if you love bringing watermelon slices to your picnics or you have the hobby of carving watermelon, it is important for you to know more about its stains and how you can remove them.

Does watermelon juice stain clothes

Even if watermelon is mainly made up of water, its juice can still stain clothes and other items. In fact, watermelon juice stains are often trickier to remove than what you might expect from a type fruit that has more water content than most foods you eat on a daily basis. Good thing that you can easily remove its stains from your favorite clothes with the right approach.

Why does watermelon stain clothes

Fruits were among the original dyes in the world. The longer they sit, the more difficult it is to get these dyes out, particularly on natural fabrics such as cotton.

Watermelons in particular are notorious when it comes to stains. This watery fruit causes stains that might seem to disappear if they are dry. However, once you leave these stains untreated, the juice of watermelon will oxidize into pale brown or yellow stains that are somewhat difficult to get out.

To prevent it from happening, it is imperative to deal with the stains of watermelon before you forget that they exist.

How to get watermelon stains out of clothes

Before you start getting watermelon stains out of your clothes, there are a few things you need to check.

If the label of your stained garment states that it is dry clean only, make sure that you take the piece to the professional cleaners at the soonest time possible to identify and point out the stain.

If you like to use your own home dry cleaning kit, see to it that you treat the stains using the stain remover that comes in the kit before you put the garment inside the dryer bag.  

The tools or equipment you will need for this process include the following:

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Small bowl
  • Large basin  or washing machine
  • White cloth
  • Oxygen-based bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Enzyme-based stain remover or heavy-duty laundry detergent

Here are the steps you need to follow to get watermelon stains out of your clothes:

  1. Get rid of the solids.

Start by removing any solid watermelon chunks and use a napkin or paper towel to blot away any existing liquid. Avoid rubbing the watermelon stain deeper into the fabric of your garment.

  1. Flush the affected spot.

Use cool water to flush your watermelon-stained clothe at the soonest time possible. There are actually two methods to get started. You can use white paper towel or cloth dipped in cool plain water to blot the stain and use a paper towel for blotting the area dry. Another better way is to hold the garment under running cold water. You should flush from the other side of the garment to help force out of the watermelon juice from the fibers.

  1. Proceed to treating the stain.

You can directly rub a small amount of heavy-duty liquid detergent or enzyme-based stain remover on the stain. Opt for a detergent containing enough enzymes for breaking the stain apart. Allow the stain remover to work for about 10 minutes and wash the garment based on the fabric care label.

  1. Inspect the stained spot.

Inspect the stained part first before you toss your garment inside the dryer. Don’t dry the clothing yet if there are still traces of the stain and proceed to the following steps.

  1. Mix the soaking solution.

Combine a solution of oxygen-based bleach and warm water while following the directions on the product package. Submerge the stained garment completely and let it soak overnight or for a minimum of 4 hours. Check the stain of watermelon juice again. If there are no longer any stains, rinse the fabric well and dry it. In case the stain is still there, you can repeat the step of using oxygen bleach.

Does watermelon stain carpet

Unfortunately, watermelon can also stain the carpet. The juice of this fruit can easily splatter on your precious carpet while you are enjoying this delish treat.

How to get watermelon stains out of carpet

When it comes to getting watermelon stains out of your carpet, you have to be extra careful to avoid saturating the fabric and preventing excessive moisture on the fibers.

Here are the steps you need to follow to keep your carpet free from watermelon stains:

  1. Remove the solids.

Pick up the solid pieces first and use a white paper towel or cotton cloth to blot up most of the stain’s liquid as much as possible. Be sure to avoid rubbing and only use a gentle touch. Rubbing will just push the watermelon stain further into the carpet fibers.

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution.

Prepare a solution of 2 cups of warm water and 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in a tiny bowl.

  1. Apply this cleaning solution on the watermelon stain. 

You can now dip a soft-bristled brush, sponge, or clean white cloth. Work first from the outer part of the stain to the center to prevent it from spreading as you work the solution on the stain. Use a dry cloth to absorb and blot the solution. Continue to move to a clean area of the carpet as the stain gets transferred.  

  1. Rinse of the affected spot.

To complete the process, dip a clean white cloth in clean plain water for rinsing the spot. Blot it dry using clean cloth. It is especially important to rinse well since soapy residues left in the carpet will only end up attracting more soil.

  1. Vacuum and air-dry the carpet. 

Let the stain air-dry without using direct heat and vacuum to lift off matted fibers. The stain may still linger if it is already older or has been mixed with darker fruit juice.  For this, you will have to use oxygen-based bleach.

Follow the package directions as you mix the oxygen-based bleach solution in cool water. Dip the clean cloth in the solution and work from the outer portion of the stain going to the center as you apply the cleaning solution on the carpet.

Avoid saturating. Let the solution sit on the stain for a minimum of 30 minutes. Dip the clean white cloth in the plain water then blot the spot to rinse. Vacuum and air-dry to lift the carpet fibers.

Can watermelon stain teeth

No, watermelon does cannot stain teeth. Although watermelon is almost as colorful as strawberry, a red fruit notorious for causing stains on the teeth, it will be easy for you to conclude that it will stain your teeth when you chew. However, that’s just an erroneous belief as watermelon does not cause stains on teeth. Instead, your teeth will benefit a lot from eating it. Watermelon has compound whitening properties.

Can watermelon stain skin

Yes, watermelon does stain skin. If you drop particles of watermelon, or you allow the liquid to drop on your skin while eating, it can leave your skin with stains. However, you can easily remove these stains from the skin just by rinsing them with water.

Do watermelon stains come out

Yes, watermelon stains will come out. No matter what surface watermelon appears on, they will come out. However, how quickly they will come out differ from surface to surface. Also, how quickly you respond to the stay equally plays a significant role in determining how fast the removal process will be.

What takes out watermelon stains

It is very easy to remove watermelon stains from different surfaces, and with numerous cleaning options to choose from, the whole cleaning process just got better. You can choose from any of the following cleaners; Baking soda, vinegar, heavy-duty laundry detergent, enzyme-based cleaners, liquid dishwashing soap, oxygen-based bleach, and many more.

Does watermelon stain plastic

Yes, watermelon does stain plastic. Although watermelon is a juicy fruit with lots of moisture and hardy leaves stains on surfaces. However, when it comes to plastic, the case might be different. At first, when watermelon comes in contact with plastics, it can be washed away ordinarily by water. However, when it is left to dry, the juicy content of the fruit will oxidize into the brown or pale yellow stain that could seem almost impossible to remove. To avoid this, it is best to treat watermelon stains as soon as it happens.

How to remove watermelon stains from plastic

Plastic can be found everywhere so it is only inevitable for watermelon stains to find their way into them. Good thing that there are several items you can use to get rid of watermelon stains and pretty much all kinds of stains from plastic. These include the following:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • White vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Denture tablets
  • Baking soda paste
  • Lemon
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Salt
  • Cascade plastic booster
  • Dawn Power Dissolver

How to remove watermelon stains from Tupperware

Just as it is easy for you to stain any surface with watermelon, your Tupperware container is not completely safe either. If you have watermelon stain on your Tupperware and removal has been a bottleneck for you, follow the steps below to guide you through the process involved.

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of liquid dishwashing soap and warm water, then pour it into the stained container.
  2. Take some paper towels, and put them inside the container too.
  3. Cover the Tupperware container with its lid and shake vigorously for about 45 seconds or a minute.

Once the stain is completely gone, out the solution and rinse the container afterward with water.

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