How to Get Vicks out of Clothes? [Stey-by-step Guide]

In my previous works, I have written lots about removing the toughest stains from the different surface. This guide, i will show you how to remove vicks from clothes. So if you got a vapor rub stains problem, you are at the right spot. 

What is vick vaporub

Vicky vapor rub is an American over-the-counter medication produced by proctors and Gamble. It is widely known for its ability to cure cough associated with cold, relieving both chest, muscle, and joint pain. It can be inhaled or applied directly on the chest/throat or muscle/joint for effectiveness. 

How to remove vicks vapor rub from clothing

Vapor Rub sure gets the job done perfectly but they can also give you some extra cleaning job to do. Its stain is considered one of the most difficult to remove because they leave surfaces with oily grime. So if getting rid of this stain has been a pain in the ass for you, tag along with me as I glide through the whole process of removal. 

Does Vick vapoRub stain clothes

VapoRub can stain almost everything from your clothing fabrics, linen down to your cushion if not appropriately kept. You might end up having to clean up the towel or cloth you used to clean your hands after application. Or your children who saw you while applying it might want to mimic you when they see it next time and end up smearing it all over their clothes.

So to save yourself from extra work stress, endeavor to keep your VapoRub out of reach from children and ensure you don’t wear your fancy cloth immediately after applying vapoRub. 

What does Vicks vapoRub made of

Vicks vapor rub is made of both active and inactive ingredients. 

According to pharmaceutical drugs, and the ingredient is considered active when it is biologically active. For example, the ingredient is a contributing factor to the effectiveness of the drug in question. 

The active ingredient in Vick vapor rub include:

  1. Camphor
  2. Mentor
  3. Eucalyptus Oil ( all known cough suppressant and tropical Analgesic

Inactive ingredients on the other hand are other components that are not biologically active. For example, their presence does not increase or mar the effectiveness of the drugs. 

Inactive ingredients in Vicks VapoRub include:

  1. Thymol
  2. Cedarleaf oil
  3. Nutmeg oil
  4. Petrolatum
  5. Turpentine oil

Does Vicks vapor rub contain petroleum jelly

Vicks vapor rub contains petroleum jelly. Intact, the presence of petroleum helps seal in moisture while also getting rid of bacterias. 

What removes Vicks vapoRub

Vicks vapor rub stains are usually oily/greasy so they are one of the most difficult to remove. So to get rid of vapor rub stains your best bets are heavy-duty detergents or stain removers. Note, there’s no specific cleaner designed for the purpose of cleaning vapor rub stains.

However, after some probing, I have been able to come up with some best heavy-duty detergents that could help clean your VapoRub stained cloth. These detergents were selected after being tested against certain parameters like; Effectiveness and side effects.

All these detergents are proven to be effective stain removers without having any damaging effect on the object and are arranged in the order of effectiveness. 

Tide ultra stain release 

During the research of 17 heavy-duty detergents, Tide ultra stain release remove more stains than every other product in the research sample. Although some were excellent at removing a particular stain. But Tide ultra did justice to a wide range of stubborn stains like blood, cocoa, and sebum. 

Persil ProClean stain fighter 

Did I mention Tide ultra stain release was the top pick because of its effectiveness on a wider range of stains?

Well, that’s actually not true because Persil ProCleaner actually outperformed it when it comes to removing stains like browned butter, foundation makeups, and spaghetti sauce stains but had to be relegated to the second position because it leaves the cloth with intense fragrance after use and this could even last for days so it was voted down.

If you wouldn’t consider its smell offensive, it might actually be the best for you because compared to other products on this list, it is the cheapest. 

Kirkland signature ultra clean 

Just like the top pick and the runner-up, Kirkland signature ultra clean did well at removing several stains and performed excellently well above every other in the test when it comes to makeup stain remover. Kirkland signature might be the most expensive on our top 4 picks but it does remove more stains than ever other expensive detergents in the sample. In addition, Kirkland signature ultra-clean is also a good odor remover. 

Tide ultra stain release free 

Apart from being an excellent stain and odor remover, Tide ultra stain release free corrects the imperfection of Persil ProClean stain fighter. It does the clean job well without leaving any fragrance behind. So if you’re a fan of fragrance or dyes-free products, this might be the best for you. And by the way, Tide ultra stain release free is also an odor remover. 

How to get rid of Vicks vapor rub from cloth

According to a local source, Palmolive Dish liquid also works perfectly. All you need is to get a bowl or a bucket. Add water and pour Palmolive Dish liquid moderately into the water to make a solution, leave the stained cloth in the solution and allow it to soak overnight. Then you run the cycle through and then rewash with regular soap afterward. 

Precautions when removing Vicks vapor rub clothing

Before washing, ensure you soak the stain in a solution of 1 cup of liquid detergent soap and few drops of ammonia for about 30 min. After completing this stage, you can proceed to wash with liquid detergent. 


Ammonia is not to be used with any chlorine or bleach.

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