Will turmeric stain quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are made from one of earth’s hardest minerals, making it undoubtedly the most durable choice for many kitchens. Aside from their durability, quartz countertops also happen to be among the most eye-catching and beautiful you can find. But, does turmeric stain quartz countertops?

The truth is that the surfaces of engineered quartz countertops are stain-resistant. However, they are not stain-proof. Permanent marker, food coloring, and turmeric are among the things that will likely leave long lasting stains even after wiping and cleaning the surface thoroughly. As expected, busy patterns and darker colors can make stains less invisible or visible.

Will turmeric stain quartz countertops

Why does turmeric stain everything

Turmeric is ginger-related and is the root of a type of tropical plant. Its color is of deep-orange color. This is the reason why this leaves behind a mark once you spill it on fabric and other types of surfaces.

Turmeric is added to food not just because of its flavor that is aromatic and warm with a somewhat bitter taste but also for its unique color that gives any dish a stunning golden hue.

Turmeric is a very popular and common spice used in Indian cooking and is one of the main ingredients of curry recipes.

How long does turmeric stain last

Dried or fresh and ground, turmeric stains pretty much anything in a stubborn and quick way. However, don’t worry because everything will be okay.

Just like any type of stain removal process, the first and most important step to ensure that turmeric stains don’t last is to stop whatever it is you are doing and act fast.

You will have more chances of reversing the damage of that first drop of curry on your precious quartz countertops. With just a few household ingredients and a bit of an elbow grease, that turmeric stain will be out of your quartz countertops in no time at all.

Why turmeric stain turns red

Once turmeric stain lands on a white fabric and you clean the fabric with soap, the stain turns red. Turmeric is a natural color indicator since it changes its color in acid medium and in base medium. The moment is mixed with any type of base liquid, it changes into red color.

On the other hand, when turmeric comes into close contact with other substances such as vinegar, which is acidic in nature, this turns yellow.

Can turmeric stain be removed

While cooking can be very fun and exciting, it tends to have a pretty messy aftermath, particularly once you find a stubborn stain or two refusing to leave your sight.

Since turmeric is the yellow spice used liberally in most Indian dishes, those unsightly yellow spots on your kitchen countertops aren’t new to many people.

Removing turmeric stains might be a key part of your cleaning chores in the kitchen that might be bit annoying. The good news here is that you can remove turmeric stains with the use of some basic ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

What can remove turmeric stains

There are several household items and products that can remove turmeric stains. Read on below to know more about the best ways to get rid of turmeric stains.

Can Vanish remove turmeric stains

Yes, you can use Vanish to remove turmeric stains. Just make sure that you follow the usage instructions on the product packaging.

Can dry cleaning remove turmeric stains

For lingering turmeric stains on garment, you can take it to the professional dry cleaner that will be able to identify and remove the stain properly.

Can lemon remove turmeric stains

Lemons are some of the basic kitchen ingredients that can save you if you ever find yourself in a cleaning crisis. You can try to use it to remove turmeric stains.

Can toothpaste remove turmeric stains

If you have already different ways to get rid of turmeric stains but the pesky stains remain, you can try cleaning it using whitening toothpaste.

Can OxiClean remove turmeric stains

Multi-purpose cleaners such as OxiClean can help in fighting off grimy stains. This kind of cleaner can get rid of all types of stains on various surfaces. The only thing you need to do is follow all the instructions on the packaging so you can get good results.

Can bleach remove turmeric stains

To remove turmeric stains using bleach, you need to wash the stained area first and soak it in a mixture of water and bleach. You can leave the garment soaked in the mixture overnight. This will help remove turmeric stains from the fabric.

Can milk remove turmeric stains

Milk is an excellent remedy when it comes to removing turmeric stains on your skin, specifically your face. This contains lactic acid that can work as a great cleanser and at the same time, it also exfoliates the skin. Milk is an ingredient often used in different face packs containing curcumin to eliminate turmeric stains. Cow milk or coconut milk can be used for this purpose.

Can vinegar remove turmeric stains

You can use vinegar to remove turmeric stains from any fabric. When using vinegar, you can use water to rinse the stained spot and use liquid soap. Let it set before rinsing the stain. Apply more vinegar to get rid of any residual stain.

How to remove turmeric stains from quartz countertops

Here are some of products you can use for removing turmeric stains from your quartz countertops:

1. Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can be used for removing turmeric stains from your quartz countertops. Just rub this on the stained area and leave this for a few minutes before rubbing it clean with wet cloth. Bleach can also be used on the affected area. Wash it off properly afterwards.

2. Baking soda solution

  1. To use baking soda, dilute some of it in water or vinegar to form a thick paste.
  2. Apply the paste on the area with turmeric stain.
  3. Let the paste sit on your quarts countertop for several minutes.
  4. Grab a dry cloth and use it to wipe the surface clean.

3. Multipurpose cleaners

Multipurpose cleaners can be used on an extensive variety of stains that include those pesky turmeric stains. You can use mild bleaching agent to get rid of these stains. You can also try using a simple soap solution and wash it off right away to avoid causing damages on the surface.

4. Vinegar or lemon solution

Vinegar and lemon are two of the basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. They can be your ultimate savior to clean out the mess.

  1. Dilute some lemon or vinegar in water to form a cleaning solution.
  2. Apply this solution on the stained area.
  3. Let the solution soak for a few minutes and wipe it out afterwards with a clean cloth. A steel wool scrubber can also be used.

5. Liquid detergents

There are liquid detergents that you can use to fight off turmeric stains.

  1. Add some drops of liquid detergents directly to the stain or dilute it first in water.
  2. Leave it for several minutes to let stain soak.
  3. Use a steel wool scrubber or sponge to gently wipe away the stain.

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