Does dry cleaning remove wrinkles [Truth Exposed]

Most people believe nothing can ruin your day than having stains on your clothes, but that’s not true. When you have stains on your cloth, people might just overlook them as something that happened out of an accident.

But when your cloth is wrinkled, you can’t help but notice how people will be gazing at you just because you look unkempt. Trust me, those looks are not born out of what they are seeing but they feel that way because they believe there are lots of things you can do to prevent such from happening but that you choose not to out of pure negligence and laziness.

Does dry cleaning remove wrinkles

I have found myself in this situation before, although not because I am lazy but because I am a busy type that I was forced to ask, “will dry cleaning remove wrinkles?” considering that it would save more time. This and some other closely related questions are the basis of this overview, so keep reading.

Does dry cleaning get wrinkles out

Yes, dry cleaning gets wrinkles out of clothes. When you take your clothes to a dry cleaner for a thorough cleaning, they don’t just clean and dry them, they also press them to remove shrinkages in any form and that is why your cloth looks brand new after dry cleaning it.

Does dry cleaning involve ironing

Yes, dry cleaning involves ironing. There are lots of processes involved in dry cleaning and ironing is the last stage. Familiar with the axiom, “save the best for the last”?

Well, that best describes the position of olds in the list of processes involved in dry cleaning. Ironing may be the last, but it is considered the most essential because it offers the following benefits;

1. Offers the opportunity to remedy mistakes

People take clothes to dry cleaners majorly for two reasons: it is either because they want to save time or they want thorough error-free cleaning. Usually, these are feats that can be easily achieved through dry cleaning, but sometimes, some mistakes might occur during the dry cleaning process that might not be known to the dry cleaners until they are about to start ironing.

These mistakes could be as inconspicuous as a bottom falling off, or stain remnants on the collar of a shirt. Ironing offers a second chance for quick fixes of mistakes like these.

2. Helps get rid of shrinkages and wrinkles

According to scientific findings, the two major causes of wrinkles are heat and water (this is discussed in detail in the latter part of this article). Although dry cleaning does not make use of the water they sure make use of heat.

Therefore, it is likely that your cloth will shrink after dry cleaning, but this is unknown to most people because all shrinkages would have been taken care of through ironing before their cloth is delivered.

Does dry cleaning remove wrinkles from suits

Yes, dry cleaning gets rid of wrinkles from suits. After thoroughly cleaning suits, dry cleaners steam presses them to get rid of creases and wrinkles to give them a fresh look and reshape them altogether.

How often should suits be dry cleaned

How often you should dry clean your suit depends on how often you wear them. If you are a gentle wearer, I.e. you alternate between different suits, it is recommended that you dry clean your suit’s jacket once after wearing it six times. And that you should dry clean the suit’s pants or skirt after second wearing.

And if you’re a heavy wearer, I.e, you wear your suits without alternating between suits or you alternate between suits but you’re requiring that you sweat a lot, then it is recommended that you dry clean your suit at least once a week or once every two weeks.

How to get wrinkles out of suits without dry cleaning it

At times, getting out wrinkles from your suit at home by yourself will save you more time than having to take it to the dry cleaners. Plus you will be able to save that extra cost you are about to expand on dry cleaning your cloth.

You can effectively get rid of all wrinkles on your suits by following the step-by-step guidelines provided below.

  1. Perfectly position the wrinkled suit on an ironing board and put the iron on a medium-high setting. Then cover the wrinkled area with a lightweight cotton square cloth.
  2. Sprinkle water lightly on the piece of cotton cloth, then pick up the heated iron and press it on the cloth for just 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat this process until the suit becomes completely wrinkle-free.

Can you dry clean wrinkle-free shirts

Yes, you can dry clean wrinkle-free shirts. Most times, people take their clothes to the dry cleaners because they are dirty and not because they want them ironed. However, before you take your shirts to the dry cleaners, always check the care label attached to it for instructions on how best to care for your shirts and call the attention of your dry cleaner to it.

How do dry cleaners get wrinkles out

Most dry cleaners remove wrinkles with a steamer. The process involved is highlighted below.

  1. Wait until the steamer heats up and then move the nozzle across the entire surface of the cloth starting from the top to the bottom.
  2. If the fabric is lined, they make sure it is turned inside out and steam it first for effective result.
  3. Then they leave it to dry before proceeding to steam the outer part of the cloth.
  4. After steaming both the outer and inner part of the fabric, then they leave the cloth to dry further for about 15 to 20 minutes before they finally inspect to check whether it needs to be treated further.

Note: Dry cleaners will leave the cloth hanged while they wait for the steamer to fully heat up and make sure the water content of the steam is properly managed by ensuring that the water is replaced after each use and see to it that the steam is not overfilled.

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