How to remove starch stains from clothes

If you use starch frequently, you can easily get your hands or piece of clothing stained with it.

Starch stain is a little bit unsightly when it appears on fabrics, so I understand if you are hell-bent on finding help with how to get rid of starch stains from your clothes. If cleaning starch stains has been a bottleneck for you, then this article is for you.

How to remove starch stains from clothes

What are the ingredients to make starch

Starch is a polysaccharide that is a chain of glucose molecules. It constitutes the major starch heavily present in roots and seeds. The glucose chain in starch is of two types, amylose, and amylopectin.

Does starch stains clothes

Yes, starch can stain clothes. Isn’t it ironic that starch that is known to be helpful with keeping clothes clean and also protects clothes against stains can also be the major reason for your cloth discoloration?

Unfortunately, it happens! When you use starch constantly for a long time, it will wear out your clothing fabric leaving it discolored.

Does starch stain come out of clothes

Yes, starch stains come out of clothes. Ordinarily, starch is soluble, so it can easily dissolve in water. This is why it is easy to remove starch stains from fabrics by merely washing them in the wash.

What does starch do to clothes

Don’t get swayed because I said starch stains clothes. Yes, starch can stain your clothes but the benefits they offer for the damage they may cause. Below are few reasons why you need starch on your clothes.

  1. When you add starch to your cloth, it gives it a fine shape and makes it looks a little bit crispy. This is so true of cotton and linen fabrics.
  2. Starch makes fabric stiff, and as a result, makes it almost impossible for the fabric to wrinkle.
  3. It makes ironing easier and faster.
  4. It prevents dirt from soiling. When you use starch, dirt and sweat stick to the starch instead of your clothing fabric.

What can remove starch stains from clothes

Cleaning starch stains off a piece of fabric is not so difficult. But if you don’t know your way around it, you will keep working in circles. There are lots of cleaners you can use to remove starch stains from cloth, but in this article, only 3 cleaners will be recommended and usage information shall be provided on each of them.

These cleaners are; Dishwashing soap, Distilled white vinegar, and baking soda.

How to get starch stains out of clothes

Cleaning a cloth stained with starch is pretty easy and can be done by following these simple steps.

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of water and dishwashing liquid.
  2. Apply the solution on the stained spot using a clean cloth/towel and scrub until the stain is fully gone.

Just like I said, it’s pretty simple, right? Well, some starch stains can be stubborn, therefore, they need to be treated differently.

Treating tough starch stains

If starch stain refuses to budge after trying out the first method suggested, back it up with the steps to be discussed below.

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of 2 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent.
  2. Blot the solution on the affected spot using a clean cloth or towel.
  3. Repeat step 2 continuously until the stain is completely gone.
  4. Once the stain is completely gone, get a dry clean cloth or towel, soak it in a bowl of water and use it to suck up remnants of solution on the fabric.
  5. Dry up the fabric.

Note: when starch is wet, they become sticky, so as soon as you notice your solution is becoming tacky, change the solution to avoid transferring back starch stain to the already treated surface.

How to remove starch stains from clothes with vinegar

With vinegar, you can never go wrong, it can be used to remove any kind of stain there is. Although starch stain is not usually tough so you don’t necessarily need vinegar. But in case you’re convinced an ordinary cleaner can’t remove the stain, you should follow these steps for vinegar usage information.

  1. Soak the stained cloth in either cold or warm water ( check the care tag instruction on your cloth to help decide which to use) for few hours.
  2. Do your laundry the as you would normally do with either hand or washing machine.
  3. If the stain persists, pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the detergent compartment ( if you are using a washing machine) and launder the normal way.
  4. After a successful run through the washing machine, withdraw and dry up.

How to remove starch stains from clothes with baking soda

Just like vinegar, baking soda is also a home-based cleaning agent that can easily help you get rid of starch stains. Follow the guidelines below for usage instruction.

  1. Make a paste from the mixture of baking soda and a little amount of liquid dishwashing soap.
  2. Apply the paste on the stained area using an old toothbrush and rub it in as gently as possible until the stain is completely gone.

How to remove starch stains from clothes with novozymes amylase

Other starch stains removal tips

How to remove starch stains from stainless steel

  1. Create a paste by mixing liquid dishwashing detergent and baking soda in equal parts.
  2. Apply the paste to the stained spot with a nylon scrubber or an old toothbrush and scrub as gently as you can until the stain is completely gone.
  3. Rinse the treated spot afterward with water.

Alternatively, you can make use of undiluted vinegar. Just dip a soft brush into the solution and scrub the stained surface until the stain is completely gone and wipe dry afterward with a dry towel.

How to remove starch stain from iron

  1. Put your iron on a high heat setting.
  2. Place it on a damp old towel and start to iron back and forth until the whole stain is gone.
  3. Leave the iron to cool.

Starch stain FAQs

  1. Will cornstarch absorb oil?

    Yes, cornstarch can absorb oil stains. All you need to do is apply a sizeable amount of cornstarch to the oil stain and leave it to sit for about 12 hours. Then you brush off any cornstarch remnants on the treated surface and wash the normal way.

  2. Is fabric stiffener the same as starch?

    No! Although, they are both stiffening agents, but they are different. Starch is a natural product and can be used for any other purpose while fabric contains chemicals and is designed purposely for stiffening clothes.

  3. Does starch damage cloth?

    No, starch does not damage the cloth. Although it is widely believed that constant usage can shorten the lifespan of a cloth, but I don’t think that should be a threat as long as you are able to control the usage.

  4. Is starch the same as fabric sizing?

    No, starch is not the same as fabric sizing. Starch is extracted from vegetables like wheat, rice, or corn while Sizing is either vegetable or plastic-based.

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