Does tiger balm stain clothes?

We all have to do physical activities, lift something heavy, or go through the minor side effects of changing weather in our daily routine life. These things can sometimes lead to joint pain, muscle pain, chest congestion, cough, flu, etc. All these things can disturb our daily life to a great extent. Apart from this, it can sometimes stop us completely from carrying on our daily activities as well. This is the time when amazing products manufactured by tiger balm come into play.

No doubt they are effective as you only need to spray, rub, or apply the patch on any of your body joints or mussel and the pain will be gone in a few minutes. As this thing comes in contact with clothes as well, people tend to ask questions like: Does tiger balm stain clothes? Does tiger balm come out of clothes? How to remove tiger balm stains from clothes? Well, we are here just to find this out while going through all minor to major aspects of tiger balm and their behavior with clothes.

Does tiger balm stain clothes

What are the active ingredients in tiger balm?

Tiger Balm has a long product line mainly including items like Tiger Balm Extra Strength Ointment, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch, Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Spray, Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Gel, and many more.

All these products have different ingredients as they have to perform different functions for different parts of the body. However, all these products have the same active ingredients which are Methanol and Camphor.

Will tiger balm stain clothes?

Yes, tiger balm can stain clothes but the tendency and probability are different from product to product.

Some tiger balm products only cause stains if they come in contact with the clothes in excessive amounts or get rubbed on while other products can cause stains even with a slight touch.

Also, some tiger balm products such as extra strength ointment include ingredients like cassia oil which can easily cause red spots on clothes and become a stain in a matter of a few minutes.

Does tiger balm stain sheets?

Yes, tiger balm can leave stains on sheets however some products are not that harsh on sheets or related tough surfaces. One of such products is tiger balm ultra-strength ointment which is claimed by the company to be non-staining for sheets. Still, the chances of getting stains are high and it is better to keep your tiger balm away from sheets.

Are tiger balm stains permanent?

The stains will not get permanent as soon as they get on your clothes but if you leave them on the cloth for longer, they can become a solid mark. Apart from this, exposing your stained clothes to extreme heat can also melt the tiger balm allowing the oil-based liquid to get into the threads, resulting in extremely difficult to remove or sometimes permanent stains as well.

Does tiger balm come out of clothes?

Yes, tiger balm does come out of the clothes. The only thing is that you need to start working as soon as possible because if you let the stain set, it will become difficult for you to remove it.

Apart from this, you should go with the right procedure and the right products because going with anything wrong can lead you to either wasting a lot of your time or making the stain worse.

Does tiger balm come out of white clothes?

Yes, tiger balm comes out of white or any other light-colored clothes as well but the fact is that you need to act immediately. The stain is like an oily one and needs proper care because if you do anything wrong on white clothes, the stains can expand on other parts and make things worse for you. However, tiger balm stains do come out of clothes no matter what color they are.

What is the difference between red and white?

The major difference between red and white tiger balms is their active ingredients. The red tiger balm comes with active ingredients such as menthol and camphor while the white tiger balm includes methanol and methyl salicylate.

The thing with red tiger balm is that it includes dyes that can cause severe stains on clothes especially if you are wearing some light colors or linens.

However, the story is the same with the white tiger balm as well but the intensity and probability of stains from white tiger balm are fairly less as compared to red tiger balm.

Can I use tiger balm relieving patches under the clothes?

Yes, you can easily wear tiger balm relieving patches under the clothes as they are specially designed to be used in such situations. The patches are neither greasy nor messy and will not cause stains on your clothes in most cases.

The patches are also very thin which doesn’t make you feel that you are wearing anything. However, it is better to protect yourself from sweating as sweating may lead to causing stains on your clothes.

How much time does tiger balm take to dry?

Tiger balm will get dry within a few minutes of applying. If you keep on rubbing the balm on your skin, it will get absorbed into the pores and will vanish within a few minutes.

After that, you are good to go with any of your clothes and do whatever you want as the chances of getting stains will be fairly less once tiger balm is dried completely.

What can remove tiger balm stains from clothes?

  • Warm water
  • Heavy-duty laundry detergent
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Stain remover spray
  • Stain remover stick
  • Cornstarch
  • Talcum powder
  • Oxygen based bleach
  • White vinegar
  • Lemon juice

How to remove tiger balm stains from clothes?

  1. Start by removing solid residues of tiger balm using a dull scraper, dull knife, or a credit card. Make sure you don’t rub the surface as it will further push the balm into the fabric.
  2. Make a mixture of water and heavy-duty laundry detergent with a high amount of stain lifting enzymes.
  3. Pour some on the stains and rub the area gently. This will break down the oily residues, making it best for you to take them out.
  4. Rinse the cloth with hot water to get out the solutions and oily residues with it.
  5. Now make a solution of water and vinegar or water and oxygen-based bleach.
  6. Soak the stained area of the cloth into the solution for a few minutes (depending upon the intensity of the stain).
  7. Once the stain is gone, wash the cloth as you normally do.
  8. Let it air dry and never put such clothes in a dryer.


Does tiger balm stain skin?

No, tiger balm doesn’t stain skin as it is specially created to deal with pains and can easily be wiped off the skin whenever you want. Mostly the balm will be absorbed completely into the skin, leaving no signs of application. However, some skins are sensitive to such products and such people may feel itchiness, bruins, or skin irritations.

Can you use too much tiger balm?

There is no harm if you use too much tiger balm but the prescribed amount would be enough to relieve your pain. The active ingredients in tiger balm are methanol and camphor and a high dose of both these ingredients in terms of tiger balm would not bring any bad effects or issues.

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