Why does my carpet smell after cleaning

Carpet is one of our daily necessities. It enhances the beauty of your home as well as gives a soft tumble comfort under the feet. But regularly it must be kept clean and tidy. Some carpets have a foul odor even after cleaning, such as foot smell. If you find your carpet smells bad even after you have cleaned it professionally, this is a cause for great frustration.

Carpet smells like feet even after cleaning. Sweaty feet give off an awkward odor. Even after cleaning the carpet, the smell is found from the various materials hidden under it. It spreads more smell when it comes in contact with water while cleaning. Another reason for the smell after cleaning the carpet is to use more shampoo and extra water.

Why does my carpet smell after cleaning

The special causes of carpet smell

  1. The stench is created from the backing and padding hidden under the carpet.
  2. Cigarette smoke or mosquito coil fumes are absorbed into the carpet fiber so that the odor persists even after cleaning.
  3. Leaving an animal’s urine on the carpet absorbs the fiber, leaving germs inside even after cleaning. As a result, does my carpet smell like a dog.
  4. If you clean it with too much water, it cannot dry at the right time. So germs or bacteria are made from wet feeling, so carpet smell like feet.
  5. Wearing a milky substance on the carpet creates a foul odor.
  6. If there is any stain on the carpet, the smell can spread from there. This is because these stains dry and harden with the carpet fiber, which, even when cleaned, sticks to the carpet, creating a foul odor.
  7. If you put your feet on a wet carpet, the germs of the feet get stuck in the carpet and as a result, an odor is created. It is better not to walk on wet carpets. It should be given time to dry well after cleaning.

Ways to get rid of carpet smell


We know that vinegar plays a very effective role in removing any stains, germs, or odors. The method of cleaning carpets with vinegar is described.

1. Probably take lukewarm water.

2. Make a solution by mixing a small amount of vinegar in it.

3. Remember to clean the dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner before cleaning the carpet.

4. Then apply the mixed solution and clean it thoroughly.

5. Open the windows and doors of your house to dry well. This must help to remove the smell.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is one kind of chemical compound, which look like white crystals. It plays a very effective role in removing stains or smells. Germs accumulate, clean the dust before cleaning the carpet, sprinkle a lot of baking soda on it, and let it dry. Then clean it with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

The use of borax

Borax is a functional ingredient like baking soda. Sprinkle borax on the carpet the night before the day you want to clean the carpet and leave it overnight. The next morning, scrub well with a brush. This will kill germs and remove bad smells.

After cleaning the carpet, sprinkle kitty litter on it to get rid of carpet smell. If possible, keep the humidifier in the room. You can rent a heater to dry it. The carpet must dry well after cleaning. The smell is created if it is wet or wet. However, do not let the wet carpet dry with the help of any Vedic thing. It may be the cause of the accident. So always try to dry the carpet naturally.

With all this, and if it doesn’t work or the carpet doesn’t smell, you go to the carpet cleaning professionals.

Then test it. If the carpet fiber is less quality complete, then these smells are more. So when buying a carpet, you have to buy a good quality carpet. If there is any problem with checking the carpet, the professionals will understand and suggest cleaning it accordingly. It would be better to clean with some ingredients and get rid of these smells forever.

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