How to clean norwex cloths with vinegar

For anyone familiar with my articles, especially the ones that have to do with cleaning objects with delicate materials; by now the word “microfiber cloth/towel” should be resounding in their memories because it’s a word I use frequently.

Most people will just dump this piece of clothing after completely transferring it to them without washing. Although, some people would clean them but not in the best way possible way because after all, they are just a piece of cloth meant to clean, so no pressure if they are not properly cleaned. And that is why In this article, I will be discussing at length “how to clean Windex clothes with vinegar” so read on.

How to clean norwex cloths with vinegar

What are Nowex clothes

Norwex Envirocloth is a well-designed piece of microfiber cloth made from a combination of polyamide and polyester materials; with each fiber equalling 1/200th in size, the same as the strand of human hair. No chemical is used in its composition and can be used to effectively clean any surface just by getting it moisturized in water.

What happens if you wash norwex with regular detergent

Nothing happens! Although I heard a lot of people say norwex consultants warned against using any other cleaner except norwex detergent to clean Norwex cloth, that if you do, you risk losing your warranty. Well, that’s not true and even if it is, then it’s merely a marketing statement made to increase sales on Norwex detergent.

The reality is, you can use any detergent to wash your Norwex cloth clean as long as they are bleach and softener free as both could have damaging effects on them. While bleach products may degrade the fiber of your Norwex cloth, softener products can coat the fiber making them less effective for cleaning. Therefore it is advisable to stay away from such products.

Why does my Norwex cloth stink

There are two major reasons why your Norwex cloth may smell. They may smell because you have failed to adhere to the care instruction that comes with the product or you don’t clean after use. Another reason why you have a smelly Norwex cloth is that you clean the material with water high in mineral content.

How do I clean a smelly Norwex cloth

As you use Norwex clothes to clean, they absorb the stains and dirt being lifted; and if they are not properly washed after use, the pores of the microfibers may become clogged as a result of dirt buildup; causing your Norwex cloth to start smelling. If your Norwex cloth stinks, worry no more as there are simple ways for you to get rid of those offensive odors. Listed below are instructions on how you can get rid of those smells for good.

  1. Pour a quarter cup of baking soda in 2 liters of water and boil.
  2. Let it boil for about 10 to 12 minutes and make sure you keep stirring.
  3. Withdraw and drain out the water.
  4. Pour a quarter of vinegar into 2 to 3 liters of water then boil again.
  5. Leave to boil for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Withdraw and launder the regular way.

What can I use to clean my Norwex cloth

The fibers of Norwex clothes are very sensitive, and as a result, one must carefully select the kind of detergent to be used. The best cleaners to clean a Norwex cloth with are low-sudsing detergents like; Ajax, Gain, Green works, Dreft, country save, Norwex dishwashing liquids, Dawn e.t.c.

Are Norwex cleaning products safe?

Yes, Norwex cleaning products are safe. Norwex cleaning products are made specifically for cleaning Norwex cloth and therefore they are one of the best cleaners to clean Norwex cloth.

Can you use vinegar to clean the norwex cloth

Yes, you can safely clean your Norwex cloth with vinegar. Although vinegar is acidic, making it a strong product for even the toughest surfaces like some countertops; unlike bleach products, vinegar cannot degrade the fabrics of your Norwex cloth.

Does vinegar damage Norwex?

No, vinegar does not damage Norwex. Using vinegar will not only effectively clean your dirty Norwex cloth, but will also help you prevent the growth of bacteria.

Can vinegar to deep clean Norwex cloth?

Yes, you can use vinegar to deep clean your Norwex cloth. Naturally, vinegar works by penetrating stains to break and lift them. Because Norwex cloth has lots of pores, vinegar can penetrate deep into those pores making it one of the best options available to deep clean a super dirty Norwex cloth.

How do I clean my Norwex cloth with vinegar

To deep clean, your Norwex cloth with vinegar, follow the steps highlighted below.

  1. Pour a quarter of distilled white vinegar in a three-quarters liter of water and boil for 10 minutes for the fibers to swell and remove the dirt.
  2. Withdraw and launder the normal way with a non-studying detergent afterward.

Precautions when cleaning Norwex cloth with vinegar

There’s no safety precaution associated with the use of vinegar to clean Norwex cloth because they are less likely to harm your microfiber cloth in any way. The only general precaution as regards cleaning any kind of surface is ensuring that the vinegar is well diluted with water to lessen the potency of the vinegar.

You may also want to know;

Can I clean my Norwex cloth with essential oil

Yes, you can clean Norwex cloth with Essential oil. Apart from Norwex recommended products, the next best cleaning product you can use to clean your Norwex cloth is essential oil. Both are a perfect match because they are both made from natural products and therefore can be safely applied.

Can you put Norwex into the dryer

Yes, you can put Norwex clothes inside a dryer. For a Norwex cloth to be effectively cleaned, it has to be put through a certain amount of heat, which means it is naturally built to withstand heat. Therefore, Norwex cloth can be put together with some other lint-free clothes like T-shirts, bedsheets e.t.c.

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