sofa cleaning

Why is sofa cleaning really necessary? Well, you know sofa can get dirty just like your normal laundry since most of these sofas are made of fabric. Dirty can find their ways into your sofa, liquid get spill onto your sofa and your pet hair can stick to the sofa’s fabric. And all this could lead to allergies flare-up, respiratory disorder and other health issues. Fortunately, sofa cleaning is not something complicated, all you need to get this done is little time, some cleaning agent and follow our guide step-by-step.

sofa cleaning

Sofa cleaning

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Vacuum any visible particle

    You should remove any visible particles or debris from the surface, cushion and base of your sofa before you start the normal cleaning. You can get this done by making use of dust-buster or you can attach a long, narrow hose to your full-sized vacuum cleaner.

  2. Make use of bristle brush

    Check if there is any area with heavy dust or sticky dirt. If there is any, you should use bristled brush to rub those areas vigorously but should not be strong enough so you won’t end up destroying your fabric.

  3. Get rid of lint and fur

    Although many cleaning services have specific products they use to get rid of lint and fur because your normal vacuum cleaners cannot do the trick. In this situation you will need a lint roller to get rid of what your vacuum cleaner can’t. Carefully roll it over the entire sofa so as to make sure you remove every hair.

  4. Clean hard surface

    Check if there is any hard surface as some sofa usually have exposed material such as wood. To clean this type of materials, you can find appropriate cleaning products for this type of material or use multi-purpose cleaner to clean them.

  5. Know the type of fabric

    You need to know the type of fabric that is use to make your sofa to determine the appropriate cleaning detergent for your sofa’s fabric. After you know the right products. For instant, you can use vinegar or baby wipe. You need a spot test to make sure the products won’t affect your fabric. You can do this by applying the solution (water and baby wipe or vinegar) to any inconspicuous spot and observation for about ten minutes to see whether your sofa has changed it color or any other physical changes.

  6. Overall clean

    Now, to start the overall clean, dip the microfiber cloth into the soapy water, squeeze well to reduce the moisture of cloth to prevent your sofa from getting soak and wipe the entire sofa with the soapy water to clean the sofa.

    The overall clean will determine the duration for drying process. If you don’t squeeze the microfiber cloths well before you apply it to your sofa. It can collect more water than usual and when it does, it will give your sofa an unpleasant odor and take a long period of time to dry.

  7. Sofa cleaning final Step – Dry process

    To dry your sofa, you can turn your fan on and aim directly to your sofa or dry it naturally by opening your window and allow breeze to enter through them. Once your sofa has dried completely. This will your make sofa health and clean again.

sofa cleaning
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