How to dry clean at home

It is advisable to always check the label of your clothes item care labels if there is any information on the laundry, but even if it’s stated there, not every time is a professional dry cleaner needed. You will be amazed when you realize that you can actually dry clean most of these laundries in your home. Or have ever thought about how you can reduce your dry cleaning bill? Well, the good news is that you will save your bills when you dry clean at home. In fact, it is not something really complicated if you can follow our guide carefully. Here we go. To get started, you should prepare the following:

  1. Dryer
  2. Dry cleaning sheets
  3. Dry cleaning bag
  4. Stain remover
  5. Clothes
  6. Steamer

In case you don’t have any of these products yet, they are drying kit and you can reach for it at your local store or you purchase it online, but whichever way you prefer you, these kits must have dry cleaning sheets, stain remover, and a reusable dry-cleaning bag.

dry clean

dry cleaning
Dry clean step 1

You should start by spot testing the stain remover on a small area of your laundry. You should spot the test because it is very important to ensure if the stain remover’s formula is appropriate for your laundry and won’t affect its physical property. Since the chemicals that contain inside the stain remover are powerful, therefore it recommended using a small stain remover when you dry clean your clothes so as to preserve its quality. After adding it, check if there is any visible stain left before you proceed to prevent the stain from spreading in the dryer.

Dry clean step 2

After your clothes are free of stains. Like you do for your normal washing, you should select your clothes according to their color before putting them inside the dry cleaning bag. You need to make sure you don’t cram all your clothes in the dry cleaning bag because each dry cleaning bag has its own capacity and by doing this, it gives your clothes enough room for proper breathing and absorbing of the cleaning agent. After getting all these done, you can proceed by placing the dry cleaning sheet in the dry cleaning bag. This dry cleaning sheet helps to releases some chemicals and fragrances after heating up by the dryer.

Dry clean step 3

Put the dry cleaning bag inside the dryer and turn on the machine to its normal setting, then use between low and medium heat for about 20-30 minutes. Since you are dry cleaning at home, you should not allow your clothes to stay long inside the dry. Once the cycle has completed you should remove clothing immediately. Lastly, after taking your clothes out, the clothes should be clean and free of wrinkles.

Dry clean final step

This step is optional; you may only need this step if your clothes have wrinkles. The steamer is used to remove any form of wrinkles and even more effective than ironing your clothes. Steamed clothes always look good and stay longer.

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