How to wash embroidered clothing

No doubt that embroidered clothes are beautiful and you look perfect whenever you wear them. However, they are very sensitive at the same time.

Embroidered clothes need to be washed very carefully according to the right technique otherwise you may end up damaging the embroidery and ruining your whole dress.

How to wash embroidered clothing

This article is a complete guide for you where you’ll learn how to wash embroidered clothes the right way. Let’s go and learn all those useful techniques.

What doembroidered clothes mean

Embroidery is the art of decorating clothes. It is done by using a needle to apply yarn or thread to the clothes.

The artists use thread or yarn of different colors and apply them to the clothes using a needle to create various beautiful designs.

In the past, the embroidery was done by hand only and required extremely skilled artists. But now embroidery is also done with machines, thanks to the advancement in technology.

Can you wash embroidered clothes

Can you wash embroidered clothes

Yes, you can wash embroidered clothes but you have to be extremely careful while washing them otherwise you can end up damaging the embroidery on your clothes. We will teach you all the safety guidelines for washing embroidered clothes so keep reading.

How to wash hand-embroidered clothing

Hand embroidery can often get dirty with oil and dust stains over time. Here is the most effective way of washing hand embroidery without damaging it:

1. Check color bleeding

Sometimes, the hand embroidery colors start bleeding whenever you wash them or even put them under running water.

Thus, it is important to verify whether your hand embroidery is safe to wash or not.

Take a cotton ball and dip it in water to make it wet. Now start gently rubbing the cotton ball over your hand embroidery and carefully observe if there is any sign of color bleed or not.

Pay special attention to bright colors like red, blue, pink because they are most vulnerable to bleeding.

If there is any color bleeding then it means the hand embroidery is not safe to wash and all the colors will bleed out if you continue washing.

If the colors are stable then it means the hand embroidery is safe to wash and you can proceed ahead.

2. Prepare a solution of detergent and water

Now take a big bowl and fill it with lukewarm water.

Put some drops of mild detergent in it.

3. Put the embroidered clothes in the solution

Now take your embroidered clothes and put them inside the water.

Keep stirring it time after time.

4. Check the stains

Now see if the stains are completely gone or there is anything left behind.

5. Change the water and rinse the clothes

Now pour out all the soapy water and new clean and lukewarm water.

Rinse the embroidered clothes in that water and change the water again.

Keep doing it until all the soap is gone from the clothes.

6. Add vinegar

When all the soap is removed from the clothes then you should fill fresh water in the bowl for the last time.

Add one tablespoon of vinegar into it and rinse the embroidered clothes.

Vinegar will prevent color bleeding and also give more shine to the embroidery.

7. Dry the embroidered clothes

When the wash is completed and the stains are gone, it’s time to dry the clothes.

Place the embroidered clothes between two towels and then roll them.

Squeeze and twist them gently to remove the water from the clothes.

When the clothes are damp, you can place them somewhere for air dry and later iron them at medium heat.

How to wash embroidered clothing in a washing machine

Generally, experts recommend that you should prefer handwashing the embroidered clothes. However, you can also wash it in the machine with proper precautions.

Here are some tips you must follow:          

1. Turn the embroidered cloth inside before wash

First of all, you should turn the embroidered cloth inside before putting it in the washing machine.

It will help you save sensitive embroidery from any damage.

2. Wash them separately

Avoid washing the embroidered clothes with any other clothes in the machine.


Because the zip or buttons of other clothes can damage the embroidery.

3. Always use a mild detergent

Embroidered clothing is sensitive to harsh chemicals, bleaches, and detergents so using them can damage your clothes.

This is why experts recommend you should only use a mild detergent for your clothes.

4. Wash at low temperature

High heat and temperature are also dangerous for embroidered clothing.

You should wash your clothes at a low temperature only.

5. Air dry only

Avoid drying the embroidered clothes in a tumbler dryer.

Instead, dry it in the air to prevent any damage to the cloth.

Should embroidered clothing be washed inside out

Yes, if you are washing embroidered clothes inside a machine then you should turn the clothes inside out.

It will save the embroidery from any damage.

Can you wash embroidered clothes with other clothes

No, we do not recommend washing embroidered clothes with other clothes.

Why? Because the embroidery can get damaged due to the zip or button of other clothes during the wash.

Therefore, it is better to wash the embroidered clothes separately.

Safety tips for washing embroidered clothes

Here are a few extremely important safety tips that you must keep in mind while washing embroidered clothes:

1. Avoid hot water

Hot water is bad for embroidered clothes. It can cause color bleeding or shrink of the floss.

2. Avoid harsh chemicals and bleach

Do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach on your embroidered clothes.

3. Avoid folding, wringing, and folding

Do not pull, squeeze, or fold the clothes.

4. Avoid tumble drying

Tumble drying the embroidered clothes can also damage the fabric so avoid it.

5. Avoid washing silk or wool

If the embroidered clothes have silk or the wool fabric then avoid washing them because the only safe way to clean them is dry cleaning.

6. Do not iron beads or sequins

While ironing the embroidered clothes, make sure you don’t iron beads or sequins because they can lose their original shape and color due to intense heat.


These were all the useful and extremely important tips that you should follow for safely washing your embroidered clothes.

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