Will Red Wine stain Quartz Countertop [+ Tips to Remove]

Quartz is an engineered and human-made surface manufactured with the use of natural quartz crystals together with other pigments and minerals mixed together with a resin. It forms a durable surface that resembles natural materials like marble with its own unique appearance. But, are quartz countertops susceptible to different stains as well? Can red wine stain quartz countertop?

Will red wine stain quartz

Quartz countertops are known to be highly resistant to stains but this doesn’t mean that they don’t stain. Just like other types of countertops, quartz is also prone to staining from juice, tea, coffee, tomato sauce, and yes, even red wine.

Will red wine stain quartz countertop

This is especially the case if you don’t clean the spills immediately. However, unlike granite, a type of natural stone, stains don’t occur because the countertop surface absorbs the staining liquid.

The staining takes place the moment the resin reacts with the staining liquid. Resin is among the primary components of quartz countertops. This resin is the reason why quartz countertops are nonporous. Unfortunately, resins are also the exact materials that cleaners, chemicals, and heat can damage.

Are red wine stains permanent

A spilled glass of red wine will form a surface stain on quartz countertops when you just let it dry out. However, it is not a permanent situation that you should worry about. There are several products and items you can use to deal with the issue. 

But, it might be a bit more problematic if you spilled cooking wine containing balsamic vinegar as flavor enhancement. This is due to its higher acidity that can react with the resin component of your quartz countertops. Make sure that you wipe away all wine spills right after they occur.

Why red wine stain turned blue

Acidity is the reason why anthocyanins turn red and these turn into a blue shade because of alkalinity. Since red wine already contains acid, it has red anthocyanins. Once these anthocyanins get exposed to more alkaline factors, these will turn blue soon.

Can red wine stains be removed

The good news here is that you can easily prevent stains on the surfaces of your precious quartz countertops. All you have to do is clean off the spills right away and use some protective surfaces such as cutting boards, trivets, coasters, and trays.

Improper cleaning is also one of the reasons why stains can occur on light-colored or white quartz countertops. Avoid cleaning your countertops with cleaners that contain bleach and ensure that you keep the quartz surface away from paint thinners and detergent.

What can remove red wine stains

Just like all liquids, red wine moves toward dry things or surfaces that it may come into contact with. The best action you can take after getting red wine stains is to get a powdery and dry material and apply a generous amount on the stain.

Some of the things that can help remove red wine stains include baking soda, table salt, dry soap powder, sodium percarbonate, kitty litter, and talcum powder.

Does baking soda remove red wine stains

You can directly apply liberal amount of baking soda on the stained area or you can also create a liquid solution to get rid of tougher stains.

Does Vanish remove red wine stains

Red wine stains can be very unforgiving but you can use Vanish to remove them. This comes in handy in lifting stains off clothes and carpets as well.

Does salt remove red wine stains

If you spilled red wine on your carpet, you can use a paper towel to blot off most of it before covering the affected area with salt until you can no longer see any of the stain. Allow the salt to soak to the wet stain and dry it off. The salt sucks up the stain as it dries. You should vacuum up everything afterwards. 

Does white wine remove red wine stains

It is unclear who or where this silly rumor started but you shouldn’t believe it at all. White wine is not a type of cleaning agent and it won’t counteract with red wine’s dyeing agents. White wine may even make red wine stains to spread out further. You will be better off with other methods of removing red wine stains so you don’t end up wasting your precious white.

Does soda water remove red wine stains

If you weren’t able to treat red wine stains right away, you can use sparkling water or soda water to flush the stained area as soon as possible. Soda water contains bubbles that can help push out the stain from the surface. But, always remember that it is always best to treat red wine stains right after the spill occurs.

Does OxiClean remove red wine stains

Does oxiclean really work? OxiClean is like an almost magical way of removing both fresh and dried wine stains. This cleaner contains sodium percarbonate and once this is mixed with water, it can break down to hydrogen peroxide. It breaks up the stain. You just need to apply it on the stain, wait for 20 minutes to one hour and blot away the stain.

Does white vinegar remove red wine stains

White vinegar can neutralize red and purple pigments like red wine stains.

Does dry cleaning remove red wine stains

Dry cleaners can perform some special spot treatments to target individual stains. Dry cleaning can remove red wine stains without damaging the fabric, making it an ideal choice for effective and safe stain removal.

Does tonic water remove red wine stains

Tonic water or quinine water is often used for removing dried red wine stains. Some common variations include club soda, soda water, and 7-Up. It is believed that carbonation lifts the stain instead of letting it sink down to the surface.

Does club soda remove red wine stains

The minerals found in club soda can make it as a better water alternative. Club soda absorbs and breaks up the molecules of red wine that makes it easier for you to blot up the stain. You can also mix white vinegar and club soda for better results.

How to remove red wine stains from quartz countertops

Since quartz countertops don’t absorb liquids, the red wine stain remains on the surface, making the removal process easier.

Below are some tips for removing red wine stains from your quartz countertop.

Total Time: 25 minutes

1. Scrub off the stain

Scrubbing the red wine stain can help remove it since the stain is only formed on the surface. You can use a brush or nylon pad that won’t leave marks on the surface. Avoid using harsh abrasives for this.

2. Clean with magic eraser or glass cleaner

A non-abrasive nylon scrub pad and a glass cleaner can be used for scrubbing mild red wine stains. Magic eraser can also be used for removing red wine stains. Just don’t forget to test it first on a small part of the countertop to ensure that it won’t cause any damage like dulling the surface.

3. Bleach the stained area

Mild bleach can perfectly work on white countertops for removing red wine stains on quartz countertops. Mix one part bleach with eight parts water. Spray the solution the stain and wipe it off. Don’t let the bleach sit on the countertop surface as it can cause more damages.

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Will red wine stain quartz countertop

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