Can dry cleaning hangers be recycled

It is the normal to have each dry cleaning cloth delivered to you in a plastic bag with a metal hanger hanging over the collar side of the shirt or blouse. At first, you may not have more than one or two of these hangers but as you frequent your dry cleaner before you know it, you already have them stacked up in your house and start to wonder what to do with them.

Most people don’t know what to do with this utility and that is why it is not uncommon to see people asking questions like what to do with dry cleaning hangers? Can dry cleaning hangers be recycled? If you are among these sets of people, this article is meant for you because contained herein are informed answers to these questions as well as 6 useful tips on how to recycle dry cleaners hanger. Tip no.3 is important, keep reading for details.

Can dry cleaning hangers be recycled

Are dry cleaning hangars recyclable?

Yes, dry cleaning hangers are recyclable. Dry cleaning hangars can be recycled, but that is not true for every city in the united states (not every recycling centers accept dry cleaners hangars as recycling item). This is because most of the recycling machinery cannot process the hangars due to the material they are made of and their shape. However, if you live in places like New York, you can recycle your dry cleaners hanger in the curbside recycling bin.

You may be wondering what if I don’t live in New York? Well, if you don’t live in New York, you can always go to scrap metal recyclers, their doors are always open to anyone who wants to do away with their dry cleaners hangar. If you are not sure whether you have any of their workshop close to you, you can run a quick search online for the one closest to you. All you need is to type in “Metal cloth hangars” and the zip code of your area. A perfect alternative to this is “Earth911”.

Another way you can recycle your dry cleaning hanger is by returning it to the dry cleaners. In fact, this is the best, less stressful way of going about it. Dry cleaners will always be ready to accept the hangers back from you because they need to service other customers. However, it might help to ask your dry cleaner about their terms before taking it to them though because some may disappoint you.

What are dry cleaning hangers made of?

Dry cleaning hangers are made with different materials and that is why the one you this time may differ from the next. The hangers are made of wire, plastic, velvet, and wood, and sometimes, even though it is rare, they are made of rubber substance. Some make use of hangars made with satin materials for expensive clothes and fact dress to protect them against dents.

Do dry cleaners give away hangars?

Yes, dry cleaners give away hangers. Do you see that hanger and plastic bag that is just delivered to you along with your cloth by your dry cleaner? It is your newly acquired property and you can do whatever you want with them. It is a gift from your dry cleaner that you may return to them at will. They may even reject it!

What to do with dry cleaning hanger

I know most people are like me, a week will never go by without taking one or two clothes to the dry cleaners to wash. If you are in my group, I am sure by now you have tens of hangars laying around in your room with no idea whatsoever of what to do about them. Well, I’ve been in your shoes before and I am here to share useful information with you on how I was able to put my excess hangers to use. Check below for details.

1. Grill

Are you planning to invite some friends over and thinking of making some roasted hot dogs, beef or marshmallows but do not have a grill? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself, you can improvise with those hangars in your room. All you have to do is cut those metals and bend them straight and you will be good.

2. Unclog

Do you have a blocked pipe and you have been thinking of calling that plumber’s number because you do not have the right tool? Well, the good news is with those hangers in your tool, you can make your unclogging tool. All you have to do is to unbend the hangers and form a hook at the end and you can have the tool you’ve always wanted.

3. Hanger

Oh, you thought that was a mistake? No, it’s not. You can use those hangers for what they are originally meant for. You can use them as a storage facility for your belt ribbons, tie, scarves, and sunglasses. This is even much easier because you do not need to alter the shape of the hangers. All you have to do of finding the appropriate place to put those hangers in your home and you are good to go.

4. Recycle them

By recycling those hangers, you are making them available for use by other people and society will appreciate you for it. You can return the hangers to your dry cleaners or take them to recycle or scrap metal centers close to you instead of just disposing of them.

5. Craft wire

If you are creative, or you are a skillful designer, you can make proper use of those wire hangers and use them to make different designs, ornaments, and wreaths. You can even make money from it.

How to recycle dry cleaners hanger

You can recycle those dry cleaners’ hangers by taking them to any recycling or scrap metal centers around you. Also, you can recycle them by yourself by putting them to optimal use. If you are finding it difficult to implement any of the recommended uses of dry cleaners hangers suggested here, you can go to Youtube for tutorials on how to reuse your hangers.

What are dry cleaning bags made of?

Dry cleaning bags are made of low-density polyethylene which is also known as plastic film.

Is it bad to keep clothes in the dry cleaning bag?

No, it is not bad to keep your clothes in a dry-cleaning bag. It is ok if you want to leave your dry cleaning cloth in the package it came in with. However, you may need to create an opening in the bag where air can get in the bag because if you leave it tightly closed it will trap humidity and the odor of the dry cleaning solvent.

Where to recycle dry cleaning bags?

You can recycle your dry cleaning bags at any recycling close to you. You may want to try curbside, but they usually have problems recycling them because they get stuck in their sorting equipment, so they may be rejected.

How to recycle dry cleaning bags

You can recycle your dry cleaning bags by taking them to the various drop-off locations of any recycling centers close to you.

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