How to clean leather sofa

Why clean leather sofa? Well, leather sofa like any other upholstery in the house need special care and treatment as well. Not only that leather sofa adds some elegant look to your home, it gives your home some professional look as well. You need to clean leather sofa regularly like other upholstery in your home to increase their longevity and save from germs so you won’t compromise the health of your family. Fortunately, cleaning your leather sofa is very easy if you can follow our guides on how to clean leather sofa.

Vacuum the sofa first

Vacuum the sofa first
It is important to get rid of any visible stain that appears on the leather of your sofa, you need to get rid of any debris or dust on the surface your sofa. You can get this done by attaching a soft brush to your vacuum cleaner so as to get deep enough to get rid of any crumbs. Or you can clean the surface of your sofa with a feather duster if you have only dust on your sofa.

You need to be sure there is no sign of any dust or crumbs particles on the surface of your sofa before you add any cleaning solution to it so you won’t end up rubbing them into the surface of your sofa, which can make the whole situation worse.

Choose solution

You need to be careful when you are about to choose a cleaning solution to clean leather sofa, check the sofa’s manufacturer label if you still get to see whether the sofa has any specific cleaning solution. However, if your sofa does not have any specific one, you can make your own solution with water and white vinegar or get a commercial leather cleaner that does not contain sodium laurel sulfates, bleach or ammonia because these solvents may have an undesirable effect on your sofa.

Apply the solution

Before applying the solution to clean leather sofa, do a spot test by applying the solution to any part of your sofa that cannot be detected easily then observe. You need to this be sure whether the solution is safe on your sofa or not. If the solution does not cause any damage to your sofa, then apply the solution to clean your entire sofa using a microfiber cleaning cloth. 

Drying process

After cleaning the surface of your sofa, you need to dry the material immediately as prolong wetness may cause damage to the leather. You can use a clean towel to reduce the wetness on the surface. Open your windows to make air circulate or arrange a well-ventilated area to make the drying process easy for you.

Condition your leather

Condition your leather
After your sofa is clean and dry, apply a conditioner to the surface of your sofa as these will help preserve and keep your leather safe. You can get wax-based leather conditioner or mix linseed oil with white vinegar to make your own conditioner. Then rub the conditioner on the entire leather for best results.

How to clean leather sofa
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