How long does it take one person to deep clean a house

Are you searching for a house cleaner to deep clean a house? Is deep cleaning necessary?

In this article, we will give you a full guide on what is a deep cleaning, a deep cleaning checklist, how much does a deep cleaning cost, deep cleaning vs regular cleaning, and more. It may take you 5 to 10 minutes to read this article.

How long does it take one person to deep clean a house

What is deep cleaning

Deep cleaning cleans your home of deep debris and dirt. It washes all the particles and all the dust in your house, and there are no germs anywhere.

It covers areas that cannot usually clean with any other cleaning services. Deep cleaning is essential for your home. Professional deep cleaning is crucial at the end of the tenancy. Weak or unpaid deposits are one of the main reasons for discounts.

Deep cleaning vs regular cleaning

There are many differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Many people think the two are the same, and many people have many questions about the two. But these are not the same thing. Now I will talk about the variation between these two.

Regular cleaning

The way we clean our house regularly is regular cleaning. It is what we do in our house regularly. It is also sometimes called household cleaning.

Regular cleaning maintains cleanliness around the house. The tasks that include in the regular cleaning charted below

  1. Hoovering and washing the floor of the house.
  2. Bathroom cleaning such as a sink, mirror, bath, and exhausting toilet tasks.
  3. Clean the kitchen, such as work surfaces, cupboard doors, etc.

It is the regular cleaning system that we do regularly.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaned because it touches the house’s thick dirt, which generally regular cleaning can’t do.

Deep cleaning can easily cover the things that cannot be covered by regular cleaning.

Let me give you some examples here –

  • Cuts canals behind kitchen appliances such as washing machines and ovens.
  • Clean the basins deeply.
  • Clean everything inside the range and also the door glass.
  • Clean the inside of window frames and gesture doors.
  • Dusting and cleaning all the particles in the room.
  • Remove stains from bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, shower, tap, etc.
  • Washing all the blinds.

It can not usually do through regular cleaning. It is required before any tenant moves in or out. It is also known as the end of tenant cleaning.

How long does it take to clean a house? Regular cleaning is performed two to three hours a week.

How long does it take to deep clean a house? Deep cleaning of a two-bedroom house can take a cleaning team in 3 to 12 hours.

I hope now you understand the variation between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

How long does it take one person to deep clean a house?

It depends on your house size as well as how much clutter your house has. If your house is big, it will take more time, and if your home is small, it will take less time. But if your tiny house has a lot of dirt and, it will take longer to clean.

Deep cleaning depends on many other factors besides the size of the room. We can decide on the time taken to clean the house. As a professional cleaner, it takes an average of about four to five hours to clean a bedroom, including our living room, washroom, and kitchen.

When people calculate how long it takes to clean thoroughly, a good rule of thumb with a four-person crew is 60 minutes for every 1000 square feet of initial deep cleaning. This time is due to the team’s strategy for well-organized cleaning.

Suppose you want to do deep cleaning in the bathroom and bedroom.

  • If you want to clean a bedroom and a bathroom, this amount is set aside weekly for one to two hours of cleaning. But it was a place that was not maintained, but it would take 1 to 2 hours or more to enhance our knowledge.
  • If you want to clean two bedrooms and a bathroom, it will take 1 to 2 hours. Most cleaners use a systematic approach that wastes their time.
  • If you want to clean three rooms and two bathrooms, it is not uncommon for a person to clean a house of that size in three hours.
  • If you want to clean four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, four hours the size of this person can be clean enough for a person to clean, and if a cleaner has more appointments in a day, it is not recommended.

This way, the time will increase based on the size and cleanliness of your room.

I think now you understand the matter of deep cleaning.

Is deep cleaning necessary?

Yes. Deep cleaning cleans hard to dust and dirt that has accumulated in the corners of a house. It depends on the space and cleanliness of the home. Each deep clean involves essential cleansing with intensity on detail and focus on the build-up.

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