Deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper

Those who professionally clean homes offer a precious service to people who do not have the expertise or time to clean their homes. Since expert cleaners have far hard standards for cleaning, they need to keep in mind certain cleaning jobs that the average homeowners might not even think about.

We have lots of expertise in house cleaning, how to clean house fast, and easy and we want to share this supportive advice with you. Keep reading to get plenty of house cleaning help and follow a deep cleaning checklist for a housekeeper.

Deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper

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Deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper

A deep cleaning checklist for housekeepers usually involves more detailed work than cleaning in a commercial atmosphere. Cleaners need to ensure that each part of the home is fully cleaned from top to base. Before getting started on a deep cleaning checklist for a housekeeper, experts need to ensure they have a full complement of rags, cleaners, vacuums, mops, scrubbing pads, and cleaning buckets. This how-to clean a home professionally checklist outlines all the general jobs that an expert will need to complete.

  • Dust all surfaces, including all baseboards, appliances, furniture, window, fans, frames, light fixtures, and mirrors.
  • Vacuum any rugs or carpets
  • Spot clean outlet covers, switches, doors, and cabinet fronts
  • Vacuum or sweep hard floors surfaces and damp mop them
  • Eliminate any buildup and clean toilets completely
  • Empty all waste containers
  • Clean and disinfect countertops, tubs, and sinks in the bathrooms
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen sinks, counters, tables, range hoods, microwave interiors, and appliance exteriors.
  • Clean and shine glass doors, mirrors, and other glossy areas
  • Replace sheets and make beds upon request

How to keep a clean house schedule

How to keep a clean house scheduleThe Deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper goes over the things we will do on each trip to the home. Anyway, there are many other cleaning jobs that do not need to be done during biweekly or weekly trips to clean a home. Some cleaning jobs are just necessary on seasonal, monthly, or yearly schedules. This is how to clean the home schedule will go over jobs that should be performed every now and then.

Every month: Move furniture to clean under and behind it, damp wipe doors, vacuum all vents, baseboards, and frames, use grout cleaner to lift stains on grout and dirt-free under couch cushions.

Every 3 months: Clean interiors of dishwasher and fridge, empty and wipe out drawers and cabinets, sanitize and clean waste cans, damp wipe blinds, eliminate and clean pot grates, and coils on the stove, and showerheads and descale faucets.

Every year: Clean and shine the windows, deep clean carpets with a stream cleaner, cleaning mattress with baking soda, clean dry vents, and eliminate outlet plates and light switch covers to soak and clean.

Bear in mind that some homeowners request we do these jobs on a regular basis. We sometimes need to change this house cleaning chart and schedule for different clients. How long does it take to deep clean a house depend on the size of your rooms, how dirty they are and many other factors.

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